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Thailand Fishing 101: The Heavenly Destination Guaranteed To Lift Your Spirits

Thailand Fishing 101: The Heavenly Destination Guaranteed To Lift Your Spirits

Did you know Thailand is beautifully made up of evergreen rainforests, crystal clear turquoise waters, ancient temples, and the extremely active city life? And going on fishing is an amazing plan here because it gives you the chance to land yourself some massive monsters. I’m sure you’ve watched the River Monsters Arapaima where Jeremy reels up a dinosaur-like piece and hoped of catching one for yourself too.

Thailand offers you a plethora of opportunities for catching fishes. Whether you go solo, to a fishing tour, or a private park, having fishing on your list would ramp up your vacation experience in Thailand. While you can go fishing at any time of the year in Thailand, if you want tons of fishes at your disposal, then rainy season is your go-to.

Freshwater Fishing Experience In Thailand

Thailand has transformed into a world-class fishing spot in the last couple of years. And it offers you plenty of species to catch – Mekong Giant Catfish, Giant Carp, & Arapaima. All this has made Thailand one of the top places in Southeast Asia. Thailand is crammed with fishing spots like resorts, dams, ponds, national parks, and lakes.

Rivers In Thailand

The good number of rivers crammed with exotic fishes are what makes Thailand special – for the everyday fisherman, at least. Over the course of this piece, we’ll talk about the ecological & moral respects in some time, but now, let’s take a peek at what you can expect when fishing in Bangkok.

Here, you can catch a wide-ranging array of fishes in rivers of Thailand coupled with world-class fishing resorts being your base. You’d spend most of your holiday fishing around on your resort, and chances are, you’d catch carp nearly 200lb & Arapaima around 400lb. What’s more, you can also get Mekong Catfish up to 400lb, and plenty of other fishes as well. For example, Tambaqui, Chao Phraya Catfish, Alligator Gar, Redtail Catfish, and lots more.

Fishing In National Parks In Thailand

The national parks in Thailand offer you amazing scenery & spectacular fishing. Owing to the combination of lush vegetation & seclusion, Thailand has transformed into a breathtaking destination for plants, animals, & trees. The national parks comprise a superb wildlife array. All these attracts tons of people from all over the world because of the amazing fishing experience this nature offers.

Conservation & Ecology

Thailand’s fish stocks have been dropping in recent years massively because of commercial fishing, even though sport fishing has a role too. While the industry is facing rapid expansion, there management of sport isn’t available.

A lot of the tour operators overlook national park boundaries and puts a ban on endangered species like Giant Mekong Catfish. That being said, some fishing parks and operators are promoting ‘catch & release’ theory for maintaining fish stocks.

Fishing Is Far Better With A Guide

If you want to squeeze the most out of your fishing holiday in Thailand, then an expert fishing guide is what you need. No matter which species you go after – from barramundi to Mekong giant catfish – the guides will have the knowledge to have you covered.

You see, a pro-fisherman team is not enough. Guides can help you with baiting, rigging, playing, hooking, handling, landing and taking amazing photos, of course.

They’ve the knowledge of finding the fishing hotspots. Landing fishes like Mekong giant catfish is a genuine art. You can’t leave room for mistakes, and the guides would go above and beyond to help you land the most amazing fish of your life. Ultimately, giving you the fishing memories that’ll last till the day you die.


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