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The 2022 Asian American Intl Film Fest in New York City



It’s time to wax lyrical about the finest Asian performances of the year. The 2022 Asian American International Film Festival got off to a fabulous start in the Big Apple. This rendition – the 45th anniversary – paid tribute to one of the premier film festivals of our time, celebrating the multitude of talent in the Pacific Islander and Asian American film community.

Over the years, internationally celebrated filmmakers from this community delivered exceptional content to audiences, notably The Joy Luck Club and The Life of Pi, to name a few.

Before delving into the intricacies of this incredible film festival, it’s worth pointing out that many Asian movies, TV shows, and series are readily available via the reputable Asian dramas app Viki. Filmgoers and fanatics love to brush up on the latest action blockbusters, romance stories, dramas, and soap operas in anticipation of major events.

Movie streaming services provide plenty of A-grade material to feast your eyes on. Plus, fans enjoy all the top stars in one place, including subtitle content, multi-language functionality, and other entertainment features designed precisely for Asian drama aficionados.

What to Expect From the Asian American International Film Festival?

For the most part, the festival was showcased at Henry Street Settlement, but lately, Asia Society is the headquarters. In addition, various events are held throughout New York’s Burroughs, and some of them are even broadcast online.

The event ran from August 3 – 13, 2022, to pay tribute to the fabulous work undertaken by Asian-American film directors, producers, actors, and other creative talents. Talent was recognized and rewarded from China to Singapore, Malaysia to South Korea, Hong Kong to Taiwan, and well beyond.

Some of the most celebrated theater performances, films, shorts, documentaries, and series featured in grand style included the following:

  • Yuni

Yuni is a powerful coming-of-age story about an Indonesian woman. The title character rejects marriage offers that are incompatible with her poetry aspirations. AAIFF is the NYC premiere for Indonesia’s entry into the 2022 Academy Awards. Kamila Andini directed this film.

  • No New Wave

The film marks the debut of Yao Ziwei, a new voice in Chinese cinema. This film is a chef-d’oeuvre to gobble up and enjoy, except for its inability to conclude on a satisfying note that connects all its meandering plot threads. The protagonists include a group of up-and-coming Chinese filmmakers living in the city. Enter Ginny, Ah–Yao, & Ah-Wei. They chose the Big Apple because they feel they can create immersive, artistically high-value content.

They wander through their social networks and personal relationships while drifting through the life of young filmmakers in a way that is as true to reality as possible. This film is about people who make films, as Yao asserts vis-a-vis Ginny. Although the film’s characters don’t spend much time discussing contemporary China or any sense of diaspora and living in exile, this broad-based topic is occasionally brought up in various communications. It hits hard, and it’s worth a watch!

  • Free Chol Soo Lee

Free Chol SOO Lee is a documentary by Eugene Yi & Julie Ha and details the wrongful death conviction of Chol Soo, a 20-year-old immigrant from Korea, in 1970s San Francisco, CA. In addition, Yi and Ha depict the Asian American activist group that was formed to protest this freedom fighter’s death sentence.

  • Selective Memory Has No Bounds

By Angel Velasco Shaw (a media artist, educator, curator, and cultural planner). 2022 marks 50 years since Ferdinand Marcos, dictator of the Philippines, declared martial law in the island nation. It was undeniably the worst period of the country’s historical history. The recent induction of Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos Jr. as President of the Philippines exemplifies how history is still alive today.

  • Dreaming in the City That Never Sleeps: Made in NY Shorts

This shorts block is part and parcel of the ‘Don’t Sleep on This City’ series. Viewers can take a journey through NYC and see the hopes so many have made. Can one ever feel connected, like a part of a larger community? These are just a few possibilities that await us when we all come together in this amazing, messy, and rough city. It’s tough to watch, but inspiring and heartwarming at the same time.

The Festival Organizers put all of this magic on display for Asian American film fans in NYC. But in case you missed it, you can catch up with news, reviews, updates, and streaming services,


New York Film Festival – The Strangely Slow Look at Life Through ‘Music’




A strangely slow film at New York Film Festival will leave you questioning the depth of your existence and the cost of consequences.

German filmmaker Angela Schanelec latest film “Music”approaches the audience by forcing them to uncomfortably look at – rather stare – at the poetry of life. When still and standing before you the thought process can be deeply disturbing. The mundane becomes harsh. Even happy moments when over evaluated can feel wrong.

Dramas of unexpected narrative strategies like her work are her approach and can make you quiet as you try to figure out why life can never be easy. Her work proves every step we take has a meaning. Every emotion you feel not only turns your life, but flips the chapter of all of those who surround you.

“Music” tells the story of a young man and woman who unite in love without knowing that they have a history of the same violent death. Ion (Aliocha Schneider) and Iro (Agathe Bonitzer) first meet in prison, where he’s an inmate and she’s a guard. A love for classical music and opera bond them and creates marriage and children. But it is not a love story in the traditional sense.

The Cinema Guild release is inspired by the Oedipus myth, Schanelec has created an alternately austere and vivid portrait of grief and redemption through art told with her distinctive compositional rigor.

Rather it is a force of a rush of emotions and why tragedy can be a wheel that never stops turning.

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Events For October



Statue of Liberty, 4th of July Cruise

The Statue of Liberty’s birthday, Oktoberfest, Open House New York, pumpkins, Halloween and more wait for your attention this October.

The Perelman Performing Arts Center has officially opened to the public, marking the final piece in the puzzle of the World Trade Center site.

Events this month include:

  • An intimate “Evening with Brian Stokes Mitchell” (October 5).
  • 2023 Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz International Piano Competition (October 14 and 15)
  • Actress and creator of the “Red Table Talk” series Jada Pinkett Smith (October 16).

Photograph: Courtesy of TAO Group Hospitality

Magic Hour at the Moxy Times Square, 485 7th Ave, has pink theme’s right now it’s “Pink Pumpkin Patch.

Open Streets Columbus Avenue, every Sunday from 68th to 77th street from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

  • October 1, 2023
  • October 8, 2023
  • October 15, 2023
  • October 22, 2023
  • October 29, 2023

Until 10/15: The 61st The New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center.

Until 10/15: Hispanic Heritage Month. Look for parades, events, film festivals, and more.

Until 10/31: OctoberFest the Loreley Beer Garden, 7 Rivington Street (between Bowery and Chrystie) will be serving sausages and pretzels as well as German beer from liter steins and boots. On Sundays at 3 p.m., there’s a delicious free pig roast. There’s also a haunted beer garden starting on 10/18.

Until 11/1: If you want a spooky celebrations to be more festive and less frightening, Halloween House try the The Oculus, 185 Greenwich Street.

Photograph: Courtesy of Color Factory

Until, 11/1: The Color Factory has 14 immersive exhibits that engage all the senses in an exploration of the art and science of color. The museum works with local artists, designers and creatives to bring the designs to life. This Soho immersive art museum will present Haunted Hues, a Halloween-themed takeover.

Until 11/4: Blood Manor, haunted house’s 20th season at 359 Broadway. This year three new rooms, and brand-new costumes by designers from Abracadabra, Manhattan’s iconic Halloween store. Immersive experience, professional actors, set designers and makeup artists, with twisted characters and jumpscares at every turn.

Until 1/7/24: Manet/Degas, this exhibition examines one of the most significant artistic dialogues in modern art history: the close and sometimes tumultuous relationship between Édouard Manet and Edgar Degas. Born only two years apart, Manet (1832–1883) and Degas (1834–1917) were friends, rivals, and, at times, antagonists who worked to define modern painting in France. Through more than 150 paintings and works on paper.

10/3: Rooftop Cinema Club Midtown, 60 West 37th Street, will present Mean GirlsRosemary’s Baby, Paranormal, The Exorcist, The Shining, American Psycho and other cult classics as well as Hocus Pocus and Halloween.

10/3 – 15: Off-Broadway Week a bi-annual event that offers 2-for-1 tickets.

10/4 – 11/11:”Dreams of Dracula: An Immersive Masquerade Experience” recreates the classic Dracula universe as a brand new vampire theatrical adventure. Head to Musica NYC, 637 West 50th Street. Two floors and six rooms across 25,000 square feet for a heady mix of immersive theater, dance and decadent masquerade.

10/4: 2023 Empire State Building Run-Up, where about 150 runners will get to race up the 1,576 stars to the 86th floor of the iconic building.

10/ 5 – 6: NYC pop-up “Love Me (Bar)Tender,” with Elvis-themed cocktails, music from Memphis bands and a photobooth. It’s sold out, but sign up here to get alerts.

10/6 – 8: The New Yorker Festival. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Misty Copeland and more. Live conversations, musical performances, and more, hosted by the magazine’s acclaimed writers and editors. The Festival brings together today’s most influential voices for a one-of-a-kind event in New York City.

10/6 – 8: The New York City Coffee Festival will return this fall for its seventh year with food, cocktails, live music, art, and more, including unlimited tastings. Metropolitan Pavilion.

Columbus Day Parade10/9: Columbus Day Parade. The parade starts at Fifth Avenue on the corner 44th Street. It heads north up to 72nd Street (start: 11:30 AM, end: 3:00 PM).

10/12 – 15: The Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival has 80-plus events that include more than 500 chefs from around the world. Tastings, classes, dinners, late-night parties, drag brunches and demonstrations. Across the boroughs. This year, The Cookout, will celebrate hip-hop’s 50th Anniversary.

10/12 – 15: New York Comic Con is back. Expect superhero galore at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on Eleventh Ave.

10/17 – 31: Black Lagoon is a Halloween pop-up cocktail bar at Pretty Ricky’s (101 Rivington Street). The experience features a curated cocktail menu of eerie Halloween-themed drinks created by Ramage and Hayes, macabre dens festooned with frightfully fun decor.

10/20- 27: Open House New York Weekend Festival. Access the city’s main buildings for 3 days. All sorts of buildings can be visited, from the very historic to modern apartments or industrial buildings that are scattered all over the five boroughs. There will be tours, lectures, performances and events around the meaning of architecture and urban design. All the information about this cool event can be found here.

Photograph: Courtesy of the Balloon Museum

10/27: The Balloon Museum is officially set to take over Pier 36 at The Seaport in 80,000-square-foot space, and is scheduled to run through January 14, 2024. You can expect a 4,000-square-foot ball pit, inflatable lava lamps and the sorts of infinity rooms that you’ll itch to post about on Instagram.

10/28: Happy Birthday Statue of Liberty. In 1886, the Statue of Liberty was ceremoniously opened and is without question one of the most important landmarks of New York.

The big Village Halloween Parade10/31: The Village Halloween Parade where zombies, ghouls, witches, monsters, giant puppets and more take to the streets for a night of costumed revelry. The parade rolls out at 7pm. Sixth Ave becomes most congested with spectators between Bleeker and 14th Sts, so we suggest setting up camp at either the head (Spring to W Houston Sts) or tail (14th St to 16th St) of the parade.

Halloween Parade and Pumpkin Flotilla10/31: The Annual Pumpkin Flotilla at Central Park. As is gets dark around 6:30 pm, carved pumpkins are released into the Harlem Meer and will be float around for 30 minutes. The spectacle draws hundreds of visitors to the northeast corner of Central Park.

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New York Film Festival to Host Cinephile Game Night



The New York Film Festival is proud to welcome back Cinephile for a second year of Cinephile Game Night events during the festival at the EBM Amphitheater.

Featuring a mix of movie trivia and other popular Cinephile games like Six Degrees, Filmography, and Inglorious Basterd, Cinephile Game Night is a trivia night like no other. Featuring Cinephile: A Card Game creator Cory Everett and Cinephile Game Night co-hosts Jordan Raup and Conor O’Donnell, along with other special guests to be announced, the events will feature multiple trivia rounds including NYFF history and beyond, with chances to win tickets to this year’s edition and more prizes. Come meet and mingle with your fellow movie buffs for an evening of festival fun. There’s no need to bring Cinephile to participate––only your movie-loving brain is required. And all is free!

Cinephile Game Night is the ultimate trivia night for film nerds, movie geeks, and cinephiles. Since 2019, Cinephile has brought their one-of-a-kind live events to the Academy Museum, New York Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Museum of the Moving Image, Alamo Drafthouse, and more. Cinephile: A Card Game will also available for purchase at the Alice Tully Hall merch booth during the festival.

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The Glorious Corner



G.H. Harding

DIAMOND IS FOREVER — When Beautiful Noise opened on Broadway (on December 4, 2022), if memory serves, the initial  reviews were not great. I didn’t read them all, but the fact that it opened with Neil Diamond-now and kept-back pedaling to a Neil Diamond-then sort of confused several critics.

Neil Diamond

I finally caught the show Saturday night and for the most part loved it. I’ve always loved his music, with “Solitary Man” being my favorite. His songs always evidenced a devil-may-care attitude, thought his lyrics were haunting and biting merged with his dynamic voice. The show more or less follows his career; meeting the legendary Ellie Greenwich who encouraged him to be a solo act; writing “I’m A Believer” and “A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You” which were major hits for The Monkees; signing to Bert Berns’ Bang Records and scoring a succession of hits; leaving them and signing to Uni Records, where he really made his bones.

Interestingly enough, Uni was never really mentioned; opting rather for the fact that Bang may have been controlled by the mob and he was threatened at one point that if he left the label, his career was over.
Interesting footnote: Van Morrison was also originally signed to Bang as well and claims he was never, ever received royalties for his “Brown Eyed Girl” release.
At Uni, Diamond released a succession of hits and album, including the live Hot August Night -recorded at LA’s Greek Theater- which really propelled him into the stratosphere. He toured non-stop; scoring hit after hit; and even introduced a fellow-label artist at Doug Weston’s Troubadour club in L.A. – a new singer called Elton John. Wonder whatever happened to him? I actually found that fact not being in the play rather odd as it was a viable and notable sign of his fame at that point.
In the fall of 1972, Diamond performed for 20 consecutive nights at the  Winter Garden Theater in New York City.
A personal note from Diamond himself in the program states that Bob Gaudio -whose show Jersey Boys, was and is and continues to be a major hit- was summoned for his assistance in putting the show together and the result is a jukebox musical, with a great story and great performances by Will Swenson as Diamond and Robyn Hurder as Marcia Murphey, Diamond’s second wife. Swenson is literally onstage throughout and does an outstanding job.
The two are absolutely stunning and the music score runs the gamut from “A Beautiful Noise” to “America,” “Cracklin’ Rosie,” “Cherry, Cherry,” “Holly Holy,” “I Am … I Said” “Love On The Rocks” and “Song Sung Blue.” Certainly his “Sweet Caroline,” is the crowd favorite. One of my favorite Diamond hits was his terrific “Heartlight” – written after he, Carol Bayer Sager and Burt Bacharach saw the movie ET. Inexplicably, it wasn’t in the show. Here’s the video:

It was a holiday weekend and a fabulous time. If you haven’t seen it, go!

Sasha Prendes

SHORT TAKES — Rising Latino-star Sasha Prendes had a major event last week in NYC Here’s her new single “Shake This” and the video:

Sasha is working with Coconut-Adrian Kaegi …

Harrison Ford

Caught the final Indiana Jones-episode The Dial of Destiny this weekend and really enjoyed it. There’s been so much pro and con about this movie, I was most curious about it. I love Harrison Ford  and at 81 he delivers a sensational performance. Sure it’s an older Indy, but so is the audience. The only problem I had was a tacked on ending which, while sentimental, certainly doesn’t belong in a Indiana Jones-movie.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) is great and if she indeed continues the franchise, I think it’s in pretty good hands … Whatever became of singer Ashley Suppa? Her debut CD, produced by Alex Salzman, was terrific. She’s the bassist in the all girl group Plush, but certainly deserves her solo career …

David Zaslav

On Monday an very negative article appeared on the GQ-web site (by Jason Bailey) about Warner/Discovery’s David Zaslav – which re-counted his failures with HBOCNN’s Chris Licht; the attempted suicide of TCM; and the killing of the Batgirl movie. It essentially called him the most hated man in Hollywood. By Monday night, it was gone. Guess power does have its benefits. The article compared Zaslav to the Richard Gere-character in Pretty Woman, who basically bought businesses, only to tear them apart. Sad but true … Happy Bday Robbie Robertson and Ringo Starr.NAMES IN THE NEWS –— Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Bob Shannon; Dick Biondi; Mark Bego; Danny Goldberg; Judd Bernard; Norby Walters; Sara Gore; Jane Blunkell; Art Moore; Regis Philbin; Michael Gelman; Tony Danza; Donnie Kehr; Andrew Sandoval; Kent and Laura Denmark; Scott Shannon; Race Taylor; Joe Bonadonna; Randy Alexander; Lee Jeske; Roger Friedman; Benny Harrison; and ZIGGY!

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Films Opening In July



Barbie, Oppenheimer and Mission: Impossible 7 are all being released this month! Here are the anticipated films.

7/7: Insidious: The Red Door is a direct sequel to the foundations of this film series – Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2. The original cast will be returning “to end the haunting and to put the demons to rest once and for all.” Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Dalton (Ty Simpkins), now a college student, will be venturing deep into The Further to face their dark past and unravel the secrets of The Red Door.

7/7: Joy Ride is the directorial debut of Adele Lim, who wrote Crazy Rich Asians and Raya and the Last Dragon. The film follows a group of four friends Audrey (Ashley Park), Lolo (Sherry Cola), Kat (Stephanie Hsu), and Deadeye (Sabrina Wu) who go on an international adventure across China to find Audrey’s birth mother.

7/7: Biosphere is a comedy film set in a dystopian future where only two male best friends – Billy (Mark Duplass) and Ray (Sterling K. Brown) – have survived, thanks to a domed scientific structure capable of supporting life.

7/7: The Out-Laws is produced by Adam Sandler and directed by Tyler Spindel, to berelease on Netflix. The film follows Owen Browning (Adam DeVine), a prim and proper bank manager, as he is about to get engaged to Parker McDermott (Nina Dobrev). But, Browning’s bank is held up by a group of criminals called “Ghost Bandits,” and he suspects that his future in-laws are behind the robbery.

7/12: Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One with Tom Cruise Joining Ethan Hunt (Cruise), Grace (Hayley Atwell), and the rest of the team go on a mission to track down a highly dangerous weapon before it falls into the hands of Ethan’s old enemies. Christopher McQuarrie is at the helm of the film.

7/14: Theater Camp revolves around a group of theater students and teachers in upstate New York. The founder of the theater, Joan (Amy Sedaris), falls into a coma, due to which her son, Troy (Jimmy Tatro), must band together with Amos (Ben Platt) and Rebecca-Diane (Molly Gordon) to keep the theater running during the summers. Based on a 2020 short film of the same name.

7/14: Set in 1967, The Miracle Club is a heartwarming film that follows the story of three generations of close friends, Lily (Maggie Smith), Eileen (Kathy Bates), and Dolly (Agnes O’Casey) of Ballygar, a hard-knocks community in Dublin, who have one tantalizing dream: to win a pilgrimage to the sacred French town of Lourdes, that place of miracles that draws millions of visitors each year. When the chance to win presents itself, the women seize it.

However, just before their trip, their old friend Chrissie (Laura Linney) arrives in Ballygar for her Mother’s funeral, dampening their good mood and well-laid plans. The women secure tickets and set out on the journey that they hope will change their lives, with Chrissie joining in place of her mother. The glamor and sophistication of Chrissie, who has just returned from a nearly 40-year exile in the United States, are not her only difficult traits. Old wounds are reopened along the way, forcing the women to confront their pasts even as they travel in search of a miracle. Deep wounds from the past can only be healed by the curative power of love and friendship.

7/21: Oppenheimer is a biographical thriller that explores the controversial life of J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy). With an ensemble cast of A-listers like Florence Pugh, Emily Blunt, Rami Malek, Matt Damon, and Robert Downey Jr, Director Christopher Nolan received an Oscar nomination for  his historical drama, Dunkirk.

7/21: Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken (Ryan Gosling) with Kate McKinnon, Dua Lipa, Nicola Coughlan, Emma Mackey, Alexandra Shipp, Hari Nef, Simu Liu, Scot Evans and Ncuti Gatwa. Barbie enters the real world after getting expelled from Barbieland for being an imperfect doll.

The cast of They Cloned Tyrone

7/21: They Cloned Tyrone is a science fiction mystery comedy film helmed by Juel Taylor in his directorial debut. The cast includes; John Boyega as Fontaine, Teyonah Parris as Yo-Yo, and Jamie Foxx as Slick Charles. The plot revolves around the trio trying to unravel a government cloning conspiracy.

7/28: Haunted Mansion is the reboot of the 2003 film of the same name.  Justin Simien, directs his cast which stars LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chase W. Dillon, Rosario Dawson, and many others. Gabbie (Dawson) and Travis (W. Dillon) are the residents of the haunted mansion, and they hire a team to exorcise the mansion and eradicate the ghosts. Dan Levy and Winona Ryder also have undisclosed roles in the film.

7/28: Sympathy for the Devil is a psychological horror film written by Luke Paradise, directed by Yuval Adler. The film follows The Driver (Joel Kinnaman), who is forced to drive The Passenger (Nicolas Cage) at gunpoint.

Beanie Bubble (Non-Squashed Version)

7/28: The Beanie Bubble Beanie. The film explores how Ty Warner (played by Zach Galifianakis) was helped by three women – Robbie (Elizabeth Banks), Sheila Warner (Sarah Snook), and Maya (Geraldine Viswanathan) – to turn his stuffed animals into a popular ’90s trend and become the successful businessman that he is today.

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