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The 2023 MAC Awards Announces The 2023 Nominees



The 2023 MAC Awards will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 7:30 PM at Symphony Space.

The nominees are:


CELIA BERK: On My Way To You: Improbable Stories That Inspired An Unlikely Path…Laurie Beechman

DAWN DEROW: Dawn Derow Sings Eydie Gormé; My Ship CD Release, Backyard Troubadors… Laurie Beechman, 54 Below, Green Room 42, Post Office Café (Provincetown), Mohonk Mountain House (New Paltz), Cotuit Center for the Arts (Cotuit, MA)

JOSEPHINE SANGES: The Funny Girl in Me–Josephine Sanges Sings Fanny Brice…Laurie Beechman

GERRILYN SOHN: If Joe Allen’s Walls Could Sing & Other Hidden Gems…Don’t Tell Mama

LISA VIGGIANO: Lisa Viggiano Sings the Jane Olivor Songbook…Laurie Beechman, Don’t Tell Mama


TIM CONNELL: Dreamin’ Again; Lucky Me!; …and so it goes….Pangea

RIAN KEATING: Rian Keating Sings Jacques Brel….Don’t Tell Mama

FRANK MCDONOUGH: Two Strong Hands; Legends of Las Vegas…Don’t Tell Mama

SETH SIKES: I’ll Be Seeing You; Seth Sikes Sings Barbra Streisand; New Year’s Eve with Seth Sikes!; Exclusive Memorial Day Show with Seth Sikes!…54 Below, The Pines Rehobeth Beach, The Arts Project of Cherry Grove


TANYA MOBERLY: Moberly at Mama’s Monthly…Don’t Tell Mama


DAVID SABELLA: Amanda Reckonwith Returns, Pangea

LENNIE WATTS: Escape…Don’t Tell Mama


SARAH CARSON: England and America – A Transatlantic Love Story…Don’t Tell Mama

SHANNON DALEY: Anybody Have a Map?…Don’t Tell Mama

LINDA KAHN: “Say Yes!”…Laurie Beechman

ANN TALMAN: Elizabeth Taylor and the Shadow of Her Smile…54 Below


DANNY BOLERO: They Call Me…Cuban Pete: The Music and Genius of Desi Arnaz…Don’t Tell Mama

JEFF FLASTER: Take the Moment…Don’t Tell Mama

DAME EDNA’S HONORARY UNDERSTUDY SCOTT F. MASON: One Dame Funny Night at DTM; Mouth to Mouth with the Dame…Don’t Tell Mama



LIZ CALLAWAY: To Steve With Love: Liz Callaway Celebrates Sondheim…54 Below

NATALIE DOUGLAS: Many different shows…Birdland Jazz Club, The Triad, The Players (NYC) and many clubs in London and throughout the U.S.

JEFF HARNAR: I Know Things Now: My Life in Sondheim’s Words… Laurie Beechman



PATTI LuPONE … 54 Below




ELENA BENNETT AND FRED BARTON: Swing Out Under the Moon!…Pangea

HELANE BLUMFIELD AND BOBBY PEACO: me and bobby peaco…Don’t Tell Mama

THOSE GIRLS (Eve Eaton, Rachel Hanser, Karen Mack, Wendy Anne Russell): Those Girls Sing the Broadway, Vol 1…Laurie Beechman, Don’t Tell Mama


KLEA BLACKHURST, JIM CARUSO, BILLY STRITCH: A Swinging Birdland Christmas…Birdland

LIZ CALLAWAY AND ANN HAMPTON CALLAWAY: As Long as We’re Together….54 Below



NATE BUCCIERI….Don’t Tell Mama, Brandy’s, The Duplex


WILLIAM TN HALL ….Don’t Tell Mama, Brandy’s

PADDY ON THE PIANO … Don’t Tell Mama, The Duplex

JOE REGAN … Don’t Tell Mama


ELAINE BRIER …Don’t Tell Mama

LIZ LARK BROWN … Stonewall Inn, Brandy’s

MARIA GENTILE….The Duplex, Stonewall Inn, Brandy’s

TARA MARTINEZ…. Don’t Tell Mama

LAURA PAVLES….. Don’t Tell Mama


DAVID FOLEY JR. ….Stonewall Inn, Brandy’s


JOSEPH REDD ….Don’t Tell Mama

JON SATROM….Don’t Tell Mama, Brandy’s

MILES WHITTAKER …..Stonewall Inn


DON KELLY, drums and percussion: Those Girls/Those Girls Sing The Broadway, Vol. 1 (Laurie Beechman, Don’t Tell Mama), Marnie Klar/Marnie Klar Sings Carly Simon (Don’t Tell Mama), Amy Beth Williams/Great Ladies, Great Songs (Don’t Tell Mama), Sarah Carson/England and America (Don’t Tell Mama)

MATT SCHARFGLASS, bass: Turn the Beat Around: 54 Below Celebrates Studio 54 (54 Below), Lennie Watts/Escape (Don’t Tell Mama), Kevin Smith Kirkwood/Classic Whitney: Alive! (Joe’s Pub)

SKIP WARD, bass: Kim David Smith/Mostly Marlene (Joe’s Pub), Matsuki and Toroian’s Jazz Brunch Open Mic (Pangea), Amanda Ferguson/Ladies of the 80’s (Pangea), Sue Matsuki and Gregory Toroian/38 Seasons of Love (54 Below)


JIM CARUSO’S CAST PARTY: Created, produced, and hosted by Jim Caruso….Birdland

THE LINEUP WITH SUSIE MOSHER: Produced by Susie Mosher and Hope Royaltey…..Birdland Theater

SALON: Founder, Artistic Director, Host: Mark Janas; Executive Producer: Tanya Moberly…..Don’t Tell Mama


JIM CARUSO: Jim Caruso’s Cast Party….Birdland

SUE MATSUKI AND GREGORY TOROIAN: Matsuki & Toroian’s Jazz Brunch Open Mic….Pangea

SUSIE MOSHER: The Lineup with Susie Mosher….Birdland


HOLD ON TIGHT: Produced, written, and performed by Meg Flather, Directed by Lennie Watts, Musical Direction by Tracy Stark….Don’t Tell Mama, Theater Row, Teatro Latea

JOE ICONIS AND FAMILY – ALBUM: Curated and hosted by Joe Iconis….54 Below

IN THIS TRAVELING HEART: Written by and performed by Rian Keating, Directed by Tanya Moberly, Musical direction by Jeff Cubeta…..Don’t Tell Mama

WOULDA, COULDA, SHOULDA – MY (ALMOST) LIFE ON THE WICKED STAGE: Written by and starring Mary Lahti; Directed by Lennie Watts;Music director Paul Greenwood…..Don’t Tell Mama, Laurie Beechman


JEFF HARNAR: Linda Kahn/Say Yes! (Laurie Beechman), Theresa Lee/Riding the Bus to the Red Carpet (Triad, Don’t Tell Mama), Becca Kidwell/Together Inside (Don’t Tell Mama), Margo Brown and Lisa Dellarossa/You’re Nothing Without Me (Don’t Tell Mama), Josephine Sanges/The Funny Girl in Me (Laurie Beechman)

LINA KOUTRAKOS: Deborah Stone/Chiaroscuro (Pangea, Laurie Beechman), Ann Talman/Elizabeth Taylor and the Shadow of Her Smile (54 Below), The Doris Dear Christmas Special (The Triad), Dorian Woodruff/The Lyrics of Alan and Marilyn Bergman (Pangea)

TANYA MOBERLY: Marnie Klar Sings Carly Simon (Don’t Tell Mama), Scott F. Mason/ Mouth to Mouth with The Dame (Don’t Tell Mama), Rian Keating Sings Jacques Brel (Don’t Tell Mama), Gracie Lee Brown/Say Goodnight, Gracie (Don’t Tell Mama), Jeff Flaster/Take the Moment (Don’t Tell Mama)

LENNIE WATTS: Meg Flather/Hold On Tight (Don’t Tell Mama, Theater Row, Teatro Latea), Those Girls/Those Girls Sing the Broadway Vol 1 (Laurie Beechman, Don’t Tell Mama), Mary Lahti/Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda (Laurie Beechman, Don’t Tell Mama), Sarah Carson/England and America (Don’t Tell Mama), Gerrilyn Sohn/If Joe Allen’s Walls Could Sing (Don’t Tell Mama)


JOHN M. COOK: Josephine Sanges/The Funny Girl in Me (Laurie Beechman), Deborah Stone/Chiaroscuro (Pangea, Laurie Beechman), Cindy Firing/You and I-A Tribute to Barbara Cook (Laurie Beechman), Josephine Sanges and Cindy Firing/Carry On (Don’t Tell Mama); Margo Brown & Lisa Dellarossa/You’re Nothing Without Me (Don’t Tell Mama)

YASUHIKO FUKUOKA: Sean Patrick Murtagh/The Mario 101 Release Party (Green Room 42), Robbie Rozelle/The Inevitable Return! (Birdland), Lisa Viggiano Sings the Jane Olivor Songbook (Laurie Beechman, Don’t Tell Mama), Gerry Geddes/Fabulous First Fridays (Pangea), The MAC Awards (Symphony Space)

TRACY STARK: Sidney Myer (Pangea), Kim David Smith/Mostly Marlene, A Wery Weimar Christmas (Joe’s Pub, Neue Gallery, Club Cumming), Meg Flather/Hold On (Don’t Tell Mama, Theater Row), MargOH Channing/Simply MargOH (Pangea), Alex De Suze/Late Bloomer (Don’t Tell Mama)

BILLY STRITCH: Marilyn Maye (Birdland, 54 Below), Gabrielle Stravelli (Birdland), Linda Eder (54 Below), Jim Caruso’s Cast Party (Birdland)

STEVEN RAY WATKINS: Those Girls Sing the Broadway, Vol 1 (Laurie Beechman, Don’t Tell Mama), Moberly at Mama’s Monthly (Don’t Tell Mama), Gerrilyn Sohn/If Joe Allen’s Walls Could Sing (Don’t Tell Mama), Marnie Klar Sings Carly Simon (Don’t Tell Mama), Sarah Carson/England and America (Don’t Tell Mama)


ADAM DeCARLO: Lisa Viggiano/Lisa Viggiano Sings the Jane Olivor Songbook (Don’t Tell Mama), Meg Flather/Hold On Tight (Don’t Tell Mama, Gerrilyn Sohn/If Joe Allen’s Walls Could Sing (Don’t Tell Mama), Mama’s Boys/Mama’s Boys Love the 80’s (Don’t Tell Mama)

ALISON NUSBAUM: Frank McDonough/Two Strong Hands (Don’t Tell Mama), Susan Neuffer/An Elpee Worth of Todd (Don’t Tell Mama), Meri Ziev/New Words (Don’t Tell Mama), Leslie Orofino/Laughing at Life (Don’t Tell Mama)

JEAN-PIERRE PERREAUX: Jeff Harnar/I Know Things Now: My Life in Sondheim’s Words (Laurie Beechman), Marta Sanders/LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Or Whatever Happened to That Nice Quaker Girl (Laurie Beechman), Those Girls/Those Girls Sing The Broadway, vol. 1 (Laurie Beechman), Jonny Rosch and Friends (Triad)


A BRAND NEW SHADE OF BLUE: Music by John Forster, Lyrics by Tom Toce

I BELIEVE IN RAINBOWS: Music by Ethan Tarasov, Lyrics by Tom Toce

THE STROLLERS OF POLAND: Music and lyrics by Tom Toce

TALKING TO THE MOON: Music by Paul Rolnick, Lyrics by Paul Rolnick and Jane R. Snyder

YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN KIND: Music by Tracy Stark, Lyrics by Bob Levy


ALMA: Music and Lyrics by Billy Recce

DON’T TELL GRETA: Music and Lyrics by Daniel Cainer

IN THE SPIRIT OF GIVING: Music and Lyrics by Ritt Henn

STRICTLY FOR SHOW: Music by Michele Brourman, Lyrics by Tom Toce

THE ZOOM SONG: Music and Lyrics by John Forster

RECORDING (LaMott Friedman Award)

D.C. ANDERSON: House Concert

CELIA BERK: Now That I Have Everything

RENEE KATZ: Winter Awakenings (featuring DECEMBER SONGS by Maury Yeston)


BOB LEVY: Ballads

REGINA ZONA AND SEAN HARKNESS: It Must Have Been the Mistletoe



LIZ CALLAWAY: To Steve With Love: Liz Callaway Celebrates Sondheim

JIM CARUSO AND BILLY STRITCH: The Sunday Set (Recorded Live at the Birdland Theater)

JEFF HARNAR: I Know Things Now: My Life in Sondheim’s Words

Suzanna, co-owns and publishes the newspaper Times Square Chronicles or T2C. At one point a working actress, she has performed in numerous productions in film, TV, cabaret, opera and theatre. She has performed at The New Orleans Jazz festival, The United Nations and Carnegie Hall. She has a screenplay and a TV show in the works, which she developed with her mentor and friend the late Arthur Herzog. She is a proud member of the Drama Desk and the Outer Critics Circle and was a nominator. Email:


Cabaret Loses The West Bank Cafe and Laurie Beechman Theatre



The West Bank Cafe and the Laurie Beechman theatre are closing their doors in August.

The West Bank Cafe opened in 1978. The restaurant’s early clients even included the notorious Irish gang, the Westies. The neighborhood was rough. In 1980, The New York Times awarded West Bank two stars, which increased its visibility and attracted a wider range of diners. 
In this era, West Bank Cafe’s owner, Steve Olsen opened the Laurie Beechman Theatre downstairs from the Cafe, which staged plays and hosted events nightly. A young Lewis Black was named playwright-in-residence; Howard Stern aired his third-annual live birthday broadcast from the theater; and the restaurant’s regulars included Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and Bruce Willis, among others.

Soon the redevelopment of 42nd Street spread further west, bringing new businesses and residents to the area. Throughout the 1980s and ’90s, the restaurant was a leader in the growing Theater District and Hell’s Kitchen dining scenes. As new theaters opened in the area, the restaurant’s connection to stage and screen remained strong as well. The Laurie Beechman Theatre continued to regularly stage the work of emerging writers, actors, and singers (many of whom later became stars) as well as established acts: The Who even gave four live performances at the restaurant while their musical Tommy was running on Broadway.

After 45 years, the restaurant’s surrounding neighborhood and America’s culinary tastes have changed dramatically. West Bank Cafe has evolved along with the neighborhood and maintained a commitment to serving high-quality food in a unpretentious setting where both theater-goers and theatre stars feel at home.

In 2020 the West Bank was likely to close imminently as it faced mounting debts and a steep drop-off in customers due to COVID. By Tuesday, though, there was an online fundraiser had raised more than $330,000, shooting past its initial goal of $250,000. Donations came pouring in thanks to Tom D’Angora, a Broadway producer and longtime customer. But things took off on Christmas Day, thanks to a star-studded, nine-hour telethon, featuring speeches and performances by Sean Penn, Nathan Lane, Pete Townshend, Debra Messing, Andre De Shields and dozens more performers who have called themselves West Bank regulars during its 42-year history.

The money raised allowed Olsen to pay off the cafe’s debts and save some cash for the future. Sadly it seems 2024 might be the end.

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Jason Robert Brown To Perform at Carnegie Hall In October



Now here is a concert I will definitely be attending. Three-time Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown will perform a special concert event at Carnegie Hall on October 25, 2024, at 8:00 PM. He already had a sold-out concert at the London Palladium.

Expect to hear “Still Hurting,” and “Stars and the Moon.” I have included some of my favorite video’s of Mr. Brown’s music sung to perfection.

His repertoire, spans over thirty years of unforgettable and some of the best musical theatre songs ever written.

At the concert some of his closest collaborators and newest friends and some of the most celebrated performers of the stage and the music world – soon to be announced.

The Orchestra of St. Luke’s, New York’s own chamber orchestra, will accompany Jason and his guests with their virtuosic 22-piece ensemble. The evening will be conducted by Jason Robert Brown and Georgia Stitt.

Tickets go on sale to the general public at 11am EST on July 19, 2024, with a general pre-sale on Wednesday, July 17th, and a Live Nation presale, starting Thursday, July 18th. Tickets start at $59.50. For ticketing information and further details, please contact CarnegieCharge at (212) 247-7800,, or visit the Box Office on 57th Street and Seventh Avenue.

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My View: Lucie Arnaz…..How Did She Get This Job?



With apologies to politicians who tout their job creating policies, Lucie Arnaz did not need any assistance to get her current job at 54 Below with a show titled “I Got The Job”.  Lucie got this gig because she is a supremely talented actor/singer/dancer who possesses a distinguished resume and long career of memorable performances on the stages of Broadway, Cabaret, and Concert Halls all over the world… and as I’ve said before about this show….

Lucie Arnaz hit the stage of 54Below with all cylinders on burn and guns ablaze! She performed an evening she calls “I GOT THE JOB” and kept the New York City audience entranced from beginning to end, garnering multiple ovations that seemed as natural as breathing.

For 85 minutes, she owned the stage, dressed to work, in black tights with tuxedo rhinestone striping and a dazzling orange silk blouse with glimmering buttons and cuffs. Basic, simple, perfect. This woman comes with all the equipment to perform, entertain and break your heart. She’s a master storyteller with impeccable timing and the voice shows up for her song after song, from show after show, exhibiting range and colors and nuancing that engage the audience at every turn. The star, of course, is the daughter of showbiz royalty, but she doesn’t rely on that one bit and has her own stories to tell, and they are mesmerizing.

Lucie Arnaz has had an extraordinary life and career and judging by what was on display, last night, I imagine, as Cy Coleman & Carolyn Leigh wrote, “The Best Is Yet To Come.” Lucie wrote and directed herself in this show, which opened the Birdland Theater years ago, but it has been fully fleshed out and brought to vivid life. Sharing the stage with her is what appears to be a musical soulmate in her Musical Director, Arranger and “Acting Partner,” Ron Abel, whose hands gave Ms. Arnaz her orchestra.

During the evening we were treated to a story of her audition (in a theatre) for THEY’RE PLAYING OUR SONG. During the audition, Neil Simon walked onto the stage and told her she was a breath of fresh air. She later “got the job.” Last night, she also stole our hearts and, now, we’re helpless and LOVE LUCIE.










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Cabaret Shows To Watch



At Birdland Jazz Club the return of songwriter Scott Alan on Monday, August 5 at 7:00 PM. Alan will be joined by some of today’s brightest stars singing his compositions, including Audrey Belle Adams, Beatriz Melo, Marylee Fairbanks, LaRaisha DiEvelyn Dionne, Carla Mongado, Ashlyn Combs, Natalie Ortega, Cassidy Ewert, Eli Thomas, T’Arica Crawford, Jenna Miller Ferreira, Julian Carli, and Kendall Paige Parrett. There is a $34-45 music charge. Birdland is located at 315 West 44th Street in New York.

Scott Alan is an internationally acclaimed songwriter who has worked with some of the biggest names in theater, TV, film, and recording. Some of those artists include Grammy Award-winning Pentatonix; Grammy Award-nominated artists Jane Monheit, Marc Broussard, Marc Feehily, and Taylor Dayne; Tony Award-winning artists Sutton Foster, Adriane Lenox, Randy Graff, Frances Ruffle, and Lea Salonga; film and TV stars Tracie Thoms, Patina Miller, Katie Stevens, Danny-Boy Hatchard, Cheyenne Jackson, Megan Hilty, Samantha Barks, and Jeremy Jordan; and reality stars Sam Bailey, Collabro, Diane DeGarmo, Christina Marie, and RJ Helton, among others.

After the 2007 release of his debut album Dreaming Wide Awake, Alan has gone on to release seven follow up albums that include KeysWhat I Wanna Be When I Grow UpLiveAnything Worth Holding on ToCynthia Erivo and Oliver Tompsett sing Scott AlanLifeline, and Nothing More. His compositions have been featured on “American Idol,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Entertainment Tonight,” HBO, MTV, and VH1.

Scott Alan on Monday, August 5 at 7:00 PM. There is a $35-45 music charge and a $20 food and beverage minimum. Birdland is located at 315 West 44th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues) in Manhattan. For reservations, please call (212) 581-3080 or visit

At Birdland Jazz Club Julie Benko returns. The Broadway star of Funny Girl and Harmony – as she marches her band out again on Monday, August 12 at 7:00 PM. Following her recent tour of sold-out shows at San Francisco’s Venetian Room at the Fairmont Hotel, Los Angeles’ Catalina Jazz Club, and New York’s Café Carlyle, and after announcing she was expecting her first baby, Julie introduces a new show that explores the surprises, challenges, and joys of pregnancy. This evening of music will highlight female songwriters (Brandi Carlisle, Laura Nyro), Broadway favorites (selections from Into the Woods, Baby and more), and Disney classics (songs from Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and more). The new arrangements are by her longtime music director and husband (and, of course, the father-to-be!) Jason Yeager. In addition to Yeager on piano, the show features Paul Francis on drums, Michael O’Brien on bass, Justin Poindexter on guitars and mandolin, and Gabe Terraciano on violin. Jeremiah James, Benko’s former Funny Girl co-star, will be featured as guest vocalist. There is a $40 music charge. Birdland is located at 315 West 44th Street in New York.

Jeff Harner

Jeff Harner

PS CLASSICS, the label dedicated to the heritage of Broadway and American Popular Song, has announced that the new album from MAC and Bistro Award-winning concert artist Jeff Harner – Jeff Harnar Sings Sammy Cahn: The Second Time Around – is available for iTunes pre-order starting today, Tuesday, July 16. This pre-order allows for instant download of two tracks, “I’ll Only Miss Him When I Think of Him” and “Come Fly with Me,” which features Grammy Award winner Nicole Zuraitis. The album will be released on CD and digital formats on Friday, July 26. Harnar revisits his 2001 Sammy Cahn recording, long out-of-print: the original album has been remixed, reimagined and expanded upon, reflecting both Harnar’s desire to widen his perspective on the lauded lyricist’s work – new tracks feature guest appearances by Grammy Award nominee Clint Holmes, the acclaimed vocal trio MOIPEI and Nicole Zuraitis – and his own growth as an artist and interpreter. The Second Time Around is also available for pre-order on A special video trailer for the album, featuring exclusive studio footage, can now be viewed on YouTube HERE.

Harnar will celebrate the album with concerts at New York’s 54 Below on Friday, July 26 and Saturday, July 27. The album’s guest vocalists – Clint Holmes, MOIPEI, and Nicole Zuraitis – will appear on Saturday, July 27, while MOIPEI, Sally Mayes, and Eric Comstock will appear Friday, July 26. Harnar will also feature the Cahn program in London, England at The Pheasantry (9/13-14, 2024) and Boca Raton, FL, at the Adolph & Rose Levis JCC (1/22-23, 2025), with other tour dates to be announced.

July 22 (Monday) 7:00 PM – Birdland Jazz Club Telly Leung – “Back to Birdland”. Telly Leung is the  Broadway star of the musicals Aladdin, Allegiance, Godspell, Rent, and more – returns in the new show “Back to Birdland.” Leung’s six-year hiatus has taken him all over the world as a performer and director. Expect to hear Broadway classics, as well as songs from his solo recordings, featuring a trio of New York’s finest musicians with Gary Adler on piano, Mary Ann McSweeney on bass, and Joe Choroszewski on drums. Leung is a Chinese-American, New York City native, Broadway and television performer, recording artist, producer, director, theater arts teacher, and coach. His Broadway and national touring performing credits include Aladdin in Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway, In Transit, Allegiance (with George Takei and Lea Salonga), Godspell, Rent (final Broadway company), Wicked (Boq, original Chicago company), Pacific Overtures, and Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Flower Drum Song. In 2010, he starred as Angel in Rent at the Hollywood Bowl opposite Wayne Brady, directed by Neil Patrick Harris. Television audiences will remember him as Marcel in Season three of “Warrior” (HBO Max), Wes the Warbler on “Glee,” as well as his guest star appearances on “Instinct,” “Odd Mom Out,” “Deadbeat,” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” Telly is featured as a performance coach for the Jimmy Awards in the PBS documentary, Broadway or Bust.

July 29 (Monday) 7:00 PM – Birdland Jazz Club. A Celebration of Maurice Hines – Tappin’ Thru Life”. This concert will honor the life and legacy of show business icon Maurice Hines through his award-winning, autobiographical show “Tappin’ Thru Life.” The original cast, including John Manzari (vocals/tap), Leo Manzari (vocals/tap) and The DIVA Jazz Orchestra, will reunite to celebrate Maurice’s remarkable career. Special guests will include Clint Holmes and Ann Hampton Callaway on vocals.

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My View: An Evening With Rex Reed, Will Friedwald, & POLLY BERGEN



Will Friedwald’s Clip Joint presented the legendary film critic and personality “Rex Reed Remembers Polly Bergen” last night at the TRIAD Theater.  It was a fascinating evening as Rex, who was one of Polly Bergen’s closest friends told fly on the wall show biz stories and personal anecdotes about her remarkable life.  An especially hilarious one occurred at the annual OSCAR NIGHT party that Polly had every year in her New York apartment.  There was Rex, watching the Oscars on a TV in Polly’s bedroom, Lucille Ball on one side of him and Paul Newman on the other .  Milton Berle who had been in another room parades past them wearing one of Polly’s gowns that he snatched from her closet!

Will and Rex reminisced about her amazing career in the movies ( including three classic comedies with Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis) but even more so on television.  In fact, her career spans the very history of the small screen medium, starting with appearances on pioneering broadcasts of the late 1940’s right up to a memorable regular role in the hit series DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES-although she was probably best known for starring in the legendary 1957 PLAYHOUSE 90 live television biography of HELEN MORGAN.  In other guises, she was an entrepreneur and political activist. 

Will Friedwald brought along his extensive library of film clips of her appearances on The Hollywood Palace, The Andy Williams Show, The Dean Martin Show, The Perry Como Kraft Music Hall, The Dinah Shore Chevy Show and appearances with Phil Silvers, George Burns, Red Skelton, Andy Williams and many more. Polly Bergen (1930-2014) had three husbands, and unfortunately became a Doris Day type financial victim because of her last one. And now “here’s the rest of my personal Polly Bergen story”.

Many years ago a firm placed a large order with my factory.  When I checked with our credit insuring agency they advised me that the company did not have enough finances to purchase that amount of goods and consequently the agency would only insure half the order.  Not wanting to reject a sizable order I made an appointment to meet the owner in his garment center office and check out his business for myself.  During the course of the conversation somehow the entertainment business came up (of course it did) and he mentioned that he was married to Polly Bergen.  Being a fan and and having reverence for the famous and talented artists in this world I dropped my usual due diligence guard and the hour was spent talking about show business, I loved it, especially when he invited me over to their apartment to watch the Super Bowl.   Well, I shipped all the merchandise…and you can guess what happened….Years later I met Polly Bergen at one of Rex Reed’s evenings and introduced myself with the opening line “ you cost me a lot of money” and then related the story of how her husband never paid.   Polly put her arm around me and said in her bawdy way, “ honey, you’re lucky it was only that much, he bankrupted me”.












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