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The 4 Essentials That Every E-commerce Store Needs

The 4 Essentials That Every E-commerce Store Needs

As the world turns increasingly digital, e-commerce stores are no longer a rarity. From big brands that have been forced to refocus their efforts online, to the small-scale entrepreneurs looking to make some extra cash, consumers have more access to online shopping than ever. 

The problem is that not all e-commerce brands are good enough. There is nothing quite so frustrating as finding the perfect product, only to find that something about the e-commerce store prevents you from buying in the way that you want. As e-commerce only grows more competitive every day, here are the essentials that your online store needs if it hopes to compete in such a crowded space.

Mobile First

It is no longer enough to make sure that your website can be viewed on a smartphone easily. Now, the goal should be to have an e-commerce store that focuses first on mobile shoppers than those on a laptop. Being mobile-friendly should no longer be an afterthought but one of your foundations, and if you have yet to reapproach your site design and layouts so that they can be viewed more easily on the phone, then you’re going to fall behind quickly. Everything from navigation to payments needs to be seamless on the phone, and failing to do so will mean that consumers will simply head elsewhere.

Improved Product Delivery

From the point of payment to the delivery of the product, you need the process to be as fast and as smooth as possible. It used to be that 14-day delivery times were the norm, but now, anything much longer than two days will be frowned upon. If your shipping is taking too long, then bad reviews will be more frequent, and you’ll quickly lose customers. If you have yet to streamline your shipping processes, then it’s time to start taking a closer look at an order fulfillment company that can do it for you. This is one of the keys to modern e-commerce success.


Make no mistake; content is as important now as it has been since the dawn of the internet. As more businesses are being forced to make the pivot to e-commerce, content is only going to become more important. That content is the key to getting found more easily by prospective customers. It’s also extremely high value when it comes to building your brand recognition and providing value to those customers. Never underestimate the importance of content and how you can be using it to grow your profits.

Online Security

Nothing is going to halt the growth of your e-commerce store faster than being hacked. Cybercriminals are one of the biggest threats to an online business, and you need to make sure that you are as protected as possible. There are lots of ways to make your store safer against online threats, but basics like strong passwords and a robust firewall should be the standards that you start with. Don’t skimp on security, and your business will be far more protected against those with ill intent.

Setting up an online business is now easier than ever, but there’s a significant difference between those that grow and those that fail. Make sure that you have the essential components, and your e-commerce business stands a much better chance of being around for a lot longer.

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