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The 5 Best Places To Visit On Your Next Business Trip To New York City!

The 5 Best Places To Visit On Your Next Business Trip To New York City!

So your boss has just selected you as the employee who has to go to New York City for the upcoming mega project that you have to cover for the company. Seems like quite a tough scenario right?

New York, the city that never sleeps, the city where Times Square shines as bright as a girls smile when the love of her life puts a ring on her, is much more than just a place for opportunities for entrepreneurs and young professionals.

Business trips certainly never mean that you have to be there for work and only work. Many professional corporate travel planners also incorporate miniature trips across the city during business travel. It shouldn’t surprise you if your colleagues’ show up fresh to work the very next day despite the amount of stress they were expecting by travelling for the company.

Travel to NYC for fun and business

It is certainly clear that business trips are not just confined to business-related work anymore. New York apart from being a central hub for entrepreneurs and professional people across the world also has to offer a lot in terms of tourism and exploring.

Some of the best chefs in the world paired with some of the best landmarks in the world make this busy city even more charming. Hence the wild dream of a country girl or a foreign employee of moving to or at least visiting New York remains the same.

So why not avail this opportunity while being at work as this chance might not come back.

5 Best Places to visit on your upcoming corporate travel to NYC

We understand that a business trip is for a short period. Therefore, paying a visit to places most convenient for your time schedule would be preferred. We have prepared a list of five best places that you can visit in New York on your upcoming business trip.

Chamber Magic by Steve Cohens

When you are free, allow yourself a night out and enjoy a magic show performed by Steve Cohens. It might sound like something directed more towards a child’s birthday party instead of what a professional would like but it is much more than that. Steve’s magic show is not just a deck of flaming cards where you choose the correct one or a bunny coming out of someone’s pants. Instead, this show depicts an amazing collaboration of tricks and illusions that will leave you head-scratching.

Enthrall your eyes and intrigue your senses by refreshing them with this amazing magic show that will offer you an experience of a lifetime.

Statue of Liberty

This amazing landmark that is quite popular acts as a symbol to represent New York. It still stands tall and proud right as the center of attention for the residents and tourists in the city. In case no limited time, which is obvious since you are on a business trip, use the Staten Island Ferry to see the statue from up close.

They will definitely somehow help your pocket as they offer free trip across the statue and also the ferry leaves every 30 minutes from the ferry terminal located to the south. Forget buying tickets and hop in straight away!

Witness American National History

Not a fan of history? The museum is one of the places that you would pay to skip? We dare you to visit this magnificent museum focused on American History.

Even though the place is more likely suited to families on a holiday but learning more about the rich history of America will keep you busy for a while and hey, learning never stops. Also, you will have fun looking at all the displays.

Even though you have a short time in the city but, try taking a while out for this classical go-to place in America.

Brooklyn Bridge is not Falling but waiting for you!

Take 20 minutes out of your business trips to witness the magic of Brooklyn Bridge in New York. It takes 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other. Walk and doge people while taking pictures of this memorable place.

If you are a photography freak like me and like showing your adventures to the world then, visit in the morning. With the sunlight not hitting too hard and very fewer people interfering, you can have your perfect Instagram shot right there!

To witness the sun setting in one of the busiest cities in the world – come in the evening! Despite the bridge being busy, you will set your eyes on one of the most beautiful views ever!

Fancy a drink?

The city of workaholics is completely baffled with places where you can get yourself some fancy cocktails or some top-notch quality beer and bar food to fulfil your cravings. While you are at work signing off most important projects of your life, try visiting a bar of the cocktail house in NYC to calm yourself down from the stress of pulling out perfect meetings and tasks for the day. The cafes and bars are also themed here so you can decide to visit the one that your mood intrigues you too.

Just not it!

New York is simply not confined to these 5 places but looking at the reason of travel we had to compile a list of places that you can have a look at despite you are working.

The trend of Business Trips

Despite digitalization of almost everything we look at and touch, business trips are still considered one of the most important factors in running a business. Locking your deals with a face to face meeting instead of a video call depicts a lot about one’s willingness and interest in what they do and in the people who work for them.

We can say that corporate tours and corporate travel planners will always be an in-vogue necessity for the businesses that wish to look successful as well as are looking forward to growing and expanding with new opportunities in hand.

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