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The 5 Most Common Myths about Roulette 

The 5 Most Common Myths about Roulette 

Roulette at is one of the coolest casino games mainly because of the amazing wins you can grab here. And not to mention the numerous Hollywood films that have made it popular. At the same time there are common myths associated with the game. These myths can come in the way of earning maximum from the game. So here are 5 most common myths and the actual facts behind them.

Myth #1

House edge remains the same for all Roulette versions

Fact: The house edge differs in each version of Roulette namely American, European and French Roulettes. Although French and European versions are a bit identical there are small differences. But American Roulette is totally different with a 5.26% edge for the casino, instead of the usual 2.7%. This is because you have two 0 green slots here offering the casino a better probability of having the ball in the green slot.

Myth #2

European and French Roulette games may have the different names but are same.

Fact: Although both Roulette versions may seem identical, the actual difference lies in the outside betting feature. In French Roulette also called La Partage, an outside bet with the ball in zero will make you eligible for half the value of your bet. Thus with regular play you can win big in French Roulette.


Numbers that have not been hit for some time will be due next.

Fact: Also called as cold numbers, players try to identify such numbers in order to win. But the actual fact is Roulette is a random game. You have no numbers that are due nor are there any sequences or logical order here. Every number that appears in a game with single zero will have 37 chances to be hit. Since a roulette wheel is calibrated, repaired and maintained with care you can expect nothing but the usual probability and play smart.

Myth #4

You can easily take advantage of your winning streak and increase your bet

Fact: While it may look like your winning streak is quite strong as you double or quadruple your winnings, it is not wise to base this on increasing the bet money. You need to know that winning is exciting, which is the reason gambling is loved by many. But a winning stroke of luck cannot make you indestructible. You can easily have a losing spell that is sufficiently big making you lose all your winnings. So instead of becoming emotional about your win, be practical and play with caution.


It is easy to beat house edge

Fact: It is impossible to beat house edge no matter what type of game condition is present. The casino games are designed in such a way that the casino ends up with an advantage always. But you can always minimize the house edge by say around 1.3% in Roulette versions that follow La Partage and En Prison rules. But when you consider the long term, this still has you at a big disadvantage. Only a huge win can make you surpass the house edge and walk away with a profit.

You may have been of the opinion that the above myths were true until now. With the above true facts about Roulette you can clearly see that it is game with strict regulations and playing smart without emotion ruling you is the only way to win at Roulette.


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