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The Advantages of Exterior EIFS and Stucco Systems

The Advantages of Exterior EIFS and Stucco Systems

Today, most people make use of the term EIFS and stucco interchangeably, but they both aren’t the same. Simply put, EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) is a relatively new and enhanced exterior wall cladding system with improved insulation and water resistance capacities. In addition, it gets characterized by low maintenance and high performance, and that’s why it gets used in the US and worldwide. 

It is essential to know the advantages of stucco vs. EIFS so that you can decide the best for your building. If you want, you can learn more about the benefits of EIFS stucco systems from Depend Exteriors

Understanding exterior EIFS siding

Simply put, EIFS is an overall category of the non-load bearing structure cladding system offering the external walls with water-resistant, insulated, and finished surface in an incorporated composite material system. It was initially introduced in North America back in the 1960s when the water infiltration problems resulted in crucial building damage. The recently enhanced systems get developed with extra insulation and drainage plane to fight the conventional EIFS issues. 

Here you should also know about the two available types of stucco. 

  1. Three-coat stucco

The three coats comprise of scratch, lath, and brown. There is also a “finish” coat that doesn’t get added to the three steps as all kinds of stucco need it. This multi-layer system offers a long-lasting, thicker, and durable choice. 

  • One-coat stucco

Most people claim that the one-coat stucco is an effective and ideal means of the stucco system. It also comprises of all the layers of a three-coat in one. A single coat can get finished in multiple ways comprising premixed colored cement stucco finish coats, paints, and elastomeric coatings, as well as acrylic textured finishes. It enables some great customization scope. 

The good part is that it is fire resistant and has zero flame spread. Therefore, you need to invest a lesser time for installation, and it also requires lesser material and labor costs. 

The advantages of new-age EIFS

The principal difference between the products developed in the last decade is the extra insulation and drainage capacities and unlimited design flexibility. Here are a few other benefits of switching to or installing an EIFS. 

  • Energy effective – Based on the Better Buildings Federal (US) Awards Program in 2012, a construction with EIFS helps to minimize energy use by 45% in a year.
  • Low maintenance – The EIFS clad constructions have great resistance to chalking, fading, dirt, yellowing, mildew, and mold. It can get cleaned easily by hosting it down and also requires painting. 
  • Crack-resistance – The improved flexibility helps the EIFS to absorb building movement and avert the cracking issues that are common in brick and concrete exteriors
  • Controls moisture – A research carried out by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which also got assisted by the US Department of Energy, asserted that EIFS provides better moisture and thermal control compared to fiber-cement and brick siding. 
  • Flexible design – EIFS is available in many colors and a wide range of textures. It can also get styled in any design or shape.

Are you yet to decide whether EIFS or an exterior stucco installation is the correct option for your project? If yes, you can get in touch with an expert service provider who can help you to arrive at a decision depending on your budget and requirements.  


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