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The Advantages of Using LED Grow Lights

The Advantages of Using LED Grow Lights

In this urban culture, we are going through several changes every day. Our lifestyle is changed, now you cannot find big canopies of trees and dense forest around your cities. At present, our cities have endless jungles of concrete and cement instead of natural vegetation. In such a scenario if you are actually looking for some fresh air then you should have some attractive and healthy indoor plants which will enhance the beauty of your house as well as provide fresh air to your family. But there are numerous precautions, which needed to be taken for the proper health of indoor plants. If a plant doesn’t get proper sunlight then its growth is hampered and it may die in just a few days. In order to avoid such a situation, we have a solution which is known as LED grow lights. Such kind of light provides artificial light energy which insures proper growth of plants.

The Advantages of Using Grow Lights Are As Under-

1. Wavelength of Light

We all know very well that the natural light has variable wavelengths for different colors but all such colors are actually not necessary for the growth of plants. The grow lights have only those wavelengths which are essential for the growth of plants. The majority of grow LED lights emit red and blue color, such a light spectrum provides maximum growth to the plants. At present, you will find full spectrum led grow lights in the market which can make sure proper growth of indoor plants.

2. Energy Savings

Usually, people use sodium lamps for the growth of indoor plants but it consumes high power and not very considered as an energy-efficient option. Instead of them if you use LED lights then the power consumption can be reduced significantly and you can make sure the proper growth of plants as well as save nature also. These lights help you to reduce your electricity bill.

3. Maximum Light, Minimum Heat

The biggest advantage of using an LED grow light is that it provides maximum light and at the same time liberates the minimum amount of heat. As a result, the normal temperature of your home is maintained and you don’t have to spend too much on cooling devices. If you use such kind of lights then the plants can be saved from those damages which are caused due to excessive heat of sodium lights.

4. Increases Life

According to research, it has been proved that the average life of those plants which grow under the artificial lights is longer as compared to the life of those plants which grow under the natural sunlight. The reason behind this scenario is that – with grow LED lights plants get all those favorable conditions which are vital for their survival.

5. Controllable spectrum 

If you switch to the grow lights for your plants then you can easily control the spectrum of the lights, as different plants need different kinds of spectrum for their proper growth and functioning.

Applications of grow LED lights in advanced farming-

The light-emitting diode (LED) grow lights are the best option for the overall growth of indoor plants. LED grow lights do not have a filament like traditional bulbs. It is made up of semiconductor materials, like silicon and germanium that produces particular spectrums which is more beneficial for the plants. One can use grow LED lights for indoor plants as well as, as a supplement for natural sunlight. The grow LED lights provide complete focus and the loss of energy is almost zero. It has a very long life as compared to traditional bulbs or sodium lamps. Such kind of light is widely used in those areas where solar radiation is not sufficient. In the areas far from the equator, the grow LED lights are specially used to provide proper nutrients to the plants. Now equatorial crops can be cultivated in the other regions of the globe with the help of such lights.

In the modern farming there are numerous new techniques introduced to enhance the production of crops which includes- artificial methods of irrigation, fertilizers, high yielding varieties of seeds along with all these LED grow lights are used excessively in advanced agriculture practices to enhance the production of crops. The emission of heat is minimum with these lights which prevent the leaves from burning.

With the help of this article, we try to share some very interesting facts regarding grow LED lights. These are a very durable, affordable and easily available option for the proper growth of different varieties of indoor plants. If you are switching grow LED lights then you can make sure the proper development of indoor plants. LED grow lights have a great application in those areas where the average radiation is quite low.


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