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The Adventures of Andre and Sal

The Adventures of Andre and Sal

Introducing a new literary character is never an easy task, but for author Andre Ginnane, her creation Sal – who was crafted to spark a child’s imagination as well as their natural and adventurous curiosity for learning – it’s been an across the board success. 

Andre Ginnane

Her current 2 editions, under the banner of The Adventures of Sal (The Adventures of Sal – Activity Book and Two Houses, Two Rooms, One Love) have been immediate hits on Amazon and stirred much media interest.

Here’s how we meet Sal: The main character, Sal, has just moved into a new neighborhood. Right away he meets a new friend, John David. They are both very adventurous and begin to explore their surroundings together. With each new quest for adventure, Sal’s protective mother reminds them to be careful and use safety precautions to avoid injury. (Sound like anyone you know?!) After their many fun and sometimes dangerous adventures they learn that maybe, just maybe, Sal’s mom might have been right all along!

Her next two editions on Sal, The Pet Playground in the Sky and The Super Hero Mobile will be both released (via Yorkshire Publishing) on Friday, October 30.

Her initial books on Sal have immediately resonated with children, parents, teachers and even grandparents.

Says Andre, “The adventures explored in each book are based on universal and relatable childhood experiences. Sensory activities, reading exercises and other interactive features make this character and series a favorite. The activities that accompany each adventure are suspenseful, entertaining sensory experiences that are sure to keep the kids engaged and on the edge of their seats with anticipation.”

Critics have called The Adventures of Sal, “Culturally diverse; relevant and an enjoyable ride for kids and adults alike. A winning combination all around.”

An Amazon Best Selling Children’s Book author, Ginnane’s inspiration, first and foremost, is her son Kai. Kai is Ginnane’s driving force and gives her passion for her writing.

In addition to being a mother, Ginnane is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi  and a native of Wiggins, MS. Prior to becoming a published author, Ginnane enjoyed a successful career as a corporate sales executive with a Fortune 100 company. 

Ginnane’s books are currently available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major book retailers.

Book Reviews

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