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The Algonquin Kid: A Piece of History

The Algonquin Kid: A Piece of History

The Algonquin Kid

For anyone fascinated by the powerful history of New York’s golden age artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Noel Coward and Marilyn Monroe, this show is a must see. For those who love great music and incredible singer/actors, this show is also for you. Librettist and Lyricist, Michael Colby highlights his childhood by taking the audience on a journey back in time when The Algonquin hotel, owned by Colby’s grandparents, was at the height of its game.

The cast features Robert Creighton, Natalie Douglas, Leah Hocking, and Martin Vidnovic. With credits ranging from Broadway to Birdland, these brilliant performers very well capture the essence of the legendary artists that both frequented and inhabited the Algonquin.
Our narrator, Colby weaves in and out of the show with history and songs written by Noel Coward, Lerner and Lowe, and the likes as well as himself. Having written some very successful shows, Colby’s music stands out. Creighton masterfully performs a very funny number by Colby. He is a gem.
Douglas sings “Summertime” with such ease and grace. She really evokes the essence of Ella, but still stays true to herself. Both Hocking and Vidnovic shine through and through with their gorgeous and powerful voices.
The show is charming and entertaining and a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Given a limited run and short rehearsal process, the show really comes together, however, there are moments that feel a bit under rehearsed and lack cohesiveness. But overall, it’s great fun and a piece of history!
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