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If you are all of a sudden seeing the numbers 888 very frequently, you can be assured to believe that this is a sign from the Universe. If you don’t know what this number signifies, continue reading this article to find out more!

What does the number 888 signify?

The number 888, also known as the angel number, is a highly powerful number. It essentially three-folds the vibration and energy of the number 8 which magnifies its intensity. The number 8 represents self-reliance, positivity, confidence, abundance as well as karma. It is said by a number of celestial individuals, that if you see the number 888, it is a message from your angels who are telling you that you can expect achievements, progress and success to come your way. They are also telling you stay optimistic and trust your intuitions. However, this does not mean that you are not required to put in any work and effort anymore if you see the angel number. The responsibility will fall upon you to put in your best, and then expect to reap the rewards. The number 888 is simply an indication that financial and material abundance is making its way to your life, as long as you work for it. 

Why could you be seeing 888 at this point in your life?

  1. You are ready to share the knowledge and wisdom you have accumulated in your life. You did not always know what you wanted to do in your life, however, you still managed to find your way to the point you are at now. All the wisdom that you have acquired on your journey, you can share with other people now. 888 meaning will allow you have a stronger sense of life purpose, as you will be making a difference in someone’s life, whether it is big or small, through your knowledge and experience. Keep in mind, that you will be positively impact their life even if you tell them a small advice.
  2. If you are seeing the number 888, this means that you are ready to receive. You will want lots of things in your life; things that you want to accomplish which can be material or spiritual. However, this does not mean that you are always ready to receive these things. There is a time and place for everything to happen organically. This takes a lot of patience and optimism; however, seeing the angel number is an indication that you are ready to be a recipient of these things. In order to reach this stage, it is important that you give to people what you expect to receive which are essentially the fundamentals of how karma works.
  3. 888 meaning shows your positive approach to life is attracting opportunities. Remember, your approach to life will be the biggest magnet to the kind of opportunities you want to come your way. This means that if you are optimistic and confident about yourself, you can trust the Universe to bring to you experiences and opportunities that will be relevant to how you feel.
  4. Another meaning of 888 is that you are now ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour. This is what true abundance will feel like, when you are in utter peace and content, and you have no greed to acquire more and more. The more you align yourself to the flow of the universe, then you can expect from the universe to reward you. Positivity is the biggest factor here.


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