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The Art of Shaving Launches ‘A Portrait of Perfection’ Holiday Campaign

The Art of Shaving Launches ‘A Portrait of Perfection’ Holiday Campaign

The Art of Shaving, the barber-endorsed men’s luxury grooming brand, announced a holiday campaign aimed at anyone who plans to have their photograph taken this season. After the last year and a half of pandemic-era living, a study shows people are ready to celebrate, shop, travel, and spend time with their families this holiday season. The Art of Shaving partnered with celebrity and fashion photographer Aaron Richter to shoot warm, personal holiday portraits of NYC-based barber Richard Mendoza’s family, while also gathering tips and grooming advice for looking and feeling confident this camera-happy season.

‘A Portrait of Perfection’ features Mendoza, his wife Naomi, their son, his sister Cassandra, her fiancé Dana, and Cassandra’s daughter. Hailing from Queens, New York, Richard and Cassandra were inspired to become barbers by their beautician mother. Now they each own successful businesses located beneath the 7 train, Filthy Rich Barbershop and Ztylez Studio, respectively. With this latest holiday campaign, The Art of Shaving captures picture-perfect family moments with barbers who make it their daily business to help customers feel ‘camera confident.’

Portrait photographer Aaron Richter is an expert at making people look good on film. He creates honest connections with his subjects, including the Mendoza family. The portraits he shot for the campaign display shared moments of spontaneity and joy – demonstrating that truly perfect pictures can be full of beautiful imperfections. Below, Richter shares tips for how you can capture or appear in a holiday photo that feels true to your personality and style.

  1. Get close and layer yourselves: Encourage everyone in your group to sit or stand a bit closer together than they might naturally. Arrange people on different levels—some in front, some in back, some seated, some standing.
  2. No hands on top of shoulders: Consider hiding your hand on their back instead. This keeps you connected with others in the photo without introducing phantom digits.
  3. Be an instigator: Be playful, it can keep everyone else loose and casual, provide some fun and spark some spontaneity. Inevitably, if you’re making a jester’s effort to shine brightest in a photo, others will follow suit so as not to be overshadowed. Then everyone’s having a good time based on your lead.
  4. Keep moving: Give the photographer something different, even if it’s just a change in head positioning, a shift in weight or a simple gesture.
  5. Think about props: Confused about what to do with your hands? Problem solved with a prop to occupy your digits. Think of something appropriate for the scene. A holiday theme could involve exchanging wrapped gifts.
  6. Talk to your photographer: Being conversational with everyone at the photo shoot — including the photographer — makes the experience feel more open and inviting, setting everyone at ease.

The Art of Shaving knows the holidays can be a stressful time with many things out of our control, but one thing you can be certain of is looking your best. Professional barber and The Art of Shaving partner Mendoza shares his tips to ensure self-care takes priority this time of year, and you look and feel ready whenever a camera comes out.

Get a cut 1-2 times during the season: Make an appointment in advance. This is the busiest time of the year for most businesses, especially your barber. Everyone wants to look good for every event knowing there will be plenty of pictures taken, so plan ahead.

Visit your barber 1-2 days before family gatherings: Sometimes immediately after a haircut your skin may appear red, so allow time for your skin to heal, pores to close and hair to settle. If you do find yourself in a time crunch, be sure to use a calming moisturizer.

Consult your barber: To make sure you get the perfect look from home, have your barber teach you how to use hair product and other grooming tools to style the right way. If you are traveling by air, ask your barber if the product is available in a carry-on size.

Feel confident and ready: Before you head out, double-check yourself in the mirror or your phone’s camera. This includes not only your hair, but also your teeth and outfit. 

“We’re a brand built on making men look and feel their best in all aspects of life, from the big holiday events to the small everyday moments,” said Falguni Desai, CEO – The Art of Shaving. “We’re happy to highlight the expertise of both barbers and photographers as a resource to help mitigate stress and feel confident this season.”

The Art of Shaving offers a wide selection of luxury grooming products to keep men looking and feeling great all season long – no matter how many times the cameras come out. With The Art of Shaving Travel Kits and Gift Sets, there is no shortage of suave facial hair looks men can perfect at home or when visiting family this holiday season. With the GilletteLabs Heated Razor, GilletteLabs | Bugatti Heated Razor, and Braun IPL, discerning groomers who prefer a gadget in their routine can also feel confident and secure before they get in front of a camera. Available for purchase at

The Art of Shaving will be sharing product advice and grooming tips for perfect (and perfectly imperfect) holiday photos this year on our Instagram channel @TheArtofShaving using the hashtag #PortraitOfPerfection. Get all the advice you need this season, share your personal tips, and post your own ‘Portrait of Perfection.’


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