The Batman …. Missing Pieces

The Batman …. Missing Pieces

All is not lost on “The Batman”. John Turturro is excellent as Carmine Falcone and Colin Farrell is equally great as the Penguin. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much where the good ends. The problem lies squarely on Batman, Cat Woman, the direction and cinematography.

John Turturro

As Batman, Robert Pattinson does not get us excited. Pattinson is not muscular, masculine and never fully grasps his role as Batman. When you look at some of the others who played this role, namely Christian Bale, you get a weak, inept character throughout the movie. Bale commands his role; Pattinson does not.

Robert Pattinson

The second biggest weakness in this movie is Zoe Kravitz playing Cat Woman; a major casting error. Kravitz is unemotional, she seems to be going through all the motions throughout the two hours and forty-five-minute movie. To use a past Cat Woman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kravitz is nowhere in her league. Pfeiffer was mysterious, sexy and can flat out act. Kravitz who struggles to find her character.

Zoe Kravitz

Not all the blame falls on the leading actors, Matt Reeves directs this slow beyond slow movie and never sets up his actors properly. It is only a pro like Turturro, who makes his character believable. Turturro’s Falcone is a gangster’s gangster who is in control of his emotions at all times. The movie becomes so much more interesting when he is on screen. Even Colin Farrell steps up as a gangster. His role of Penguin is never really shown all the way though.

Greig Fraser’s cinematography is the largest problem in this movie. Batman in its history has always been a film noir genre Here it is beyond dark. Its settings are so dark at times that it is difficult to see the action. Coupled with the movies slow pace it is difficult at times to stay awake.

Paul Dano

The premise of the movie is that the Riddler (Paul Dano) is getting even with the politicians who have done the city wrong including Bruce Wayne’s dad. Most of the murders are gruesome; most of the politicians and cops are corrupt. To Cat Women, it is white privilege that’s the problem. To Batman, it is the reality of people being naturally corrupt that lies at the heart of the city that is eating itself.

Colin Farrell

“The Batman” could have worked with a decent plot, but the plot, most of the acting and the deep darkness of this movie makes it fair, at best. Like the last “James Bond, “No Time to Die”, Batman seems tired, worn out and over played. Maybe it is because both movies used subpar actors; maybe it’s the writing and directing; or maybe it’s all of the above. This Batman will disappoint anyone who has not seen it yet and is certainly one you can miss.


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