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The Benefits of Explainer Videos

The Benefits of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are used for so many reasons at this point. These reasons can include in education settings, in businesses, and on blogs and websites. Explainer videos can convey even complex concepts relatively easily if you know what you’re doing.

The following are some of the top benefits of using explainer videos.

They’re Easy to Create

Perhaps the best way to make an effective explainer video is to work with a company who can help you from start to finish. These companies have a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t, and they can take care of the details you might not know about, such as how to bring concepts to life.

These companies have tested methodologies that will address even the smallest details of explainer videos, and this simplicity of working with these companies is one of the big reasons they can be so beneficial.

Showing and Telling

With an explainer video you can both show and tell the story you’re trying to get across, whether you’re a teacher and you want to introduce a concept to your students, you’re a health website who wants to convey the benefits of a certain product, or you’re a tech business with a complex product that needs explaining to a non-technical audience.

The combination of animation and background narration is going to speak to a wider audience than if you were to use a method that just shows or just tells.

Also, if you’re using an explainer video to introduce a product or service, it’s going to create more of a connection with your audience and more clearly and effectively show them what you can do for them and what your unique value is.


If you want to create content that’s inherently shareable, an explainer video will likely do the trick. People online, whether they’re on their computer, their tablet or their smartphone, are captivated by videos. This is particularly true when the videos are short and impactful.

Explainer videos are going to get a lot more attention, and they’re more likely to be shared than using something like a blog post or even a whitepaper.


If you’re considering an explainer video for your business, website or tech product, you’re most likely going to see an excellent return on your investment. If you work with a company that specializes in whiteboard animations or explainer videos the rate you pay will more than likely lead to significant returns. It’s also easy to track your analytics and measure results so you can see if it’s working, and also specifically what works and what doesn’t.

Combination of Visual and Verbal Learning

Finally, some people learn and connect with concepts better visually, while other people do better with verbal or spoken concepts. With an explainer video, you’re addressing both. This works well if you’re using it in an education setting to connect with students who learn in different ways, or for business because you’re going to reach a broad audience by connecting with them in multiple ways.





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