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The Benefits of Nursing in New York After COVID-19

The Benefits of Nursing in New York After COVID-19

As New York experienced a huge crisis this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may be wondering if you would make a good nurse. If you’re a caring, empathetic person who is drawn to the idea of a career that allows you to care for others on a daily basis, you might want to consider studying to be a nurse in order to help meet the huge demand for nurses in the state and across the US right now. Nurses were already in high demand due to shortages before the pandemic, and the crisis has only made it more apparent than ever that good nurses are needed. Whether you enjoy the idea of spending your working life helping others or want to play an influential role in improving the current healthcare system, this year could be the push that you need to change your career. 

Take Advantage of the Increased Demand for Nurses

Nursing is a career that often experiences a lot of high demand, and even before the pandemic, healthcare institutions across the US were experiencing a nursing shortage. After COVID-19, it has become even clearer to see just how much new nurses are needed across the country. The events of the pandemic that unfolded earlier this year highlighted just how much pressure was put on nurses to care for patients and how underprepared the healthcare system was for a crisis. Over the next few years, there is likely to be a push for hundreds of thousands of new nursing graduates to meet this rapidly growing demand for professionals. If you want to start your career or change your career to nursing, you can be guaranteed work right now. 

Enjoy Career Security

Everybody likes to feel secure in their jobs. And when it comes to career security, nursing is certainly at the top of the list. Not only will you be able to find work as a nurse wherever you go, but there’s work available in a wide range of different settings and environments, whether you’d prefer to work in a hospital, a doctor’s office, a school, a correctional facility, within the community, in a research facility, an educational institution, or even in a wide range of different settings and locations as a travel nurse. Demand for nurses grows in almost every type of crisis that you could imagine, so if you want to find a career where you can avoid losing your job in another pandemic or disaster, you can be sure that with nursing, you’ll always have a job to go to each day. 

Career Advancement

Nursing is an excellent career choice for those who want to continue learning and improving their careers. If you want to take your career to new heights and enjoy learning something new, nursing could be the ideal career choice for you with a huge range of opportunities for choosing a specialty or advancing your career into nurse management or working as a nurse practitioner, for example. There are plenty of options available for nurses who want to tailor their careers to work in settings and with the people of their choosing. You could focus on working with children or old people, for example, or take your career in the direction of working with patients who are suffering from certain diseases and illnesses. Nurses who prefer working behind the scenes rather than at the bedside can find a range of career options in administration, education, management and more. 

Getting Qualified is Easier Than Ever

If you’ve observed the events of this year and decided that it’s time to finally follow your dreams of becoming a nurse, you will be glad to hear that there are more opportunities than ever before for those who want to become a registered nurse. In the state of New York, it’s required for nurses to gain a BSN within the first ten years of working as a nurse, although you can find work while qualified as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Online nursing degree programs are the ideal choice for working Licensed Practical Nurses who want to earn their BSN within the ten-year time frame. There are several online degree options available for nurses who need to improve their qualifications including online ASBN programs that allow you to get your required BSN qualification in a much shorter time frame compared to a traditional nursing degree. 

Great Salaries and Benefits

Although most nurses would agree that they don’t do their work because of the salary, there’s no denying that nurses earn a very generous salary along with extremely desirable career benefits. Nurses can benefit from very flexible work schedules allowing you to choose when you’d like to work based on your needs and lifestyle, insurance packages and more. Licensed Practical Nurses can earn an average of $45,000 annually, and the salary increases substantially for registered nurses with a BSN. And, there are several options available for those who want to earn even more by furthering their career, with nurse practitioners earning double the salary of a Licensed Practical Nurse. 

The Work is Rewarding

If you prefer to spend your time doing meaningful things for others and are always looking for new ways to help out where you can, nursing could be the ideal career choice for you. Nurses tend to be the type of people who will always put others first and are committed to being there for people in need. Nursing is one of the most rewarding career options worldwide, and no matter how difficult or tiring a shift as a nurse might be, you can always be sure of one thing; you’ll have the chance to be highly satisfied and fulfilled with the work that you know and return home from work knowing that you have been able to make a difference in the lives of others every day. 

Working Hours to Suit You

Nurses are needed around the clock, so if you want a career with more flexibility in terms of the hours that you work, a career in nursing could be the best choice for you. Since nurses are needed all the time, many nurses have the option to choose when is best for them to take shifts, which allows you to plan your work around other commitments such as your children’s school schedules or your partner’s work hours. Whether you’d prefer to work overnight, start early in the morning and get an early afternoon finish, or work standard business hours, there are various options that nurses can take advantage of to ensure that they get working hours that suit them best. 

Earn Respect

There is no denying that nurses are some of the most well-respected professionals around the world. You will earn a lot of respect from people as soon as they find out what you do for work since they know that working as a nurse means that you have to be a dependable, strong, and trustworthy person. Nurses have a strong reputation for being some of the most supportive, caring and selfless people in the world, and while most nurses don’t do their job for the recognition, it’s certainly nice to know that people respect you for what you do wherever you go. 

Educate Future Nurses

Studying to become a nurse does not always lead to working at the bedside. You may decide that your calling in life is to educate others and help the next generation of nurses become the best version of themselves. As a qualified nurse, you may often find yourself working with student nurses in the workplace setting as a mentor and guide. As you will know as a nurse, often the best way to become a better nurse is hands-on learning with experienced guides, and working with students is a great opportunity to improve the profession from the inside. Some nurses will also train to be educators, working in nursing schools and colleges to teach classes and share their knowledge. 

Learn New Things

Finally, nursing is a career option where you are required to continue learning new things all the time. Since the healthcare industry is subject to such constant change, it should not come as a surprise that nurses are expected to keep their knowledge and skills current to ensure that they are able to continue providing the best standard of healthcare. During your career, you might be learning about treating diseases that you have not come across before, adapting to new ways of doing things in a crisis such as COVID-19, learning how to apply new healthcare techniques, master new equipment and machinery, and more. Nurses are required to take regular tests and exams to ensure that their knowledge is up to current standards, and there are plenty of options for those who want to improve their careers further to boost their knowledge voluntarily with additional training, advanced degree programs and more. 

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it even clearer that good nurses are in high demand. If you’ve been thinking of switching to a more meaningful career for a while, there’s no better time than the present to consider becoming a nurse. 


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