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The Best Christmas Markets In and Around Geneva

The Best Christmas Markets In and Around Geneva

It’s always great to think about Christmas, even though it’s the summer or spring time. Most of the times, people prepare for this holiday and try to find the best places for them to shop. Moreover, if they’re visiting another country during the Christmas time, it’s great to know what places are most suitable for them.

In this following article, we will be talking about the best Christmas markets that you can find around Geneva and what can you find around these places. If you are interested in this subject, keep on reading and maybe it will be useful for you.

One of the most beautiful markets that you should definitely visit is Place de la Fusterie that is actually an international market. There, you get buy various things, from the local traditional food to the most interesting international dishes. It’s a great place to be during the holidays, because there are a lot of activities you can do, from enjoying the area generally, to going from shop to shop.

Another Christmas market that is definitely recommended in Geneva is Chateau de Coppet. This place is actually a village that is surrounded by beautiful big mountains. While being at this market for the five days, you will instantly feel the Christmas spirit. Even though it’s not in Geneva, but around it, you can easily access it directly from your arrival, by taking a Geneva airport taxi. It’s an easy way to get there and of course, comfortable for you and your family to fully enjoy.

Moreover, Carouge is another small country just around Geneva that also has a beautiful Christmas market. This one is a little bit different as it has a lot of Italian influence to it. Here you would see a lot of beautiful shops where you can by handmade crafts for you home and delicious food. It is always fun to try new stuff while being in a new country.

We have to mention Montreux in this article because it’s one of the largest Christmas Markets in Geneva and it shouldn’t be missed at all costs. While being at this market, you will definitely be surprised by the most beautiful views with the Alps and beautiful lakes. In order to get here faster, it is recommended to get Geneva airport transfers as you would get directly there with a little bit more ease and enjoy the 150 market stalls this place has to offer.

The last market we’re going to mention in this article is Lausanne, another small town just around Geneva that is really suitable for children and is definitely family friendly. You have the chance to enjoy great beer, cheese and wine. Moreover, if you’re interested in buying clothes or maybe jewelry you can definitely do it here as it is a really complex market that has almost everything. Even music and playgrounds for the children to enjoy, while you’re sipping a beer and enjoying the general atmosphere.


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