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The Best Dog Breeds To Help You Out And About With Your Reduced Mobility

The Best Dog Breeds To Help You Out And About With Your Reduced Mobility

When you have reduced mobility, getting around isn’t the only issue – you can often feel a little lonely and isolated, as if no one understands how you feel. However, getting a dog will not only help you to get around and do things that you aren’t capable of alone, but they will also act as a loving family member and will be one of the greatest companions that you could ever ask for. Whilst there are several amazing mobility adaptions for cars, some people find that having a dog to help them around can be much more refreshing as well as hugely boost their confidence. If you’re considering investing in a dog to assist you with your reduced mobility, but you aren’t sure which breed is the best option, just carry on reading.


It probably isn’t surprising that a Labrador made it onto this list, but it has to be included because of the impressive qualities that they possess as a dog breed. Labradors are highly intelligent, and will be able to help you with everyday tasks that you struggle with, such as fetching something off of the floor or grabbing something from a lower cupboard drawer. However, whilst they’re extremely smart and eager to learn, they will never leave your side throughout their lifetime. Labradors are highly loyal creatures, and so you’ll always be able to rely on them. Of course, not everyone needs to be occupied with work every day, but a Labrador will understand this and contently lay by you on these quiet, lazier days.

German Shephard

If determination was to be channelled into a dog breed, a German Shephard would be the outcome. This dog breed is highly energetic, and will stop at nothing to exceed at the task at hand. Of course, because of this huge ball of energy that they do hold, it would be wise to invest in a German Shephard that has already been highly trained, otherwise we’d recommend that you do so yourself through training classes. Once this is out of the way though, a German Shephard will make a great guide dog thanks to their excellent intuition and adaptability, helping you to overcome those obstacles in everyday life.

Border Collie

This particular type of dog breed is famously known for herding sheep on the farm, however they can make excellent guide dogs for those of you who struggle with your mobility. Due to their heritage, the Border Collie will always work hard to keep you pleased and satisfied. In addition, they are always very aware of their surroundings thanks to their previous field of work, so you can be rest assured that they’ll guide you well when out and about on the streets. Due to their high levels of energy, they’ll need to be given an outlet to burn this off, whether that be a bigger garden or a nearby field. Plus, they’re big culprits for shedding, so you might want to teach them how to hoover their fur up, too!


The Vizsla is a slightly more unknown dog, but they make excellent companions for those who aren’t able to get around like the average person. Their energy is channelled into the hard work that they’re happy to do for their owner, so you can have peace of mind knowing that a Vizsla will never begrudge carrying out tasks for you. Plus, unlike other dogs mentioned, Vizslas are very low maintenance, as they shed very little and only require baths once every 3 months or so, giving you one less thing to worry about. With all of their determination put aside though, Vizslas will never be far behind you, as they adore spending time with their beloved owner.

Feng Shui Pet

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