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The best Family Halloween costumes for the year 2019



Dressing up for Halloween is a fun time for family. It is not just about trick-or-treating but there is all the more fun with light hearted Halloween costumes for your entire tribe!

If you are looking for some inspiring ideas to have fun this Halloween night then we have you covered, from cartoon characters to the most loved super hero groups out there we will provide you with the best Halloween costumes and the right coloured contact lenses Halloweento go with them.

Here are the top 10 group Halloween costumes, according to Pinterest:

1. Mario Kart

The red and green caps and dress with a little blue over it is an all time classic. This  Halloween make sure you are dressed up as well as the Mario brothers and look Super.

Get your team and little bros ready.

2. Lady and the Tramp

Remake the spaghetti scene by decorating your little one with a splash of spaghetti

3. Legos

Legos have become an all time favorite for young ones, so make this spooky night lovely for your little ones by stacking blocks on yourself.

4. Beauty and the Beast

While you and missus dress as the two main protagonist, make sure your children are there to support you like cogsworth and Mrs Potss and Chip were there for them.

5. Peter Pan

Neverland is not too far away this Halloween. Find inspiration in the lovely tinkerbell for your beautiful daughter while your son becomes peter pan. 

6. Mother of Dragons

Cant get over Game of Thrones? Well this is perfect for your family Halloween. Dress up as the dragon queen with silver hair and beautiful purple eyes this Halloween, create this lovely look with coloured contact lenses Halloween.Of course you have by your side your own Khal Drogo and some little dragons to complete the set.

7. Aladdin

This Halloween find adventure with dressing up as Aladdin Jasmine and the little one as Abu..

 8. Care Bears

Rather than making this Halloween spooky why not go for something cute and funny. Dressing up your whole family as Care Bears will certainly catch the eye of everyone

9. Men in Black

The new men in black has gotten everyone talking. And come to think of it you have the set to dress up as Alien police and you must have one or two little aliens roaming around the house.

10. Up

Do you remember Pixar’s animated heartwarming film? Well why not go for it this Halloween? Recreate the lovely old couple with a cute scout.

11. Frozen

Remember the little princess in Frozen with the snowman Olaf? Give your little one enjoy the day as the lovely snowman while you can be his/her princess Anna

12. Zootopia

Don’t let the animals run wild this Halloween officer judy and don’t worry you will always have chief Bogo to sort out the mess!

13. Star Wars

The force is always strongest with the young ones. Yoda, Princess Leia and Chewbacca make a perfect Halloween for the family.

14. Where the Wild Things Are

Children’s favourite Maurice Sandek book is always an inspiration for families looking to go out in the wild this Halloween and have fun.

15. Cat in the Hat

You cannot keep Dr. Suess characters out of the hat this Halloween. So why not dress up as mischief makers thing 1 and 2 while the Dad gets to be the Cat in the hat..

16. Duck, Duck, Goose

​Remember when you use to play that game in your playground? Why not give your littles ones a chance at this game this Halloween.

17. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

No doubt your little Charlie will love chocolate this Halloween. So Mr. Willie Wonka give him the golden treat he is looking for

18. The Fairly Odd Parents

With some wings and a wands to wave you can become the famous nickelodean’s fairy god parents for your little Timmy. Make his Halloween wish come true this October.

19. Winnie the Pooh

Your kids won’t remember the iconic Hundred Acre Wood so why not Mr. Pooh takes Eeyore and Piglet on the Halloween adventure.

20. Popeye

Be strong, Be Popeye for your Olive and the little one this lovely Halloween.

21. Guardians of the Galaxy

Starlord, protect the space from unwanted aliens with Gamora, Groot and Rocket this Halloween. Make sure you put on those coloured contacts to complete the Gamora look. 

22. Skeleton Family

You can become frighteningly cute this Halloween as the skeleton family can take over the neighborhood and collect alk the sweet candy.

23. Unicorns

Take your creativeness to another level this Halloween. How about a wonderful Unicorn family for a light hearted Halloween celebration? These Unicorn costumes are perfect for families looking to have fun.


A Fun Night at Dave and Buster’s 42nd Street



Thank-you again to Eli Marcus and the staff of Dave and Buster’s, at 234 West 42nd Street.

Eli Marcus

Eli was sending the concierge’s to the show The Shark Is Broken.

The producers of The Shark Must Be Broken, Eli Marcus and the general manager of Dave and Buster’s

There were lots of new friends to be made such as Carol Mennie, Caroline Rosado from the Hilton, Dinnella Collado from the Washington Square Hotel, Benjamin Maddy from Dave and Buster’s and Maddie of Benjamin Steakhouse Prime


This destination for sports enthusiasts, foodies, and arcade offers space, fun and some fabulous happy hour deals.

All across the multiple screens were football, basketball, and hockey games from across the sporting world. At the sports bar an impressive selection of drinks, including craft beers, signature cocktails await. I sampled some their tasty bites and was impressed.


Pretzel Dogs

To sooth your inner child air hockey and arcade games are waiting to be played.

Margarita and I playing for Make A Wish

If you are looking for entertainment they have a legendary Trivia Night with fantastic prizes.

Double Pepperoni Flatbread


BBQ Chicken Flatbread

This is actually a great place to throw your holiday parties.

Fire-Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Boneless Wings

Chocolate- and caramel-filled churros with chocolate and salted caramel dipping sauces.

I am so glad the Mayor of Times Square invited me to his event.

Margarita Parlionas and Eli Marcus

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Comedy at The Ned




Mike Young, the long time touring partner to Bob Saget and notable comedian, a former writer from Entourage and producer/director of various comedic films and TV shows, hosted his recurring comedy show Friday night at The Ned NoMad hotel and members club, which is helmed by notable hospitality leader Richie Akiva.


Mike Young‘s Night at The Ned takes place weekly in the members’ Magic Room space, and presented by Akiva. The next show is Sept 27th, and will be weekly thereafter. Past attendees and comedians have included notables like Michael Rapaport, TJ Miller, Jeffrey Ross, Chris Rock, Robin Thicke, and many more.





The comedians who joined the lineup on Friday, Sept 15th, to surprise the room packed with 90 The Ned members/guests (and a bevy of models), included the below. Attendees, inclusive of members, enjoyed custom cocktails, wine, beer and bottle service during the performance, and dined on cuisine from The Ned’s signature menu favorites. The show takes place in The Magic Room, an exclusive feeling lounge complete with a beautiful wooden bar,  featuring plush jewel toned velour seating, a red decor aesthetic, and ambient table lamps. It is the perfect setting for an intimate comedy show, complete with a stage, and a grand piano.

Chanel Omari, stand up comedian, iHeart Radio podcast host of Chanel in the City and actress/Bravo TV Star, Chanel Omari opened up the show for Mike Young after Sienna Hubert Ross did an opening MC monelague and placed MC for the night. Omari made the room laugh with her opening jokes, following an intro set by MC Sienna. Chanel Omari has opened up for Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez, Wendy Williams and more.
Following Omari was a surprise set by SNL star Leslie Jones, surprising the crowd with a drop in  Leslie had the room in laughter and everyone was talking about her set for the rest of the night. She jumped off stage and walked the room, getting more personal with the crowd, and landing her well received raunchy humor with the room.
She spent time delivering lines to Lorenzo Antonucci Jr, who is co-starring in the upcoming Danny A. Abeckaser directed flick set to film in NYC once the strike lifts, and recently starred with an arc in the final episodes of NCIS Los Angeles, and is often seen palling around with Stallone.
Also at the next table was Nikita Dragon enjoying the comedy shows with some friends.
Mike Young, who tours with talent like Sebastian Maniscalco, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and just played Mark Wahlberg’s charity event as special guest, has an upcoming netflix special, and nationwide tour.  He closed the show with his single-focused comedy bit that had the room in hard laughs.

Photos Courtesy of Geoffrey Nurse/GN Studios for The Ned

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You Gotta Believe “Voices: Stars for Foster Kids” Benefit Concert




You Gotta Believe , a New York City-based, national organization that focuses exclusively on finding permanent parents and families for older kids in foster care, hosted its 9th annual Voices: Stars for Foster Kids benefit concert at Town Hall in NYC, on Monday, September 18th.

Created and hosted by Stars In The House’s Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley, the benefit concert featured special performances and appearances by Donna Murphy, Patina Miller, Adam Pascal, Sharon Catherine Brown, Javier Colon, Ta’Nika Gibson, Matt Gould, Norm Lewis, Griffin Matthews, Gracie McGraw, Krysta Rodriguez, Cody Saintgnue, NaTasa Yvette Williams, Bellamy Young, Andrea McArdle and Executive Director of You Gotta Believe Jennifer Pinder.   The evening was be directed by Brenda Braxton with music direction by Seth Rudetsky.   Other guests in attendance included: Jackie Hoffman, Our Lady Jay, Tom Cavanaugh, Juwan Crawley, Jackson Walker,  and others.

Special moments included: Bellamy Young sharing her personal story of being a foster child – and at 8-years-old identifying with the song “Maybe” from the musical ANNIE.   After she shared her touching story with the crowd at Town Hall, the original “Annie,” Andrea McArdle surprised Bellamy on-stage and sang “Maybe” to her. Also, actor & model Cody Saintgnue sharing his own story about of being in foster care and later adopted – and what his family means to him.  The “Voice” winner Javier Colon came on-stage to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – a song that reminded him of his childhood, to him.

Today nearly 400,000 children are in foster care in the United States, and every year as many as 22,000 youth will age out of the foster care system. Without the safety net of a forever family to provide the security and comfort most take for granted, these young people are left on their own to face a future filled with hardships — from lack of education to unemployment, higher rates of incarceration, poor health, early parenthood and homelessness. A staggering 20% of youth who age out alone will experience homelessness – that’s 4,000 homeless kids each year.

Due to the transformative work of YGB since 1995, thousands of parents have been trained to make an unconditional commitment to youth in care, over 750 families have been licensed as foster families after receiving training through YGB, and nearly 375 older youth have been adopted into families trained by YGB. YGB offers families perpetual support, including counseling and mental health services, to ensure permanency.

Created by Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley in 2015, Voices: Stars for Foster Kids brings together the very best performers from the American stage and screen to raise awareness about the plight of kids in foster care, particularly those aged 10 and older who are in danger of aging out of the foster care system alone. Combining celebrity, music, and everyday people sharing their incredible stories, Voices: Stars for Foster Kids directly benefits YGB’s mission to find permanent families for older kids in foster care. Since its inception in 2015, Voices: Stars for Foster Kids has raised $3,392,300 for YGB.

For more information on You Gotta Believe, VIP tickets, and sponsorship opportunities, please visit





Photo Credit: Jenny Anderson / Getty Images for You Gotta Believe

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The Glorious Corner



G.H. Harding

WENNER TAKES A DOWN —Jann Wenner always speaks his mind and this week he may have overstepped just a bit. In an interview that ran in the New York Times about his new book called Masters, he quite openly said that there were no black or R&B artists in it, because they were not able to articulate properly. I know, I felt the same way reading that. Minutes later, he was let go by the board of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which he helped start with Ahmet Ertegun way back in 1983.

Ahmet Ertegun

His Like A Rolling Stone autobiography book was quite an indulgent read last year, but Wenner has in the last several years suffered several health set backs and it was pointed out that he may not be in his right mind. Still, he should have spoken way more carefully. I’ve known Wenner for decades and trust me, he feels he’s way entitled, and that said, you can rest assured that there were dozens and dozens of people (and former employees) waiting to take him down.

The sad fact is that most of the accusations are true. That said, let’s face it Rolling Stone magazine in it’s heyday was a miraculous outlet for so much music and terrific journalism – from Ben Fong-Torres to Hunter Thompson and Jann himself .. it was distinguished. Now, he may have killed it all.

Rolling Stine magazine Monday posted this – essentially disowning his from the magazine: “Jann Wenner’s recent statements to the New York Times do not represent the values and practices of today’s Rolling Stone. Jann Wenner has not been directly involved in our operations since 2019. Our purpose, especially since his departure, has been to tell stories that reflect the diversity of voices and experiences that shape our world. At Rolling Stone’s core is the understanding that music above all can bring us together, not divide us.”

Here’s the report from Deadline:

FILE – Drew Barrymore attends the Time100 Gala, celebrating the 100 most influential people in the world, at Frederick P. Rose Hall, April 26, 2023, in New York. The National Book Awards dropped Barrymore as the host for this year’s ceremony, Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023, a day after her talk show taped its first episode since the Hollywood writers strike began. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File)

DREW’S BLUES — Boy, what did Drew Barrymore ever do to deserve the treatment she’s been through with the media. Sure, her ideas to bring back her daily-chat fest was a good one, for the right reasons, but everyone from Rosie O;’Donnell to the trade papers have bounced on her like madmen. I never met her, don’t hate her, but really … let’s get back to something real, like these Russell Brand-accusations!

SHORT TAKES — We finally caught David Bryne and Fatboy Slim’s Here Lies Love and absolutely loved it. I remember it well when it premiered at the Public Theater way back when and knew they were trying to get it to Broadway. Honestly, I never thought twice about the Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos story, but the play was riveting then and it remains now. They’ve outfitted NYC’s magnificent Broadway Theater with disco-balls galore and club-lighting and the immersive experience is terrific. Here’s a great re-cap of the play’s evolution from Theatre Guide:

Chris Carter and Micky Dolenz – Breakfast With The Beatles

Micky Dolenz appeared on Sunday’s Breakfast With The Beatles with Chris Carter (on KLOS) and talked about his new Dolenz Sings R.E.M. on Glenn Gretlund’s 7a Records. He also talked about his time with The Beatles and John Lennon. Carter also played a mash-up of Monkees and Beatle-songs which was done in England and it was superb. Here’s a shot from the event at LA’s Hard Rock Cafe on Highland and Hollywood Blvd. … SIGHTING: PR-pasha David Salidor and Benny Harrison at Monday’s Cutting Room tribute to Burt Bacharach … RIP Sammy Ash …

Jimmy Buffet

I’ve been thinking the best way to describe Jimmy Buffet and I saw this headline in LA Magazine: leisure evangelist– and it fits perfectly …

Happy Bday Donnie Kehr and Richard Branciforte.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Dan Mapp; Brad Auerbach; James Clash: Robbie Robertson; Carol Ruth Weber; Randy Alexander; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Andrew Gans; Kathy Brown; Roger Clark; Chris Boneau; Tricia Daniels; Dan Zelinski; Benny Harrison; Steve Walter; Gil Friesen; Donna Dolenz; Dan Mapp; Brad Auerbach; James Clash; and ZIGGY!

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Casita Maria Center Hosts Cocktail Party for Gala Kickoff




Jackie Weld Drake, longtime chair of Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education, opened her Upper East Side residence to celebrate the upcoming Fiesta! Gala at The Plaza Hotel on October 10.

Two days of entertainment began with a cocktail party, September 13th, which she hosted with George Corton, Darlyn Portes, and Sissi Fleitas.  The next day was a luncheon for the Fiesta! Gala’s junior committee, affectionately called the Pachanga’s.

Guests included Board Members Martha Bograd, Michéle Gerber Klein, Alberto Mariaca, Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas, and Jean Shafiroff, as well as Estrellita Brodsky, Susan Cheever, Anencia Dixon, Lee Fryd, Susan Gutfreund, Ann Nitze, Marc Rosen, Victor Roquette, Daisy Soros, and Barbara Tober, joined by Casita Maria Executive Director Felix Urrutia and Artistic Director Gail Heidel.

Casita Maria creates a safe and welcoming community, enriching and uplifting youth and families towards success, through shared cultural, art and educational experiences and programs. Headquartered in the South Bronx, Casita Maria was established in 1934 by Claire and Elizabeth Sullivan as the first charitable organization to serve Latinos in New York City. Operating from a five-room tenement apartment in East Harlem, the Sullivan sisters, public school teachers who were also relatives of TV personality Ed Sullivan, had a primary mission to offer after school enrichment and recreational activities for the children of newly arrived families from Puerto Rico. Today, Casita Maria remains dedicated to its original mission, delivering services to the mostly Latino youth, and families of the Hunts Point community it serves in the Bronx. In 2009, Casita Maria inaugurated a state-of-the-art facility encompassing performance spaces, exhibition gallery, dance, and music studios, and more on its Simpson Street campus. This 90,000 square foot, six-story educational and cultural facility in collaboration with the Department of Education has enabled Casita Maria to expand its scope and capacities as a beacon of excellence.

Casita Maria’s 89th anniversary Fiesta! Gala will honor Grammy winning producer Nelson Albareda, Dr. Ramon Tallaj, the founder of SOMOS network, and Ambassador David and Jennifer Fischer. For tickets email



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