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The Best Home Technology for Newly Retired Seniors

The Best Home Technology for Newly Retired Seniors

Getting up in years doesn’t mean falling out of touch or style. In fact, there’s an entire category of technology specifically designed to make life for seniors more convenient and comfortable. In addition to offering safety features that support you as you age, these devices can also add a bit of modernity to your life. And don’t worry, if you thought mastering the iPhone was a challenge, you won’t have to struggle to learn anything complicated with this selection. They’ve been hand-picked for their simple controls and user-friendly features.

Senior Smart Home Tech: What is It

You might wonder why technology has to be specifically designed for seniors, or why it would be made with them in mind. While most of these devices can be enjoyed by younger adults, too, there are core features taken into consideration that make them particularly useful for people 65 and older. When you look at smart tech for seniors, designs will tend to focus on preventing or managing certain risks including:

  • Mobility and fall risk prevention
  • Social isolation or feelings of loneliness and disconnect
  • Personal safety and home security
  • Cognitive impairment caregiving and support

You may not be in immediate need of these features, but the best part about senior home tech is that it is designed to help you age in place. Rather than struggling and having to search for solutions later, these devices match your lifestyle and adjust according to your needs. With the right selection, you can continue to enjoy independence and freedom even if you experience some health changes or need assistance later on.

Home Elevator

Elevators make multi-story living easy and accessible for seniors while reducing the risk of fall injuries. It can be difficult cleaning, doing laundry and even bringing in groceries if you live in a home with many stairs. A residential elevator range that spans from your entry-level to the basement and upper floors of your home will make getting around simpler and safer. You can customize the look, features and even access points of your elevator, choosing to have it accessible to everyone or be more private.

Voice Assistant

The Amazon Echo is a popular voice assistant, but what does a voice assistant do, exactly? From reading your emails to making phone calls, it can simplify how you use technology by empowering you to access your most essential features with your voice instead of your phone or computer. Ask Alexa, the voice-activated software assistant, to play music, make a grocery list connected to your phone, place orders and more. You can even ask her what the weather is or tell her to call your friends and family for you.

Smart Doorbell

Doorbells don’t need to be smart, do they? Well, in this day and age, a doorbell security camera can do much more than just alert you when someone is on your porch. It allows you to see who is outside and even communicate with them without having to open the door. Look for a wireless doorbell that is also motion-activated, as this will send a notification to your phone or, if compatible, home assistant like Alexa to tell you when there is someone outside. Using your phone, you can view live video footage and decide if this is someone you want to let in. If so, connecting your doorbell with a smart lock will enable you to lock and unlock the door from your phone.

Smart Lights

LED light bulbs with motion sensor technology make it easier to navigate your home at night. They can also be incorporated into your exterior as well, giving you peace of mind after dark. Their hue and intensity can also be adjusted using simple controls on your phone, making it easier to keep your home comfortable and even customized room by room. As a bonus, smart lights are also much more energy-efficient. Installing them in your home can help you lower your consumption and save money on monthly bills.


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