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The Best Organic Baby Formulas for Sale

The Best Organic Baby Formulas for Sale

Are you still breast-feeding and you want to introduce your baby to infant formula? Is your baby already on a formula and you plan to change it? You have plenty of options from which to choose, but how do you know which brand is the best one for your little one? Should you offer your infant a normal formula or an organic one? 

More and more parents prefer organic formulas. Why? Because it contains certified organic ingredients and no synthetic components. 

Let’s have a look at the main benefits organic formula has. 

No artificial ingredients

As stated before, this formula doesn’t include any synthetic or artificial ingredients, it’s a healthy solution for your baby. Sometimes babies develop intolerance to artificial ingredients and even experience gastrointestinal health problems. 

Only nutrients

Organic baby formula is created to resemble breast milk without adding any synthetic ingredient. It doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, and it’s more digestible than the standard formula. 

Only certified organic compounds

Manufacturers use only non-genetically modified ingredients to create this type of formula. Your baby will not ingest chemicals that can harm their health and wellbeing. 

How do you choose the best organic baby formula?

There are a couple of things you should check before purchasing a certain organic formula. 

  1. Start with the components of the formula. You can choose the protein source, it can be either cow’s milk or soy. Cow’s milk protein comes in two types: casein and whey. It’s advisable to start with a formula that has whey, it will make the transition smoother. 
  2. Then you should determine where the carbohydrates come from. If your baby has a problem with digesting large amounts of lactose then you should check for a lactose-reduce formula. Alternative sources of carbohydrate can be: sugar, brown rice syrup, sucrose, corn syrup, glucose syrup solids, maltodextrin and corn syrup solids. 
  3. When it comes to the fat source, some brands try to exclude palm oil form their products. 

So what brand should you choose?

Now that you know why you should offer organic formula to your baby, and you can make the difference between different types of products, you’re ready to find out more about the best options. 

Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder

Earth’s Best is a brand that focuses on using sustainable ingredients when they manufacture baby formula and other products. They include in their products only natural ingredients. They bring on the market a wide range of formulas, so every family can find something that suits their baby’ needs. They guarantee that everything they put on sale is GMO free and at a competitive price. They are one of the main supporters of sustainable farming and parents worldwide appreciate them for their initiative. 

We should also mention that it’s difficult to fully dissolve the powder in water, so it requires some extra time to get it ready. 

The Honest Co. Organic Premium Infant Formula

We should start by mentioning that Jessica Alba is the founder of the brand Honest Co. She wanted to bring on the market a line of toxin-free products that keeps babies and parents safe. It’s one of the premium formulas you can find on sale and it contains ingredients like folic acid, calcium, vitamin D3, choline, iron, DHA, and arachidonic acid that promote the development of good microbes in the gut. If you choose this product, you will have no problems in preparing it because the brand offers complete information on how to use their formulas. 

On HMHB.orgyou can also find details on the benefits this infant formula has. It includes prebiotics that will help the baby grow strong and it guarantees you that you feed them only certified organic ingredients.       The drawback is that it’s more expensive compared than other organic formulas. 

Baby’s Only Organic Non-GMO Dairy

Baby’s Only is one of the brands that offer organic dairy-based products. This product is a toddler formula, so you should not offer it to your baby if it’s under one year of age. Children between 1 and 3 can eat their formulas. 

You can find it at an affordable price, maybe one of the best if we are talking about organic products. You can mix it with porridge or cereal if you want to diversify your baby’s diet. Make sure that your toddler is not allergic to dairy before you purchase it. 

Extra notes on certain brands

Similac Organic Formula– Many parents don’t like it because it has no extra whey, and it includes sucrose. It’s unnecessary to add this fructose to the mix because it contains sugar. 

Similac Pure Bliss– It does not use palm oil, it comes with more FOS and DHA than all other products on the market, but it’s not organic. It is a grass-fed formula so it can be a good option if you are looking for something to make the transition softer. 

Earth-s Standard Dairy Formula– It contains around half of the amount of prebiotics Pure Bliss and Similac Organic include, but it’s a bargain to buy it. 

Sensitivity Formula– If you need a product with an almost zero lactose, this should be your choice. Even if it is more expensive than other formulas that contain corn syrup solids, it’s parents’ top choice. 

Vermont Organic Formula– Vermont and Similac have many things in common, but this one does not include sucrose. It also contains around half the prebiotic Similac contains. 

Honest Co Sensitive Formula– It is a product with reduced content of lactose, it contains only 26% lactose. It’s the only product on the market that has no hexane-extracted ingredients. You will probably find that Baby’s Formula has two products that also fit this criterion, but let’s remember they are designed for toddlers. 

Earth’s Best NO-DHA Formula– this is one of the favourites if you are looking for something that does not include DHA. You will find it at a more expensive price than the standard version. The only difference between this formula and the standard one from the same brand is that it excludes ARA and DHA additives. 

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