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The Bistro Awards and You Are There

The Bistro Awards and You Are There
Judy Collins

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter and Grammy Hall-of-Famer Judy Collins was honored at the 34th Annual Bistro Awards on Monday, March 11 at Gotham Comedy Club, 208 W. 23rd St. Ms. Collins received the Bob Harrington Lifetime Achievement Award, the Bistro Award’s highest honor, in recognition of the artist’s six decades of musical accomplishment. The award was presented by returning sponsor ASCAP, the performing rights organization. Ms. Collins is a longtime member of ASCAP.

Judy Collins

A classically-trained pianist, self-taught guitarist, and singer, Ms. Collins possesses a soaring, ethereal-yet-earthy soprano and eclectic taste that have allowed her to move back and forth easily through folk, pop, rock, standards, cabaret, and show tunes in her 60 years of recordings and performances. Her own writing skills have produced songs that rank with the iconic songs that she has covered. She has created a musical legacy second to none and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Judy Collins

Frances Ruffelle, who received a Tony for her performance as Éponine in Les Miz on Broadway, gives a dazzling performance in her ambitious and remarkable solo show in a run that has been extended into 2019. The Bistro Awards Committee celebrates this run with an award for Major Engagement. 

Frances Ruffelle
Luba Mason

With extensive Broadway and television credits, Luba Mason‘s cabaret, jazz, and concert experience, both in the U.S. and internationally, is equally impressive. Her Vocalist Bistro is a testament to her beautiful fluid voice, her cool-to-fiery dramatic range, and her assured but charming stage presence. 

Sidney Myer

Sidney Myer is being recognized for Unique Artistry because there is no one else like him on the current cabaret scene. Reminiscent of a small handful of great comic artists, he can have the audience laughing with glee at a spoken or sung line delivery or an eloquent facial expression, then a moment later have them in tears with an understated but heart-wrenching rendition of a ballad.

Sheri Eaker

For the seventh year in a row, Shellen Lubin directed the Bistro Awards show. A theatre director, playwright, songwriter, and vocal and acting coach, Shellen is also in the forefront of attaining parity for women in the arts.Following is a complete list of the winners being recognized for their outstanding work:

Judy Collins, Suzanne Vega

Judy Collins / Bob Harrington Lifetime Achievement Award presented by ASCAP

Frances Ruffelle
Frances Ruffelle, Craig Bierko

Frances Ruffelle / Major Engagement

Luba Mason

Luba Mason / Vocalist

Lee Horwin

Lee Horwin / Musical Portrayal – Libby Holman in Blues, Ballads & Sin Songs: The Legend of Libby Holman

Patrick Swailes Caldwell 

Patrick Swailes Caldwell / Ira Eaker Special Achievement Award

Sidney Myer

Sidney Myer/ Unique Artistry

Daniel Alexander Jones 

Daniel Alexander Jones / Performance Artistry

Ricky Ritzel

Ricky Ritzel / Musical Series – Ricky Ritzel’s Broadway

Cynthia Sayer

Cynthia Sayer / Singer-Instrumentalist-Bandleader

Lisa Viggiano

Lisa Viggiano / Vocalist

Marnie Klar

Marnie Klar / Tribute Show – Marnie Klar Sings Bobbie Gentry

Tanya Moberly / Director

Sierra Rein

Sierra Rein / Debut

Shirley Crabbe

Shirley Crabbe / Recording – Bridges

Philip Chaffin

Philip Chaffin / Recording – Will He Like Me?

Craig Bierko
Jomama Jones
Suzanne Vega
Robert Windeler
Mark Dundas Wood


Mary Ann Lopinto is a long-time writer and photographer (and cabaret aficionado). Her writing and photo­graphs are and have been ubiquitous in the industry and industry media for decades. – See more at:

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