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The Complete Relocation Checklist to Moving to DC

The Complete Relocation Checklist to Moving to DC

So, you’re currently in the process of moving to Washington DC which is, undoubtedly, the political stage of the entire world. It’s rich history and culture that’s found in every area of the city and its abundant career opportunities make it a draw for many people across the United States and in the world. 

The weather in DC isn’t too bad either with mild winters and warm and humid summer season. While traffic congestion can be found, just like any other city, the situation is miles better than Chicago or New York City. The American capital is home to 693, 972 people, with many more people choosing to move to DC every day. 

If you’re looking for a change of environment that offers an amazing food scene and an exploding job market, then DC might just be the place you’re looking for. So, here’s a complete checklist of what you need to know before moving to DC:

Research on your new home

Currently, DC is the fourth most expensive city in the United States to rent in, with the average rent per person edging up to $1,200 in the DC metropolitan area. It’s important to know the cost of living in different areas to make an informed decision. DC has 131 neighborhoods and eight wards, and with the nearby states of Virginia and Maryland, thus, offers a wide variety of living areas to consider. Ranging from Chinatown and Penn Quarter to the Shaw neighborhood, you’re sure to find something that suits your wants and needs.

In addition to the different neighborhoods, you should also look into the traffic in the area. With a reliable public transit system and a walkable design, it’s easy to get around the city. It’s important to note that DC isn’t exactly friendly towards drivers and their cars due to traffic congestion and scarce parking spaces. So, whichever area you choose to live in, ensure you have access to the public transit system.

While you can conduct as much research as you want through the internet, it’s always better to check out your different options in person to determine whether your choices are as good in person as they are on paper.

Research different movers options

Once you’ve conducted extensive research on DC and the neighborhood you choose to live in, you should find out how you’re going to move your entire life there. This step is crucial since you want the process of moving to be as stress-free as possible. Hence, it’s important to find movers that know exactly what they’re doing and who will make the experience smooth. The best idea is to ask different companies to send their packages and make a comparison based on the prices and the services offered.

If you’re still stuck at this step, then DC movers is an excellent option for all your moving needs. Whether you’re moving from a nearby state or one that’s quite a distance away. The company ensures that your belongings are safe and secure while they’re being delivered.

Let go of the junk

While it may be tempting to pack every little thing you can find in your current home, you shouldn’t be a hoarder. Figure out what’s needed and what’s not and let the junk remain in the past. Before you start packing your belongings into different cartons, make sure you’ve given yourself ample time to sift through the stuff and separated the things you will no longer need.

It’s always better not to bring stuff that you won’t use in DC and only pack stuff that’s absolutely needed. The stuff you’re leaving behind can be donated to thrift stores of goodwill where it’s going to be much more beneficial to someone who really needs it. If you want to sell some stuff, then Craigslist or eBay are always good options to explore.

Warmer temperatures in DC usually last till the beginning of fall and offer high levels of humidity. Winter is cold and there’s snow sometimes which could hinder the public transit system. It’s important to carry clothes that’ll match the weather in DC and not hog on outfits that’ll be useless in your new home.

Research the job market

Ideally, you should have your job sorted out before you move. If you don’t, though, you would be glad to know that the job market in DC is burgeoning, with many opportunities available in the political sector with the U.S. government employing approximately 140,000 people locally. DC is also home to 176 foreign embassies and is the choice of headquarters locations for many multinationals, non-profit organizations, trade unions, and professional associations.

An important thing to note is that people in DC are heavily influenced by where they work. With career-oriented people all around, the first conversation you have with people will probably be automatically directed to where you work. It’s also more acceptable for you to hang out with colleagues right after work and in your formal work attire. It’s also quite easy to network in DC so make sure you always have a business card to spare in your wallet.

Relocating to another city is never something that just happens overnight or over a few days. It’s important to plan everything out in advance to ensure you’re not missing out anything crucial. This guide will give you every vital information you’ll need before you move to Washington DC. Remember, research never hurts and the more you know, the better.

What other things does one need to know before moving to DC? Sound off in the comments below!


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