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The Connection Between Art & Public Health

The Connection Between Art & Public Health

Though there is very little evidence to suggest that art and public health are closely related, there are some signs that it can help with the mental health of patients in hospitals and other medical facilities. This is crucial when dealing with pain as stress and anxiety can often worsen symptoms of illness and leave people feeling irritable. Therefore, taking the time to place artwork in the workplace can help to relieve stress and maintain an enjoyable environment. In this article, we will be looking into the connection between art and public health in places such as hospitals and doctors surgeries. 

It Can Remove The Effects Of Anxiety 

One of the biggest benefits to artwork is that it can reduce the effects of anxiety. Whether it is the process of creating it or looking at it on the walls it can help to soothe the mind and relieve stress and anxiety. This is great for health as stress and anxiety can often worsen the effects of cold or common aches and pains. Though there is only a small amount of evidence to suggest this connection between art and health, there are some benefits that can be felt. 

It Can Lessen The Feeling Of Pain 

In addition to lessening anxiety, artwork can also be used to reduce the feeling of pain. This is a common practice in hospitals where the artwork is used to help stimulate the mind and reduce the feeling of pain. Though this does not always have the desired effects print photos online uk services can often provide artwork that provides stimulation for visitors and patients. This will help to improve mood and reduce the effects of pain stress and anxiety associated with a hospital stay. 

Can Help To Brighten Mood 

Brightening the mood of patients as well those working in medical facilities is sometimes needed as it can be challenging to remain positive. With a vast amount of stress and anxiety, using artwork can help to brighten the mood and reduce these feelings. Though this will not completely change the atmosphere in these places, it can help to lift the mood slightly and make the ward look more welcoming. This is particularly important in children’s wards as being admitted into the hospital can be traumatic for them. Therefore, adding artwork or cartoons of recognisable characters is beneficial to keep them feeling comfortable. 

Relieves The Feeling Of Discomfort 

All to often, hospitals are associated with negative situations. Therefore, adding artwork in the foyer and increasing the lock of the hospital can help to lessen feelings of stress and anxiety. Though it is likely it will not eliminate these feelings, adding mental stimulation in waiting rooms make the process much more bearable. The same applies to children. This is because they require a vast amount of stimulation at all times. This is one of the reasons you often find toys or recognisable artwork in waiting rooms as this helps to distract children and keep them feeling comfortable during this time. 

Whether you are looking to redesign a doctor’s surgery or you are making small changes to help lessen anxiety and stress, we are sure that artwork is the perfect way to achieve this. Which will you be trying? 


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