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The Considerations for those Planning to leave the US for Work

The Considerations for those Planning to leave the US for Work

It is a widely known fact that many people dream to migrate to the US and become a permanent resident there. But it may be difficult to imagine that not all the people are satisfied with the ‘American dream’ and leave the country in search of a better life. Despite the fact that the number of US emigrants is much lower than those who arrive in the country, still, American Diaspora can be met in a variety of countries.

Where do American citizens head for? Of course, these are mainly English-speaking countries. If to analyze figures, the largest number of US citizens lives in the countries of the EU – over 800,000 people. Other top places expatriates go to are Canada, India, Philippines, and Mexico. 

Young qualified specialists are accepted by Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and even South Korea – it is enough to apply for a visa. The main reason why local people leavethe US is, of course, a desire to find a well-paid job and get the necessary experience. If you are thinking about moving to another country in search of a job too, you need to consider several things before buying a one-way ticket.

1. Creating a budget as a key success factor for your relocation

Moving to another country is not only packing your clothes and cosmetics. It also includes huge expenses you might not be prepared for, that is why it is important to create a detailed budget at the stage of planning your move. There are several constituent parts of the standard moving budget:

  • Cost of the moving company services (it includes not only fee but also insurance, extra expenses, damage costs. You turn to a full-service company or organize the moving yourself (tickets, gas, truck rental, insurance etc.);
  • Traveling to a new home (transportation, lodging, meals, childcare, hotel etc.);
  • Packing and storage;
  • Selling home and obtaining/renting a new one (commissions, appraisals, repairs, getting new things, real estate agent services, several deposits etc.).

“These are only some parts of the total moving budget. And even if you are sure to consider all the expenses, it is better to consider a 5-10% increase for any unpredictable situations,” – says Dan Miller, the chief officer of Empire Movers – Palo Alto moving company.

2. Applying for a visa

Most of the countries require a visa to be able to work legally. If you plan to move to the country of the European Union, you need a Working (Employment) Schengen Visa. You can enter the country with a travel visa and apply for a residence permit in the country or submit the application to the Embassy Consulate 2 months prior to the trip. To work in Australia, a US citizen should get a Work and Holiday visa, while you can be employed in India only if you obtain an Employment Visa of the country.

Most of the visa applications can be made on the Embassy Consulates or online. It is necessary to provide the supporting documents (identity card, proof of employment, health insurance and evidence of your income), photographs and payment for the application. Some countries require biometrics and fingerprints too. It is preferable to apply for a working visa in advance and meet every country requirements to the employee to be able to obtain it.

3. Relocating a family

It is natural that an officially employed US citizen can take his or her family members to the new place of living. Most often, family members of employees with working visas must apply for a visa together with a person who is going to work immediately or can do it later. In some countries, you may need a tourist visa to be able to enter a new country. However, in some Arab countries expatriates residents should sponsor their relatives to be able to move. 

4. Remember that you can need a help overseas

When a US employee works in another country, most often he or she is protected by Labour laws of the country he stays in. All the responsibility for a worker, in this case, lies on the employer who hired him. If any of the employee’s rights are violated, every person can turn to police or labor regulatory authority. In Canada, it is the Employment Standards Branch in every province. In Australia, for example, it can be the Fair Work Ombudsman. Of course, it is advisable to determine this department in advance for your own security.

Another place where you can get help is Embassy Consulate. Almost in every country, there is a US embassy that takes care, protects and serves American citizens on the territory of the country they live. It means that in this organization you can get help if you are a native American.

However, there are several things to consider when you relocate to another country because of employment:

  • Prepare yourself for lifestyle changes (insurance, customs, traditions, climate etc);
  • Research your future job prospects;
  • Learn about taxes and tax treaties.

These simple tips may play a significant role in your new stage of life, as many Americans do not fully realize what it means to work abroad and live in an absolutely different environment. Moreover, such employment brings about not only income but also great expenses because of the unawareness. 


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