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The Coronavirus and Fur Babies

The Coronavirus and Fur Babies

Pay attention to the guide lines dog park peeps! xoxo

In this time of shut down, the most difficult thing to forego are those daily trips to the dog park with our beloved pups. Oh no! It’s there social hour, it’s where they run, jump and have playtime with others. However, it is advisable to keep in mind that the rules for human contact due to the corona virus outbreak, should also apply to your pet.

We are here to honor the rules for our safety. Stay informed and take the advise of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC and restrict interaction with people and other animals in case the owner might be infected. Keep a distance from others on walks and watch your dog to make sure they stay away from other dogs ‘duty.” Dogs can contract a different type of coronavirus. SOS Alert. this is not the same as COVID 19.

During this period of space away from others, we suggest hunkering down and enjoying some extra quality time spent with your pets. Yay! Venture out on long single walks and hikes with your dogs, increase play time, snuggle time and some good old fashion prayer time with your your pooch. Best therapy EVER!

Follow Good Hygiene
Hydrate Frequently
Stay at home when not getting exercise or food shopping

Points to Remember:

There are many types of Coronaviruses. They cause illness in humans and some types of illness in animals. In some cases infected animals can infect humans however it is rare . There has not been evidence as of yet that companion animals can spread COVID-19. Please act responsibly for you and your pets .

Keep healthy, act with Kindnesses, keep in faith.

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