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The cost of free technology

The cost of free technology

Nearly everything today ends up costing us money. No matter what we do or where we go at some point we are fleeced for some cash. We have become used to it; the world economy thrives on us parting with money and our subconscious tells us that this is normal and acceptable. But really, if we look closely at the world around us, we will see the very best things in life are free, and tech and gaming companies and cottoned on to this. 

Free Games are High Quality

As soon as the word “free” is applied to anything the perception of the quality of an item or service plummets. It is understandable as even if something is free it still costs someone something. With online games and gaming, the perception of free is distorted. In the past free full version games often meant lower quality games, poor graphics and somewhere in the word “free”, there was nearly always a catch.  However, with the changes in digital marketing, the free games have their costs covered by other means that don’t necessarily mean you pay out of your pocket.

The cost of free technology

Believe it or no, there is a lot of free technology out there and in many cases, including free games, the best things in life are free. Just because tech or a game is free does not mean you are getting second-grade quality, in fact, some of the techs is better than some of the best paid for stuff on the planet. The costs for the development of free games and free technology are the same as the costs for the big brand names you can buy off the shelf. Costly skills and expertise are still needed to produce the items and there is a need to market and distribute too, but clever marketing covers the cost.

The catch of free technology 

One would assume there is a catch when it comes to free technology and free games. There are no real financial catches, the games and the software are free, but when it comes to supporting very often there is a small fee to pay or you can only use a forum or an FAQ. There may be some adverts that pop up from time to time, this is where many free tech companies make their money, but the adverts should not be too distracting. Other than this there is little to worry about, but it is advised to read the terms and conditions that come with the software and never just check “agree”.  Overall free games and free software are just what they are, free and provided the developer is reputable and trusted you really cannot go wrong.


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