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The Diversity Of Security Gates: Where To Install Them

The Diversity Of Security Gates: Where To Install Them

Having a security gate doesn’t only secure your home from trespassing or unwanted people, but it can also increase the value of your home or property. Security gates deter burglars from entering your property, decrease the chances of your child from going out of your property, or help beautify your curb appeal.

But depending on your needs, security gates should be installed in the following areas:

1. Parking Lots

Business or residential areas with parking lots are where security gates are most needed. Since it can be your customers, suppliers, and employees’ entrance and exit, it should be kept attractive, efficient, and safer. Securing your business from unwanted situations like burglary and other crimes is vital to keep your business running. With the help of security gates, your property won’t have easy access or exits for would-be criminals to perpetrate any crime. Or if your parking lot is located near airports that need more parking space like the Orlando airport, you can attract paying customers to use your parking space.

Here are some kinds of security gates that are suitable for parking lots:

  • Barrier Gate Arm Operators – These type of security gates last longer as they’re affordable and durable.
  • Cantilever Sliding Gate System– most cantilever gate systems are easy to operate since they’re automated and suitable if you have wide spaces.
  • Vertical Lift Gate– best for parking lots without wide spaces. 

2. Residential Properties

Protecting your home through the entrance is essential to keep you and your family free from harm. But you have to consider your home’s space and needs to choose the most suitable security gates to be installed. Depending on the type of residential property and its location, your gate system and materials will vary as follows:

  • Swing Gate – one of the most familiar kinds of security gates for homeowners. Functioning like a door, it swings up to 180 degrees. You can choose whether to install two leaves or only one leaf. It should be installed far from a street to avoid obstructing vehicle or pedestrian traffic.
  • Sliding Security Gate– it needs more space than the regular swing gate as it moves horizontally. 
  • Steel gates – affordable and durable, which are perfect for most situations.
  • Wrought iron – although it requires regular maintenance, it gives more appeal to your property.

3. Commercial Properties

Whatever type of business you have, security gates are essential to regulate people from entering or exiting your business premises. Before installing a security gate for your business, you must ensure the feature is stricter, more durable, easier to operate, and faster than those used in residential properties. It’s because commercial properties have more traffic and may contain more valuable possessions. 

To help you choose the best security gate for your commercial property, here are the most recommended ones for you:

  • Automatic security gates – often called as electric gates, these types of barriers have a drive and motor system to move the gates physically. It can be used even in bad weather conditions and can be operated without a guard. Thus, labor costs are decreased but still offers easier access for business entities.
  • Folding Security Gates – commercial spaces which have room for a curtain pocket can install side folding gates. These are most suitable for commercial areas already in a building. Not only does it secure your store, but it adds beauty to your space. 
  • Roll-up Doors –some commercial shuttersand doors are manual and others automated. It’s usually a vertical rolling door which is suitable for display cases, service counters, pharmacies or kiosks. They’re more affordable and also easier to install.

4. High-Valued Facilities

Aside from business owners, security gates are needed in facilities that have crucial operations such as chemical plants, border stations, military bases, seaports, airports, transportation terminals, railroad depots, and other government facilities. Without a security gate for the mentioned facilities, they’ll become prone to a threat that can compromise the security or safety of the people. Although they may be more expensive than ordinary ones, security gates should be stronger and more reliable.

Here are the recommended security gates that can provide the needs of the said facilities:

  • Automated Security Gates – although it can be operated without a guard, high-valued facilities still need security guards to man the gates to avoid possible enemy infiltration.
  • Personalized and Specially Designed Gates– although the physical features may appear like ordinary security gates, these gates are made solely for a specific facility. These are vital to meet the particular needs of the facility.
  • Superior Security Gates– facilities like a military base or national prisons need more than just a durable gate. Lock and key gates are not enough, but superior security gates must have the highest level of performance and function.

Installing a security gate doesn’t only mean choosing the first one you see. You should consider a lot of things such as the type of property you have, the size, and the materials of the gate. Even if you choose the best security gate, if it doesn’t suit the needs of your property, then it won’t be effective.


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