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On Thursday, September 29, The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art lauded five leaders in the field of children’s literature at the 16th annual Carle Honors. The gala was held at Guastavino’s in New York City for the first time since 2019 and included a virtual component for viewers to enjoy a portion of The Carle Honors at home. The annual gala and art auction recognizes publishing’s most impactful individuals and organizations for their role in enriching the world of children’s literature— while raising much needed support for the Museum’s mission to inspire a love of art and reading through picture books. The 16th Annual Carle Honors raised over $250,000 in funds for the Museum and its programming and exhibitions. Co-chaired by Suzanne Collins and husband, Cap Pryor, the 2022 Carle Honors were awarded to:

  • Faith Ringgold, Artist, painter, mixed media sculptor, teacher, lecturer, and author of numerous award-winning children’s books, including her first children’s book, Tar Beach, the inspiration behind the 2022 Carle Honors theme.
  • Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, Angel, represented by Jeff Conyers, which inspires a lifelong love of books and learning by mailing specially selected books to the homes of registered children, from birth to age 5, each month.
  • Ajia (阿甲), Bridge, one of China’s foremost translators of Western children’s books and an influential storyteller, author, and educator.
  • Wade and Cheryl Hudson, Mentor, authors, publishers, and leading advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion in the children’s book industry.

The presentation also recognized special guests:

  • H. Nichols B. Clark, Carle Museum Founding Director and Curator Emeritus
  • Bryan Collier, Award-winning artist and Carle Trustee
  • Leonard S. Marcus, Founder of The Carle Honors
  • Raúl Colón, Carle Honors 2021 Artist Honoree
  • Carl Lennertz, Carle Honors 2021 Angel Honoree
  • Patricia Aldana, Carle Honors 2021 Mentor Honoree

“The Carle Honors aims to showcase the positive and expansive impact that picture books have across the globe,” said Rebecca Miller Goggins, director of development at The Carle. “We were thrilled to celebrate each of our remarkable honorees for their work in making the world of children’s books more accessible, diverse, and endlessly rich and imaginative. This year marked our first hybrid fundraiser and first time back in person since 2019. We thank everyone for their support of this gala and the honorees. We are already looking forward to our next celebration!”

The evening’s festivities began with a cocktail reception where more than 250 guests had the opportunity to mingle with the award winners, auction artists, and special guests. The presentation allowed everyone to gather under Guastavino’s upstairs vaulted tile ceilings for compelling stories from the Museum and moving words about and from each of the honorees, all of whom were fêted by a musical performance from Farrell and Betsy Hutchinson and entertained by a surprise puppet appearance from Rockefeller Productions.

Throughout the evening, guests bid on the 30 pieces of artwork included in the Carle Honors Art Auction. After dinner and dessert, the auction closed at 9:00 pm sharp, raising $69,625 for The Carle. The top-selling pieces were Cat Contemplating Moon by Chris Van Allsburg, Daniel Gets Ready by Micha Archer and He Whistled All the Way Home by Ezra Jack Keats. This year’s selections were by some of the field’s most distinguished artists: Jon Agee, Micha Archer, Vanessa Brantley-Newton, Eric Carle, Nancy Devard, George Ford, Ekua Holmes, Ying-Hwa Hu and Cornelius Van Wright, Molly Idle, Ezra Jack Keats, Thao Lam, Steve Light, Corinna Luyken, Barbara McClintock, David McPhail, Wendell Minor, Amber Ren, Faith Ringgold, Susan L. Roth, Maurice Sendak, Melissa Sweet, Simms Taback, Chris Van Allsburg, Eric Velasquez, Bernard Waber, Leonard Weisgard, Mo Willems, Taeeun Yoo, Ed Young, and Elizabeth Zunon. The artwork was donated by the artists, their families, or generous donors and friends of The Carle.

The Carle is grateful to the following corporate Premier Patron sponsors for this year’s event: Anonymous, Disney Publishing Group, HarperCollins Children’s Books, Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group, Nickelodeon, Penguin Young Readers, Random House Children’s Books, and Scholastic, Incorporated.



Tony Predictions: What Will Win, What Should Win and What Should Have Been Nominated



Stereophonic, Illinoise, Sarah Paulson in Appropriate, and Jessica Lange in Mother Play, Julieta Cervantes; Matthew Murphy; Belasco Theatre; 2ndStage

There were 36 productions that included musicals, plays, and revivals, opening on Broadway this season. On Sunday the coveted statues will be given out at the 77th annual Tony Awards. Here is T2C’s predictions of what and who will win, what should win and what whould have been nominated.


What will win: Suffs, because Hillary Clinton is a producer and New York is a fan.

What Should Win: Hell’s Kitchen. This show shows New York in a fabulous light, unlike New York, New York of last year. Also Alicia Keys music will bring in a younger audience which will help Broadway survive.

What Should Have Been Nominated: Heart of Rock and Roll. This heartfelt musical was ignored by the critics, but is beloved by those who see it.


What will win, what should win: Merrily We Roll Along Hands down this is the chosen piece.


What will win, what should win: Maleah Joi Moon, They are going to want to honor Hell’s Kitchen and this is how they will do it.

Who will win: Jonathan Groff, Merrily We Roll Along. Merrily is going to take every award it is nominated for.

Who Should Win: Brian d’Arcy James, Days of Wine and Roses. Brian has deserved this honor and his performance was layered and heartbreaking.


Who will win: Lindsay Mendez, Merrily We Roll Along. Merrily is going to take every award it is nominated for.

Who Should Win: Bebe Neuwirth, Cabaret. It is a spectacular performance and Bebe has given a great deal to theatre.


Who will win: Daniel Radcliffe, Merrily We Roll Along. Merrily is going to take every award it is nominated for.

Who Should Have Been Nominated:George Abud in Lempika and Paul Alexander Nolan Water for Elephants. Mr Nolan’s performance was my favorite of the season.


Who will win: Maria Friedman, Merrily We Roll Along. Merrily is going to take every award it is nominated for.

Who Should Win: Jessica Stone, Water for Elephants. Her direction was like looking at slides from a view master.


What will win: Shaina Taub for Suffs. She is the darling of Broadway.

Who Should Win and should have been nominated: Music by Matt Gould, lyrics by Carson Kreitzer, for Lempicka. This was an exciting score and had songs that will last.

Who Should Have Been Nominated: Music by Barry Manilow and lyrics by Bruce Sussman for Harmony. This score is a classic and was ripped off.

BEST MUSICAL SCORE ( see my answers above)

What will win: Suffs

Who Should Win: Lempicka

Who Should Have Been Nominated: Harmony


What will win: Jonathan Tunick, Merrily We Roll Along

Who Should Have Been Nominated: Music orchestrated by Cian McCarthy; Music arranged by Remy Kurs for Lempicka


What will win: Justin Peck, IIinoise. This is a dance show so they will honor it.

Who should win: Rick and Jeff Kuperman, The Outsiders. The Kuperman’s have their cast flying and soaring and it is spectacular.

Who should have been nominated: Lorin Latarro  Heart Of Rock and Roll. Dancing on bubble wrap and cardboard is inventive and should have been reconized.


What will win: M.L. Dogg and Cody Spencer, Here Lies Love 

Who Should Have Been Nominated: Paul Tate dePoo III, The Great Gatsby 


Who will and should win: Linda Cho, The Great Gatsby 


What will win: Bradley King and David Bengali, Water for Elephants


What will win: Kai Harada, Merrily We Roll Along 



What will win: Stereophonic. It is the darling of the critics.

Who Should Win: Prayer for the French Republic. This play was so brilliantly done, but with the Pro-Palestinian conflict this show is being dismissed by the voters.

What will win: Appropriate 

Who will win: Sarah Paulson, Appropriate and Jessica Lange, Mother Play. This should be a tie, but if they give the award to one person it will go to Sarah Paulson

Who Will Win: Leslie Odom Jr., Purlie Victorious

Who Should Win: Michael Stuhlbarg, Patriots


Who will win: Kara Young, Purlie Victorious

Who Should Win: Celia Keenan-Bolger, Mother Play


Who will win: Corey Stoll, Appropriate

Who Should Win: Will Brill, Stereophonic, but the nominees will cancel each other out. This was one of the best performances of the year.


Who will win: Daniel Aukin, Stereophonic


What will win: dots, Appropriate 


What will win: Dede Ayite, Jaja’s African Hair Braiding 


What will win: Jiyoun Chang, Stereophonic 


Who will win: Ryan Rumery, Stereophonic

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The Original Captain Jack Sparrow: Johnny Depp’s Tattoo Artist Triumphs At Cinema Village This Weekend in “Scab Vendor”



The streets were alive with the buzz of anticipation as Cinema Village prepared to host NY’s wild and untamed VIP premiere of Scab Vendor: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist, a documentary that plunges deep into the chaotic and electrifying life of the legendary tattoo artist Jonathan Shaw. This is not your average film screening; this is a journey into the heart of madness, a redemptive descent into the underworld of ink and rebellion.

 Shaw was a divisive figure even in New York City’s outlaw tattoo subculture. A native New Yorker born to privilege, the Hollywood-raised son of bandleader Artie Shaw and actress Doris Dowling spent the bulk of his youth swept between the flotsam of parental neglect to hangouts at Jim Morrison’s place and campfires with Charles Manson. 

Joe Colman, Jonathan Shaw

Flexing his elevated education Shaw began writing for the Free Press and, armed with whiskey and beer, managed to wrest an interview from Charles Bukowski who promptly enlightened Shaw to his self-emasculating entitlement. He was a snowflake, if you will.  A nepo punk who needed to cast off all protection and seek wide ranging, envelope-pushing experiences in order to become the creator he aspired to be.

Joe Colman

Scab Vendor‘s Brazilian filmmakers adeptly reflect the brave alt-culture erraticism mirrored in Shaw. The production is peppered with Sisso Barros’ emotive animation that energetically  moves the history along. A multigenerational direction team of Mariana Thome & Lucas De Barros have created in Scab Vendor an easy streaming pleasure, a semi-surreal radical fairy tale of an anti-hero’s journey to something like deliverance. 

Eugene Hütz, Jonathan Shaw, John Joseph. Photo courtesy of Clayton Patterson

With cameos from NYC rockers Iggy Pop, Gogol Bordello’s Eugene Hütz and Cro-mags’ John Joseph, along with glamorously reckless party pics of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, the film secures Shaw’s impact as the counter-culture bridge from NYC’s illegal underground tattoo parlors and LA’s white hot global lens. 

photo courtesy Clayton Patterson

Shaw’s celebrity is well earned and largely stabilized by his gritty risk taking and repeated determination to position himself among the great American tattoo artists of the day. Even as the artistic sensibility and scope demonstrated by his famous parents pushed him beyond the dreams of these and his Beat Generation icons.

Clayton Patterson, Lucas de Barros, Mariana Thome

LES archivist Clayton Patterson weighed in on Shaw’s importance to NYC’s 90’s counterculture when he secretly opened Fun City, the city’s oldest tattoo shop still thriving on St. Mark’s Place. “Shaw was the major rep between east coast and west coat and that counted for a lot. He became the editor of the world’s most sophisticated tattoo magazine and took that to LA and helped make tattoos a legitimate art form. Here in New York where his shop and community were you couldn’t become famous. It’s classic Jonathon, he lives the contrast and takes opportunities from both sides. “

Jonathan Shaw-as-bridge between the old New York and it’s stroller strewn modern iteration is echoed often among his circle of supporters. Bronx-based attorney Stacey Richman observed on the artist’s nature after she successfully defended him from a massive weapons charge in 2011. “Jonathan is a collector,” she explains, speaking about the trove of guns and finely forged knives discovered by movers when Shaw relocated west to begin recovery. “Back in the day, you could buy an AK-47 on Canal Street. He had licenses for all the weapons and they were stored away for years along with art and other ephemera. As the laws changed, people like Jonathan got caught in the middle.”

As fascinating as all this NYC history is, Scab Vendor is a deep treat on many levels. The hilarity and delight as an ungloved Johnny Depp gouges “OCJ” into Shaw’s arm amongst loud curses and complaints is fly-on-the-wall celebrity pleasure. Shaw’s struggle with addiction and his resolve for compassionate communication with his parents and far-flung son is a pointed lesson in masculine evolution. As Shaw continues his shaman era (a term the showman rebukes) from his Rio de Janeiro retreat it would appear that the mountain of acclaim has now come to the man.

Now Playing: Scab Vendor: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist

June 14-16 

Cinema Village

22 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003  

Special Events:

  • Director’s Q&A: On Friday, June 14, join directors Lucas de Barros and Mariana Thome for an insightful Q&A session following the 7 PM screening.
  • Meet Jonathan Shaw: The renowned tattoo artist will be present at the showings, providing a unique opportunity to hear his stories firsthand and gain insights into his extraordinary career.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This: “Scab Vendor” is based on Shaw’s 2017 book of the same name and features music by Iggy Pop and Gogol Bordello. The documentary explores Shaw’s rise to fame, his struggles with addiction, and his profound influence on the tattoo culture in NYC and beyond.

A Special Treat for Collectors: For those looking to add a permanent piece of Shaw’s art to their collection, Jonathan Shaw will be tattooing at his World Famous Tattoo City over the weekend. This is a rare chance to be inked by the artist who helped shape the tattoo culture in New York City.

Be There: Head to Cinema Village this weekend to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Jonathan Shaw. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this special event, meet the icon who revolutionized tattooing, and experience his incredible story through the lens of those who knew him best.

Get Your Tickets: Tickets are available now for the screenings and special events. Join us at Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street, NYC, and be part of this unforgettable celebration of a tattoo legend

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‘Bad Shabbos’ Celebrated at Tribeca Festival



Tribeca Festival premiered “Bad Shabbos” this week to a sold-out crowd. After the film invited attendees headed over to Little Sister Lounge for a colorful party produced by Cinema Center and Roxstar Entertainment. Invited attendees enjoyed the festive soiree that served up Hendrick’s Gin cocktails.

for a lavish celebration. Guests at the Roxstar Entertainment and Cinema Center party delighted in Hendrick’s Gin specialty cockails and scrumptious passed appetizers from the popular hot spot restaurant.

The film focuses on a rather interesting day in the life of these fabulous characters.

Abby and Benjamin as well as David  go home for Shabbat dinner, an unexpected shadow looms over their night — an accidental death (or is it murder?) threatens to unravel the whole evening. Over the course of one night during this anything-but-typical New York City shabbos, their family get-together takes a turn for the worse.

“Bad Shabbos” takes the one-night-in-New-York story and spins from it a cast of characters, each more hilarious and specific than the next. Kyra Sedgwick kills (not literally) as the neurotic matriarch, and unexpected performances by Method Man, Catherine Curtin, and other familiar faces forge a brilliant ensemble that hits on pure comedic gold.

Photos courtesy

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A Season of Splendid Events and Sightings



I has been a busy season full of glorious events and sightings that we love.

On June 11, Literacy Partners hosted their annual Evening of Readings & Gala Dinner at Pier Sixty in New York City to celebrate the organization’s 50th anniversary and the power of literacy. The special night brought supporters together to honor leaders in forging a brighter future for New York City residents and the low-income & immigrant families that the organization serves.    The evening raised over $1 million to support innovative literacy education, advocacy and programming in New York City.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 10: (L-R) Al Roker, Deborah Roberts, Viola Davis and Julius Tennon attend the Literacy Partners 50th Anniversary Evening Of Readings & Gala Dinner at Pier 60 on June 10, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Literary Partners)

Hosted by former NBC News correspondent Cynthia McFadden, the evening honored recipients across multiple categories and organizations.

Courtesy Paley Center

The Paley Center for Media held their annual Paley Honors Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York.  The night celebrated visionary leaders from across media, entertainment, and business – the nonprofit organization feted Michael R. Bloomberg, Ron Howard, and Faiza J. Saeed with the prestigious Paley Honors Award.

The evening began with the Paley Center’s President and CEO, Maureen J. Reidy making remarks with Frank A. Bennack, Jr., the organization’s Chairman of the Board, highlighting the amazing work and programming at The Paley Center.

And coming up, the Tony Awards around the corner this Sunday, Basil Hayden is the official bourbon  and will be partnering with Baccarat to present an exclusive Speakeasy Experience on-site for VIPs and nominees.Being held for the very first time at the Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center, this Tony’s is an exciting one, and this year’s list of nominees is bigger and better than ever with stars like Eddie Redmayne, Rachel McAdams, Alicia Keys, and Daniel Radcliffe up for Broadway’s biggest award. The Baccarat x Basil Hayden Speakeasy will serve as a place for talent to mingle and have a drink throughout the evening where top mixologists will serve up a variety of unique serves featuring Basil Hayden Bourbon and being served Baccarat Glassware.

Volvo Car Canada announced its collaboration with SSENSE, the iconic global fashion brand, launching curated looks inspired by the new fully electric Volvo EX30. This collaboration merges high fashion and automotive design, reshaping innovation in both industries.

Featuring a diverse cast of talent spanning artists, designers, models and creators, the creative aims to imagine an SSENSE fashion carpool and seemingly infinite number of looks inspired by the EX30.

Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision for Zevo/AP Images

“Stop the Swat!” Rebel Wilson joined Zevo at a Los Angeles book signing on June 10 encouraging people to use Zevo Traps to catch flying insects. Given 90% of Americans would use books, magazines, or newspapers to kill a bug, she is sharing the effortless Zevo Flying Insect Traps as the solution to ensure her best-selling memoir remains bug-free.

Also, we hear that “Maxim” cover girl Camille Kostek will be celebrated at T-Squared Social this weekend.

And, we are excited about a new spot. The multi-level entertainment venue, 1604 Broadway is in our home base in Times Square. From nightlife veterans, Paul Brown and Pedro Zamora, the four-level space is brought to life to make every moment an opportunity for celebration, every dish a tribute to culture, and every beat a testament to the enduring spirit of Latin music. With its multifaceted offerings and unwavering commitment to excellence, 1604 Broadway stands poised to redefine the vibrant culinary and nightlife landscape of New York City.




Cover art by  Alexander Grey on Unsplash


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Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents Randy Edelman



“Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents”, is filmed live every Wednesday from the Hotel Edison.

In this episode T2C’s publisher and owner Suzanna Bowling talks with Randy Edelman about his extensive musical career. Some of Edelman’s best known films scores include Twins, Ghostbusters IIBeethoven, Gettysburg, Angels in the Outfield, The Mask, Dragonheart, Gettysburg and so many more. If you known the Carpenter’s “You,” Barry Manilow’s “Weekend in New England,” Olivia Newton-John’s “If Love Is Real” Dionne Warwick’s “The Laughter and the Tears,” Blood, Sweat & Tears “Blue Street” and many others, these were written by Randy.

Randy will be performing this Friday, June 14th at Chelsea Table & Stage at 9:30pm

Randy appeared thanks to Eileen Shapiro.

We are so proud because the show and our guests are now featured on the TV screens in the lobby and the hotel rooms. We were also gifted a poster in the lobby.

I am so grateful to my guest Randy Edelman

Thank-you Magda Katz for videoing and creating the content to go live, Rommel Gopez and The Hotel Edison for their kindness and hospitality.

We are so proud and thrilled that Variety Entertainment News just named us one of Summer’s Best Picks in the category of Best Television, Radio, PodcastsThe company we are in, has made us so humbled, grateful and motivated to continue.

You can catch us on the following platforms:





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