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The Forgotten Legends of Football

The Forgotten Legends of Football

Football has been around for over two millennia. This means it predates even pokie games, which have evolved into modern options like Lord of the Ocean Slot. In the last century, the game has evolved into a sophisticated sport that boasts the most significant fan base of all recreations. In that time, a lot of football stars have come risen from players and couches to referees and other football personalities. This article looks at some of the forgotten footballers that are overlooked in today’s world. 

Fernando Peyroteo

Fernando Peyroteo is considered one of Portugal’s most outstanding football stars and was reigning high before the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo. He is regarded as the country’s greatest footballer and the most prolific goal scorer in history. Born in Angola in 1918, Peyroteo was of Spanish descent and enjoyed a normal childhood.

Although he enjoyed the football sport, most people advised him to ditch football for other sports like rowing, basketball, swimming, and gymnastics due to his incredible physique. He refused to give up his soccer passion so quickly and soon returned to practice from the age of fourteen to nineteen. His skill on the field attracted a lot of attention, and he was soon invited to showcase it in Portugal.

Peyroteo would make his debut in 1937 with Sporting FC against their long-time rivals. He performed so well that his salary was doubled after the game. Numerous other actions made him a standout figure in the field. For instance, in his twelve-season career, he scored 544 goals in 334 matches. Out of these, 42 are hat-tricks. Not even current legends like Pele or Lionel Messi scratch his ratio for goals per game. Fernando stayed loyal to Sporting FC until he retired in 1949. He earned the nicknames Tiger and the Tank for his abilities to:

  • Score using both legs;
  • Be a complete striker who is fast and good in air-play;
  • Never score less than 37 games per season.

In his time, Peyroteo managed to win eleven titles and was deemed the best Portuguese player six times. However, his international prowess was limited due to the Second World War, which made such games very scarce. Peyroteo died in 1978 of a heart attack at the age of sixty.

Ray Clemence

Ray Clemence is crowned the greatest goalkeeper Liverpool has ever had. Ray was born in 1948 in Skegness, England, and he began playing for Scunthorpe United in 1966. Clemence’s prowess on the field earned him a partnership with Liverpool, which is one of the biggest clubs in English football. He was trained through the reverse side or two years before becoming an official player for the team. Clemence is credited with the League, and UEFA Cup wins by Liverpool in 1976 as well as the unique treble they made a year later.

Clemence is also known for his hilarious win at Queen of the Nile Slot played for Tottenham Hotspur from 1981 until his retirement and won several cups with them, including an FA Cup title. He retired in 1988 and was inducted as a member of the club’s coaching team. He worked under Steve McClaren until his replacement in 2007.

Nonetheless, he remained part of the backroom staff and at some point went back to being a goalkeeper coach. Clemence retired from the sport officially in 2013 when he was lavishly saluted by the football club.

Ray Clemence is among the only 25 football players in history to make more than 1000 appearances in their careers. Currently, he is the head of the FA Development Team, which makes him in charge of the young players (under 16 – 21 years level) in the England Youth teams.

Elias Figueroa

Elias Figueroa played as a sweeper and central defender for seven clubs in his senior career including:

  • Colo-Colo
  • Palestino
  • Penarol
  • Santiago Wanderers
  • Internacional
  • Union La Calera

Even though these teams were not the biggest on an international scale, he was still a notable football star that was recognized for his elegant playing style. The Chilean footballer, who was born in 1946, was well-versed in the art of defence and was praised for his ability to cut out attacks by the opposition and going on counterattacks immediately. In his career, he has gained numerous accolades like the Bola de Oro and South American Footballer of the Year for three years. In 2004, he was named among the 125 best living soccer plays by Pele.

Arthur Friedenreich

Arthur is a pioneer of Brazilian football and was the first-ever football superstar on a global level. Arthur was born more than a century ago in São Paulo, Brazil in 1892, which makes it understandable why he appears on this list. Due to his mixed race, he was initially not welcome to play football or other sports as a career. The player would put powder on his skin and straighten his hair to look more white and get a chance through the door.

Luckily, his German descent on his father’s side earned him a place in Sport Club Germania in Brazil. Back then, football was still considered an amateur sport. Nonetheless, Arthur’s star as a striker shone brighter than others. It is believed he popularized the efficient playing style over flashy football. He was also the first footballer to score curved goals and made it clear that his priority was the team’s success rather than playing for the stands.

Dixie Dean

Dixie Dean was a center forward for the five clubs in which he played and was considered among the greatest football stars of his generation. He was immensely popular for scoring goals with his head and showcased his skill most at Everton where he played for most of his career. His best season was between 1927 and 1928 when he scored sixty goals. Even though he has since passed, he is one of only 22 players to be inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame.

Football has since many more stars who redefined the game, only to become underrated players due to time or being outshone by others that will come after them. Most of these players are retired, but their prowess is still available to marvel at online and on other platforms.

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