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The Future of iGaming in Canada

The Future of iGaming in Canada

The word iGaming is a term relating to a form of gaming over the internet. Really it encompasses all types of online gambling such as online poker, slot machines, online casino, bingo, live casino games and much more.

iGaming has already developed in all of these areas. For example, slot games are more entertaining with more paylines and in-depth bonus features; and even bingo has been given a new spin over the internet with different variations popping up. With all these changes already taken place, what does the future of iGaming look like for Canadians?

The Frontier of Crypto Gaming

If you hadn’t already heard, Canada is exceptionally progressive when it comes to accepting crypto payments. Even the local KFC will allow you to swap your Bitcoin for some chicken. Their attitude towards crypto and blockchain technologies is enabling the iGaming to prepare for more crypto gambling.

Some Canadian-based casinos are already providing crypto-based iGaming whilst the majority of established online casino brands are waiting for the technologies involved to be perfected before rolling crypto iGaming out to its members.

Technological Brains and Financial Startups

Canada is not just leading the lien when it comes to crypto. Some of the smartest technology brains are flocking to the country’s bigger cities to become part of innovative work. Canada is making significant steps in fintech and also pioneering AI inventions. What does all this mean for iGaming?

Well, with the developments being made in AI, you can expect those online games to be upgraded in the not-so-distant future. Along with VR and AR, games could offer improved graphics and even revise how the gaming experience happens.

It’s Going to Get More Popular

Shock – gambling is going to continue to grow. In line with Canada’s rising GDP, the disposable income of families becomes greater and many gamblers choose to spend this money playing their favourite online casino games. If the predictions for Canada to have a strong economy in the next years ring true, you may expect demand to increase as well.

Land-Based Casinos Could Suffer

With technological developments providing more success for iGaming, there is a chance that all the success could come at a cost for land-based casinos. Players may prefer to stay home and play games online or even play games online with their friends through a virtual headset. Naturally, orthodox casinos would have their work cut out to compete with such advancements. Ultimately, iGaming could put the sword to regular casinos.

iGaming is an exciting area for most people in the industry, except owners of land-based casinos. Nevertheless, it is possible that these casinos could also offer more iGaming experiences in-house. Thus, combining the developments of the technology with the unrivalled social occasion of an evening at the casino with friends. For gamblers, the future of iGaming in Canada appears to only be a positive thing.


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