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G.H. Harding
Johnny Rivers

VIVA JOHNNY RIVERS — (from our colleague Roger Friedman/SHOWBIZ 411) This is just a Sunday rant. Johnny Rivers, I was going to post some of his videos anyway. I just love him, and always have. He had so many hits, was so important to Louisiana music, rockabilly, rock and roll. And if you catch him now, he’s better than ever. Plus, he’s very much alive! He’s 77. But he’s not going to live forever. Meanwhile, look at these sad choices for induction into the RRHOF: Notorious BIG? Judas Priest? Before Johnny Rivers? Please. And Johnny was sort of the American brother from a different mother to my other favorite person, Dave Edmunds (also ignored with Nick Lowe by the RRHOF). Listen to Johnny’s guitar. Oh my god, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’s Sunday and there’s no baseball. Viva Johnny Rivers!

Joe Pesci Still Singing album cover

PESCI’S BACK –— On Nov. 27, Martin Scorsese‘s highly anticipated gangster/crime movie The Irishman will premiere on Netflix, bringing legendary actors Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci back to the screen together — but it’s not even the most interesting release of that week.

Two days after the film’s premiere, Pesci will release an album titled Pesci … Still Singing. Yes, Joe Pesci — the actor known for his snappy wit and memorable characters in films like Scorsese’s Goodfellas, My Cousin Vinny and many more.

You see, Pesci is also a singer in addition to the accolades he’s earned over the years for his intense movie performances, and Pesci … Still Singing will actually be his third album to date, and the first since 1998’s Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just for You, which was an in-character record from Vinny LaGuardia Gambini, Pesi’s character in My Cousin Vinny.

As a preview of this new album, here’s the track “Baby Girl,” which features Adam Levine of Maroon 5 — who appears alongside Pesci throughout the record.

Kudos to Pesci on this “comeback,” as The Irishman is his first film role since 2015 and just his third in the past decade, as the 76-year-old has maintained a relatively low profile in recent years. Great to have him back!

David Byrne American Utopia

BRYNE’S UTOPIA — We went to see David Byrne’s American Utopia Saturday night and were just blown away. I’ve known Bryne for decades and expected something startling, but nothing could have prepared me for the visionary presentation The 67-year old Scotland-born Byrne has always moved the needle and this play/concert, from the fantastic visuals to the amazing 11-piece band he has put together, is simply a dazzling, immersive experience from the word go.

The play opens with a gray-suited Byrne sitting at a table pondering the human brain. In fact, he’s actually holding one in his hand. Byrne has always questioned everything and that’s the way this event starts. Byrne says that babies have more brain cells than adults … and, pontificates aloud what happened.

From there, it’s sort of a Byrne-concert with him performing  everything from the Talking Heads’ “Once In a Lifetime” to “Burning Down The House.” Byrne’s new music, including a riveting song entitled “Evrybody’s ComingTo My House” (written with Brian Eno) is just brilliant. The song could be … and, probably will be a massive hit.

The sold-out crowd, Byrne devotees for sure,were exuberant; both to the newer and older material. Byrne encouraged the crowd to dance, and dance they did.

That the show is so well structured; from the staging to the rather brilliant choreography, was really no surprise to me. What was surprising was how politically slanted it was. It’s subtle, but he speaks to everything from voting; global warming and human rights and its sincere and deftly programmed (there was a sign-up voting booth in the lobby).

He never said what we should do, but rather, what have we done.

The big surprise was his doing Janelle Monae’s, “Hell You Talmbout,” which openly references the names of victims of violence. It’s a startling choice, but it fits perfectly in his show. It’s a powerful moment.

Just a masterpiece for sure. One of the best things I’ve seen on the Great White Way in years. Do yourself a major favor and go see it. Utterly brilliant.

Robert Miller Project Grand Slam

MILLER TIME AT MY FATHER’S PLACE — Friday, February 21, is the date for the debut Long Island-performance of Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam at the legendary My Father’s Place. It’ll be an auspicious debut for the band and we sat with Miller to answer some finer points about the performance:

T2C: I think the new My Father’s Place at The Roslyn Hotel is an excellent venue for you. Were you ever at the original MFP?

Miller: The original My Father’s Place was one of the great rock ‘n roll clubs of the NYC area in the 70’s and 80’s.  All the greatest artists played there, from Springsteen to The Police.  For a kid like me who grew up in Queens, NY, it was an incredible place and I went there many times. Kudos to Eppy who ran the original club and has now opened the successor. The new MFP is a major upgrade, now located at The Roslyn Hotel. I am very excited for PGS to play there. And it will be our first engagement on Long Island, where we have many fans. 

T2C: Your current  PGS 7 is my favorite album so far; what will the set list be for MFP? In case you wondered, our favorite track is the Dobie Gray song, “The In Crowd.” Just an inspired cover.

Miller: Thanks. PGS 7 (our 7th studio album), might be our best one yet – or at least that’s what the critics have said!  Every review has been 5 stars. I love variety in our music, and on PGS 7 the songs I composed run the gamut from hard rock to funk to Latin to ballads.  Something for everyone but always keeping true to “the PGS sound.”

When I originally formed PGS in 2007 we were known as a contemporary jazz group playing mainly instrumental music. Since I re-formed the band in 2015 I’ve taken PGS in a very different direction.  Now we are a true fusion of Jazz, Rock and Latin – with mainly vocal songs.  Our singer – Marilyn Castillo – is extraordinary, as is the rest of the band. I write and arrange all of our material, and one of my musical signatures has been to “reimagine” a classic 1960’s song in the PGS style on each album.  I’ve done this so far with Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Who, The Kinks, and now on PGS 7 with Dobie Gray’s “The In Crowd”.  So yes, we will definitely include that one in the set when we perform at My Father’s Place!

T2C: I’m hoping to see you perform again at The Groove in NYC. Any surprises in-store?

Miller: The Groove in Greenwich Village is like our home base in NYC.  It’s an intimate club with great sound and a great vibe. Over the next several months we will be playing two special Sunday evening gigs there on November 17 and December 8, both with a 5:30 pm start, as well as a Saturday night gig on January  11 with a 7:30 pm start.  At these shows we will be debuting some of the new songs that I’ve written for our next album along with the PGS songs that our fans have come to love.

T2C: Tell us about the new upcoming PGS album.

Miller: I wrote all the songs for the next PGS album over the summer.  The new songs further evolve the band’s music.  At this stage of my career I feel that I’ve got no artificial boundaries on what I write, and I always want to push the envelope.  So for example one of the songs I’ve written for the next album is what I call a cowboy jazz song.  Another is  “Fanfare” – an ode to a particular small town that I love.

I like to release a new album each year.  That’s the schedule we’ve had since 2015.  New music keeps the band fresh.  Plus, I figure if The Beatles could release three albums in a year I can do at least one!

We will be recording the new album at the end of January at our favorite studio – EastSide Sound – which is owned and run by my friend Lou Holtzman, who has co-produced with me our last several albums.  Lou and I grew up together in Queens so I’ve known him forever.  We will aim for releasing the new album in mid-2020.

T2C: Thank you … we’ll see you at My Father’s Place in February.

SHORT TAKES — Tonight is Donnie Kehr’s Rockers On Broadway, with new additions Alexa Ray Joel, Rupert Holmes and Keith Carradine performing. We will be there tonight, as well as bassist-extraordinaire Will Lee; and, honoree, producer Russ Titleman. Full report to come … After two shows this past weekend, Micky Dolenz headed to Nashville yesterday for the James Burton Foundation event Tuesday. Joining Micky, will be Joe Walsh; Paul Shaffer; Brian May; Albert Lee and Steve Cropper. The event coincides with CMA week. While there Dolenz will record an interview for Burton’s SiriusXM radio show … Speaking of SiriusXM, there’s talk about a possible radio show for celebrity-biographer Mark Bego. Our take: A terrific idea. Insightful, funny, and on-point, Bego, over the course of his 60+ books, has proven himself a terrific writer and interviewer. Listen to any of his podcasts with Zach Martin. Brilliant stuff. Stay tuned …

Robbie Robertson

Great news; I think we finally secured a hard-copy of the new Robbie Robertson album, Sinematic. Thanks to Tim Plumley at UME. Now, if we could only get a copy of the new Ringo Starr CD. I hear its fabulous …

Adam Levine

My current fave record is Maroon 5’s “Memories.” It could be the best thing they’ve ever done. It’s about their manager, Jordan Feldstein, who passed earlier this year. Totally moving, totally mesmerizing.

 …Congrats to Keith Girard (The Improper) on the official launch of the New York Independent ...

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Claire Mecuri; Jodi Ritzen; Jason Scheff; Cori Gardner; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Wayne Avers; Steve Leeds; Tori Kyes; Eric Gardner; Barry Fisch; Katrina Moran; Zach Martin; James Edstrom; Bobby Bank; Jeff Smith; and, Ziggy!

G. H. Harding is a four decades insider to the entertainment world. He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production companies and several cable outlets. His anonymity is essential in bringing an unbiased view to his writings on pop culture. He is based in NYC.


The Glorious Corner



G.H. Harding

THE NEW OUTLAWS — (Via Ultimate Classic Rock) Willie Nelson has announced the lineup and dates for his 2024 Outlaw Music Festival Tour.

In addition to headlining sets by the 90-year-old country legend and recent Rock & roll Hall of Fame inductee, this year’s Outlaw Music Festival Tour will include performances by Bob Dylan each day throughout its 25-date run.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will also play on select dates, alternating appearances with John Mellencamp.

Nelson’s Outlaw Tour debuted in 2016 and has since featured Sheryl Crow, Van Morrison, Chris Stapleton, Neil Young and ZZ Top.

“This year’s Outlaw Music Festival Tour promises to be the biggest and best yet with this lineup of legendary artists,” Nelson said in a press statement announcing the shows. “I am thrilled to get back on the road again with my family and friends playing the music we love for the fans we love.”

Brittney Spencer, Celisse and Southern Avenue will also perform at this year’s Outlaw Music Tour Festival. Billy Strings will join the tour for one concert at Washington’s The Gorge. You can see the tour’s complete run dates and lineups below.

General public ticket sales start on March 1 at 10 a.m. local time. Citi card members have access to presale tickets starting Tuesday at 10 a.m. local time until Thursday at 10 p.m. local time. More information can be found at the tour’s website.

SHORT TAKES — Boy, that Andy Cohen news sure disappeared quickly. I guess Brandi Glanville’s lawyers were right when they said NBC/COMCAST was making too much money from Cohen, to dismiss him. Sure, Andy apologized, but that was it …

Joe Manganiello is hosting the new Deal Or No Deal Island. With one of the worst haircuts, I’ve ever seen, he was on Monday’s Today Show -3rd hour- with Jenna and Hoda assisting him. There were so many rules in the intro, I was immediately thrown. All these game shows seem to be the thing these days – cheap to produce; easy to write; and B and C actors are certainly available …

Jenny Boyd

Jenny Boyd – sister to Patti and married twice to Mick Fleetwood – has a new autobiography out, Jennifer Juniper. Here’s a great piece from Spin on it:

Patti Boyd-Harrison

Not to be outdone, sister Patti Boyd-Harrison has an exhibit with Christie’s in London. Take a look: … Markos Papadatos has a great new interview with John Oates in Digital Journal, but strangely, nothing about his ongoing dispute with Daryl Hall. Methinks it was more of a PR-move to quickly extinguish any and all reference to it, as it just dragged their legacy (Hall & Oates) down … way down. Take a read: … One more trailer for Kevin Costner’s epic Horizon. Pundit Roger Friedman quipped the Indians don’t look too happy in this one. To be honest, I see much of Yellowstone in the trailer. And, Danny Huston who was in the series is in the movie too. Take a look: … As of this writing, subway crime in NYC up 22% from this time last year! Reminds me of the 70’s here these days … Big, big layoffs at both Atlantic and Warner’s. The later about 600 employees. To me, they got rid of all the people who knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Sad for sure … SIGHTINGS: PR-pasha David Salidor at Brooklyn’s Table 87

Mike Scott

And, one of the greatest forgotten about bands is Mike Scott and The Waterboys. Just tremendous and timeless music. Check this article out from The Guardian:… RIP McCanna “Mac” Anthony Sinise.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Obi Steinman; Felix Cavaliere; Gene Cornish; Steve Walter; Jane Blunkell; Markos Papadatos; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Anthony Noto; Anthony Pomes; Kent & Laura Denmark; James Edstrom; Alec Baldwin; Lee Jeske; Andrew Tobin; Jewel Smithee; David and Delia Jones; and ZIGGY!

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The Most Beautiful Woman in the World 



photo credit Conor Weiss

Who comes to mind when you see that phrase—Catherine Zeta-Jones, perhaps, or certainly Grace Kelly?  Most would concede the title belongs to one glorious, gracious and violet-eyed lady – Elizabeth Taylor.   

Elizabeth (ET from hereon in) was known for her films, jewelry and various husbands, but there was much more to that woman. The perfect person to let us in on the side we never saw is Ann Talman, who played her daughter in The Little Foxes on Broadway. Chosen for her uncanny resemblance to ET as a young girl, they remained close friends until ET’s death in 2011. Through song and story, Ann paints a portrait we never would have imagined—the prankster, surrogate mother, the fashion advisor funny-face maker and more. When consulting with her about what to wear to an awards gala, ET arranged for a private fashion show at Saks and then added “Do you want to borrow any of my jewelry?”.  Now that’s a friend to have! 

The evening began with Ann singing “The Shadow of your Smile” from The Sandpiper, a film that starred ET and Richard Burton against a backdrop of ET holding a sandpiper. In the film, the bird is a metaphor for broken-winged people, and Ann shyly admits that she had been a sandpiper. Ann was 22 when they met, and she explained how ET took on the surrogate mother role and gave her the support and counsel she needed. When Ann talks about pajama parties and drinking Soave Bollo, one imagines two sisters sharing secrets and giggling. (I can’t imagine ET in PJs, can you?)  Nevertheless … 

As if the offer of shared baubles was not indication enough of ET’s generous nature, Ann gave a brief history of ET’s involvement with AMFAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research) as well as her own foundation.  

This show was powerful, yet delicate, informative without being gossipy, funny while evoking a tear or two. It was lovingly put together with superb direction by Lina Koutrakos with Alex Rybeck as music director. The songs flowed so naturally that it might have been easy to not recognize the skill that went into their selection.   

Ann’s ability to mimic ET’s breathy voice as well as her sincerity, added to the charm and verisimilitude of the event. It was such a loving tribute, with little touches, like purple Mardi Gras beads, a printed program and cupcakes with lavender frosting for all in celebration ET’s birthday this week.   

The evening ended with a reprise of the first song. Thank you, Ann, for giving us a clearer picture of the shadow behind that most alluring smile. 

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NYC Movie Travel Guide: Visiting Filming Locations of Famous Movies




New York City has long been a favorite destination for movie lovers, thanks to its iconic skyline, bustling streets, and vibrant energy. If you’re a film buff looking to find more content related to the magic of the silver screen, then this NYC Movie Travel Guide is just for you. 

Take a journey to the filming locations of famous movies, walk in the footsteps of your favorite actors, and experience the city like never before. From classic blockbusters to indie gems, New York City has served as the backdrop for countless cinematic masterpieces. Get ready to explore the city’s most famous filming locations and walk in the footsteps of your favorite movie characters.

Times Square

Lights, camera, action! Start your movie adventure in the heart of Manhattan at Times Square. This iconic location has been featured in countless films, including “Spider-Man,” “The Avengers,” and “Midnight in Paris.” Take a stroll down the bustling streets and soak in the electrifying atmosphere.

Central Park

Step into the green oasis of Central Park, where many memorable movie scenes have been shot. From “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” to “When Harry Met Sally,” this sprawling park has provided the backdrop for countless romantic and adventurous moments on the big screen. Don’t forget to visit the famous Bethesda Terrace and Bow Bridge.

Empire State Building

Feel like you’re on top of the world at the Empire State Building. This iconic landmark has been featured in numerous films, including the classic “King Kong” and the romantic comedy “Sleepless in Seattle.” Take the elevator to the observation deck and enjoy breathtaking views of the city that never sleeps.

Brooklyn Bridge

Take a walk across the majestic Brooklyn Bridge, which has been featured in films like “Annie Hall” and “I Am Legend.” Marvel at the stunning views of the Manhattan skyline as you follow in the footsteps of your favorite movie characters. Don’t forget to snap a selfie with the bridge as your backdrop.

Grand Central Terminal

Step into the bustling Grand Central Terminal, a hub of transportation and a favorite filming location for many movies. From “North by Northwest” to “The Avengers,” this iconic train station has played a starring role in numerous films. Marvel at the celestial ceiling in the main concourse and imagine yourself in a movie scene.

Statue of Liberty

No visit to New York City is complete without a trip to the Statue of Liberty. This iconic symbol of freedom has been featured in films like “Ghostbusters II” and “X-Men.” Take a ferry ride to Liberty Island and get up close to Lady Liberty herself. Don’t forget to capture the moment on camera.

Coney Island

Experience the nostalgia of Coney Island, a beloved amusement park that has been featured in films like “The Warriors” and “Uptown Girls.” Take a ride on the iconic Cyclone roller coaster, indulge in Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of this iconic New York City destination.

The High Line

Take a stroll along the elevated park known as the High Line, which has become a popular filming location in recent years. From “The Amazing Spider-Man” to “The Devil Wears Prada,” this unique urban park offers stunning views of the city and a glimpse into New York City’s industrial past.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Channel your inner art enthusiast at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a cultural landmark that has been featured in films like “The Thomas Crown Affair” and “When in Rome.” Explore the vast collection of art and immerse yourself in the beauty and history of this world-renowned museum.

Washington Square Park

End your movie-inspired journey at Washington Square Park, a vibrant gathering place that has been featured in films like “When Harry Met Sally” and “August Rush.” Sit on one of the park’s iconic benches, watch the street performers, and reflect on your cinematic adventure in the city that never fails to captivate.

New York City is a treasure trove of filming locations, offering movie lovers the opportunity to step into the world of their favorite films. From Times Square to Central Park, the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty, each location holds a piece of cinematic history. So grab your camera, put on your walking shoes, and get ready to embark on a movie-inspired adventure through the streets of the Big Apple.

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Is Donald Glover Related to Danny Glover?




With all the talk of nepotism babies in Hollywood, many people wonder who is related to whom, and when two famous actors have the same last name, it can be easy to conclude they must be related. Donald Glover and Danny Glover have been widely speculated to be related. Are the father and son? Uncle and nephew? Or do they just have the same last name?

The Last Name “Glover”

The family name Glover comes from medieval England, where many names were based on someone’s occupation. Think of other names like Fletcher (someone who makes arrows), Cooper (someone who makes barrels), and Carpenter (a woodworker). Glove-making was also a specialized trade hundreds of years ago. The glove maker within a community could be referred to as a glover, creating this surname.

Despite originating across the Atlantic, Glover is a fairly common name in the US. In the 2010 census, there were 66,858 reported uses of the last name recorded. So, while it may not be the most common surname, many individuals have that last name in America.

So, search the last name, and you’ll find dozens of notable people called “Glover” from both the US and Europe. In fact, you may have known some Glovers in your life.

Donald Glover

Born in 1983, Donald Glover is an actor, musician, writer, director, rapper, and producer. After graduating from TISCH in New York City, he started as a screenwriter for the show 30 Rock. This multi-talented man first rose to fame as an actor in the TV series Community. Since then, he’s appeared in films like Into the Spiderverse and series such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

As a rapper and musician, he goes by the stage name Childish Gambino. His second album, Because the Internet,debuted at #7 on Billboard’s charts in 2013.

His full name is Donald McKinley Glover Jr, and he is originally from California. His father is Donald Glover Sr, and his mother is Beverly Glover. He has three children and was recently wed to his long-time girlfriend, Michelle White.

Danny Glover

Also a California native, Danny Glover was born in 1946 and has enjoyed a long career. He began acting in stage plays but moved to LA and started taking on film roles in the 1970s. His breakthrough role was in The Color Purple alongside Whoopie Goldberg in 1985. He is best known now for his role in the Lethal Weapon series.

Along with his acting and directing career, Danny Glover has a passion for activism and a strong interest in civil rights in the US and globally. He has raised money for AIDS research while spreading awareness about the disease. Like Donald Glover, he is also a music lover and has been a board member of the Jazz Foundation of America for many years.

Danny Glover has been married twice and has one child, a daughter named Mandisa, born in 1976.

So, Are Danny and Donald Glover Related?

The simple answer is no.

Despite both being extremely talented and creative men with the same last name, there is no known familial tie between Donald and Danny Glover.

Donald Glover even joked humorously about the assumed relationship between the two of them, saying, “Yes, I am Danny Glover’s father,” when he appeared on Saturday Night Live in 2018. He also refers to this mistaken assumption in his 2011 song “Sunrise”.

Despite there being no relation between the two, entertainment writers have mistakenly connected them in blurbs and articles since Donald Glover rose to fame or misattributed things one has said to the other.

There are several other famous Glovers in the entertainment industry, but they also have no family ties to Donald or Danny Glover. Some you may know are Crispin Glover, known for taking on eccentric and sometimes bizarre characters, and Stephen Gilchrist Glove, better known by his stage name Steve-O from the series Jackass.

Finding Relatives Online

Even though Danny and Donald Glover aren’t related, the curiosity about their relationship reflects a growing trend toward family research. Many people are interested in getting in touch with their roots. Family tree resources and even genetic testing are on the rise.

However, if you’re looking to reach out to someone you’ve lost touch with, we recommend starting with a people search too, like this one here, to reach out to friends and relatives you haven’t seen in a while. This database can help you find their most recent contact information so you can stay in touch.

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Betty Buckley Returns to Joe’s Pub



Tony Award-winning, stage and screen icon Betty Buckley returns to Joe’s Pub in New York City for six live performances on May 16-18, 2024. She is joined by her long-time collaborator and Grammy® nominated pianist/MD Christian Jacob, Tony Marino on bass and Jamey Haddad on drums.

The Joe’s Pub concerts will take place on May 16-18, 2024 at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. (Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. respectively). Joe’s Pub is located at The Public, 425 Lafayette Street. Tickets now on sale HERE.

Most recently, Ms. Buckley is co-starring in the upcoming horror film Imaginary, set for U.S. release March 8, 2024, presented by Lionsgate and Blumhouse. From Blumhouse, the genre-defining masterminds behind Five Nights at Freddy’s and M3GAN, the film explores the universal idea of imaginary friends and childhood connections to them and what otherworldly realms they may inhabit.

Additionally, Ms. Buckley wrote, narrated and produced The Mayfly, an animated short film that will have its world debut on March 24, 2024 at the American Documentary and Animation Film Festival (AmDoc Film Festival) in Palm Springs, Calif. Tickets are available to the public HEREThe Mayfly is directed by award winning animator, Sue Perrotto, and the music is composed by Christian Jacob. BluBlu Studios in Poland is the animation house.

Ms. Buckley will also perform in a tribute concert A BROADWAY BIRTHDAY: Sondheim, Lloyd Webber, and Friends! in Costa Mesa, Calif. The show takes place at the Segerstrom Concert Hall on Thursday, March 28 at 8 p.m. Joining her in performance are Kerry O’Malley, Liz Callaway, Aaron Lazar and Alex Joseph Grayson. Visit for tickets and more information. Her upcoming calendar includes a Master Class and concert at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA on April 19 and an evening with Christian Jacob at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY on May 11.

Betty Buckley is a legendary, multi-award winning actress/singer whose career spans theater, film, television and concert halls around the world. She is a 2012 Theatre Hall of Fame inductee and the 2017 recipient of the Julie Harris Awards from The Actor’s Fund for Artistic Achievement and received The Lifetime Achievement Award from The American Songbook Association in 2023.

She won a Tony Award for her performance as Grizabella, the Glamour Cat, in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS and received her second Tony Award nomination for Best Actress in a musical for her performance as Hesione in Triumph of Love.  She received an Olivier Award nomination for her critically acclaimed interpretation of Norma Desmond in the London production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard, which she repeated to more rave reviews on Broadway.

Ms. Buckley co-stars in the film Imaginary for Blumhouse Productions and to be released by Lionsgate in March 2024.  She co-starred with James McAvoy in the M. Night Shyamalan hit film Split, one of the top international box office hits of 2017.  She received a Saturn Award Nomination for Best Featured Actress for her work in the film.

Her other films include her debut in Brian de Palma’s screen version of Stephen King’s Carrie, Bruce Beresford’s Tender Mercies, Roman Polanski’s Frantic, Woody Allen’s Another Woman, Lawrence Kasden’s Wyatt Earp and M. Night Shyamalan’sThe Happening.

Her other Broadway credits include 1776, Pippin, Song and Dance, The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Carrie.  She headlined the first National Tour of the new Broadway production of Hello, Dolly! in 2018/2019.

Off-Broadway credits include the world premiere of Horton Foote’s The Old Friends for which she received a Drama Desk Nomination in 2014, White Lies, Lincoln Center’s Elegies, the original NYSF production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood, The Eros Trilogy, Juno’s Swans and I’m Getting My Act Together and Taking It On the Road.  Regional credits include The Perfectionist, Gypsy, The Threepenny Opera, Camino Real, Buffalo Gal, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Old Friends at Houston’s Alley Theatre and Grey Gardens at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor, NY and The Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles in 2016 for which she received an Ovation Award Nomination.

In London, she starred in Promises, Promises for which she was nominated for An Evening Standard Award and in the 2013 British premiere of Dear World.

On television, Buckley has a recurring role on “Law & Order SVU” for NBC and guest starred on the Fox/Warner Bros. TV show “The Cleaning Lady.”  She co-starred in the third season of AMC’s hit series “Preacher” and has guest starred on The CW hit “Supergirl”, the NBC Series “Chicago Med” and ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars.”  For HBO, she has appeared on “Getting On”, “The Leftovers”, “The Pacific” and for three seasons on OZ.  She starred as Abby Bradford in the hit series “Eight is Enough.” She appeared twice on The Kennedy Center Honors and was a guest star in numerous television series, miniseries and films for television including Evergreen, Roses for the Rich and Without a Trace. She has been nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards® for her work on Taking a Stand, an After School special.

In 2022, she released the compilation recording Betty Buckley Sings Stephen Sondheim as a tribute to the late composer. The recording comprises 24 songs Buckley has recorded of Sondheim’s music over the span of her career.  She has recorded 18 CD’s: including Ghostlight, produced by T Bone Burnett released in 2014, Story Songs in 2017 and Hope in 2018.  Buckley tours in concert worldwide with her ensemble of musicians and in 2015 was featured in the Royal Albert Hall concert of Follies, in celebration of Stephen Sondheim’s 85th birthday.

She received a Grammy Nomination for Stars and the Moon, Betty Buckley Live at the Donmar. She received her second Grammy Nomination for the audio book The Diaries of Adam and Eve.

For over forty years, Ms. Buckley has been a teacher of scene study and song interpretation, giving workshops in Manhattan and various universities and performing Arts Conservatories around the country.  She has been a faculty member in the theatre department of the University of Texas at Arlington and teaches regularly at the T. Schreiber Studio in New York City, The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, TX and in Los Angeles, Denver and Oklahoma.

In 2009, Ms. Buckley received the Texas Medal of Arts Award for Theater and was inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame in 2007.  In 2015, she was awarded The Stephen Bruton Award by The Lone Star Film Festival for her work in film and music. In 2018, she received the Sarah Siddons Award for outstanding theatrical performance in a Chicago theatrical production. She has two honorary doctorates from The Boston Conservatory and Marymount College and has been honored with three Lifetime Achievement Awards for her contributions to theater from the New England Theater Conference, The Shubert Theater in New Haven and the Terry Schreiber School in NYC.

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