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The Glorious Corner

The Glorious Corner

JOHN FOGERTY — “Weeping in the Promised Land” is a brand new song from John Fogerty — his first new song in eight years, released on the heels of his Fogerty’s Factory family band album in November. Shared on Wednesday, the haunting, gospel-tinged song is very much a thematic reaction to the events of the times.

That is to say, its release in the waning days of the Trump Administration is by design. It was the iconic 75-year-old rocker, after all, who issued a cease-and-desist regarding the President’s playing of “Fortunate Son” at campaign rallies back in October, and has remained an outspoken critic of the administration.

“Weeping in the Promised Land,” then, is a reaction of sorts to everything that’s been happening, with Fogerty passing along a statement (as shared by Rolling Stone).

“It’s kind of like being a rock star in a band and then the band breaks up,” Fogerty says of Trump’s refusal to step down — and his affinity for rallies. “I used to stand in front of 30,000 or 40,000 people and they were all cheering for me. I know what that is. I understand the emotion he’s feeling. I’m trying not to sound like a basher — more like trying to understand the situation. I think he enjoys the rallies very much.”

Lyrically, the song includes references to the murder of George Floyd and subsequent protests, Dr. Anthony Fauci, healthcare workers and more. 

Asked by Rolling Stone if he feels “Weeping in the Promised Land” can bring about any actionable change as far as the discourse is concerned, Fogerty offered this up:

“Can one song do that?” he asks. “That’s probably reaching. But it’s time to stop wearing a number on your back that tells which political party you’re in or which candidate you support. We’re all humans and we’ve stared some pretty terrifying things in the face. And we’re still staring them in the face. My intent is that, hopefully, everyone’s in the mood or discussion, and not just ‘You made a mistake!’”

Here’s the video clip:


SHORT TAKES —1043’s Maria Milito just played one of my all times favorites; Traffic’s “Rock and Roll Stew,” written by Ric Grech and Jim Gordon and sung to perfection by the late-great Jim Capaldi. Check it out:


Still loving Cannons’ “Fire For You” – check it out here: 

Dolenz Sings Nesmith being mixed by Christian Nesmith. Look for an April release via 7A Records …

JEOPARDY! THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME On the heels of the iconic Tournament of Champions, “JEOPARDY!” is coming to ABC in a multiple consecutive night event with “JEOPARDY! The Greatest of All Time,” premiering TUESDAY, JAN. 7 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. Hosted by Alex Trebek, “JEOPARDY! The Greatest of All Time” is produced by Sony Pictures Television. (Eric McCandless via Getty Images) ALEX TREBEK

I think Katie Couric is an inspired choice for a guest-host on Jeopardy, but how about Will Ferrell. Its said that the late-great Alex Trebek loved that impersonation. Go for it …  Some great news on our favorites Romeo Delight (the #1 Van Halen Tribute band). Stay tuned …

Neil Diamond and Micky Dolenz

And, a great Neil Diamond/Monkess story from Kent Kotal and his great Forgotten Hits sheet: The Monkees almost didn’t get to record “I’m A Believer,” their biggest hit ever. Neil Diamond had planned on releasing it as his own single. His career was just starting to take off after “Cherry Cherry” made the Top 10 and he figured that this song just might be the one to put him over the top. Don Kirschner (the Monkees-music-supervisor) stepped in and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse … if he let The Monkees release “I’m A Believer” as their next single, he would guarantee Neil the follow-up single as well … and, as a result, “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You,” another Diamond composition, became their third single. “I’m A Believer” went straight to #1 and stayed there for 7 weeks … he made millions in royalties … A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You” went to #2 in Billboard, but #1 everywhere else … and, instead of “I’m A Believer,” Neil’s next single became “I Got The Feeling’ (Oh No No)” … OK … so maybe it wasn’t the greatest deal for Neil, but I still think he did all-right!

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Jerry Church; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Susan Jacobs; Beth Wernick; Joel Diamond; Coati Mundi; Bill Lee; Spike Lee; Randy Schindler; Chris Gilman; Howard Bloom; Carol Ruth Weber; Vic Kastel; Jane Blunkell; and, CHIP!


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