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NEW PEOPLE EDITOR — (Via Variety) People Magazine has a new top editor: Liz Vaccariello, formerly editor in chief of Real Simple magazine.

Vaccariello takes over for Dan Wakeford, who is leaving after three years as People’s editor. Wakeford didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The change at the top of People’s masthead comes after Meredith’s magazine group was acquired by IAC’s Dotdash in a $2.7 billion deal. Earlier this month, the newly merged Dotdash Meredith shuttered print editions of six magazines, including InStyle and EW, and laid off about 200 employees.

Along with Vaccariello’s appointment at People, Dotdash Meredith also announced the promotion of Zoë Ruderman to VP and GM of People’s digital operations. She joined the publication’s digital team in 2018; prior to People, she held various editorial positions at Hearst’s Cosmopolitan. Ruderman and Vaccariello both report to Leah Wyar, president of Dotdash Meredith’s Entertainment Group.

“We are thrilled to welcome Liz to People Magazine. She is an incredible leader and storyteller, and has a keen eye for what will pop on a cover and off the page,” Wyar said in a statement. “Her 25 years of editorial experience and understanding of how to deliver content in a multiplatform way make her the perfect fit.”

Wyar added, “We also thank Dan for his years of passion, dedication and steadfast commitment to the brand and team.”

Vaccariello previously held the role of VP and editor-in-chief of Real Simple, a women’s lifestyle pub with a print and digital reach of nearly 22 million. She also served as group editorial director overseeing multiple home, beauty, and health titles including Real Simple, InStyle, Shape, Martha Stewart Living, Health, Parents and Parents Latina.

IAC is headed up by Barry “Killer” Diller and replacing Wakeford was clearly the start of some sever cost-cutting measures. People has had a rough last few years: First, the paper it’s been printed on is now something akin to the coupon-conscious Pennysaver back in the 70’s – think, think paper and the printing is very muddy. Second: Their editorial choices of late have be come very questionable: Lionel Richie was on one several weeks back and this week Stanley Tucci graces the front-cover.

Real Simple was a great magazine and the new gal, who met Carol Wallace, People’s first-female editor way back, is a good choice. Not creatively, but a good choice. Wakeford, who served at In Touch and Life & Style was a great and inventive choice. He’ll be missed.

Power Station

POWER STATION RETURNS — (via Mix) Since founder Tony Bongiovi first opened its doors in 1977, the studio facility on West 53rd Street in New York City has been known as Power Station and then later Avatar, but mainly it’s been known as a place to make great music. Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Muse, David Bowie, Madonna, Herbie Hancock, Esperanza Spalding, Bob Dylan and others have recorded countless classic albums within its walls. However, when Avatar was suddenly put on the market in the mid-2010’s, many expected it to be turned into condos like The Hit Factory and other illustrious New York studios that had shuttered. Instead, the facility is now busier than it’s been in decades, having emerged from years of renovation to officially reopen this past fall as Power Station at BerkleeNYC.

Purchased in 2017 by a public-private-non-profit partnership between Berklee College of Music, the City of New York, musician/ investor Pete Muller and members of the Founder’s Advisory Board, Power Station at BerkleeNYC is still a working commercial studio facility, but that only scratches the surface.

“We’re on a mission to reinvent the large-format studio business,” said Stephen Webber, executive director of BerkleeNYC and dean of Strategic Initiatives for Berklee. “Even though we raised a lot of money, our business model is that we’re still amortizing everything as if we paid for it. We’re trying to prove that if you include video, if you keep your eye on technology, you can make it work. In 1977, this was the highest tech place in town, but when we took it over in 2018, it was a museum piece. Our philosophy is, ‘Let’s be the cutting-edge place again,’ adopting immersive audio, video and more. If you really want to do the high-end thing, you come here.”

Power Station may be looking forward, but its revered acoustics and legacy equipment haven’t gone away. Studio A still has its classic, custom-built 40-input Neve 8088 console and unique orchestra-sized live room, while Studio B retains its Solid State Logic 9000J 72-input desk. Studio C, with its Neve VRP 72 console with Flying Fader automation, is also the same, with the exception that identical dead-stock 50-year-old linoleum and tectum tiles were sourced to slavishly restore a corner of the live room meant to emulate the sound and vibe of Detroit’s Motown Studio.

While the studios have been meticulously maintained, their surroundings inside the 33,000-square-foot building have been radically altered to add classrooms, a black box theater, VR and DJ labs, a video control room, dressing rooms, dedicated studio lounges, writing rooms, storage, performance spaces and larger hallways. All spaces were designed with flexibility in mind, so classrooms and tech labs are modular, with gear from laptop stations to DJ rigs set up on wheels to accommodate everything from close collaboration to social distancing.

Video production is a key element as well; while Power Station at BerkleeNYC has a number of RED cameras on hand, there’s also 26 PTZ cameras installed throughout the facility, linked to the video control room through a site-wide Dante network. “In Studio A, we can do a 10-camera shoot without setting up a single camera, all in 4K,” said Webber. “In 1977, if you came to the studio to record, it was going to a vinyl record. Now if you can’t see it, it didn’t happen, so if you’re capturing a live musical performance, it’s got to include video. Our in-house video services pros work here every day and know how to shoot the place, so it makes sense. And it became a lifesaver during the pandemic—almost every session had people beaming in remotely, so instead of a webcam of the session, we could send a live multi-view of eight cameras in Studio A to a client in L.A.”

VR and immersive audio work is also on the agenda, as the facility has a trio of Jaunt cameras for making 360-degree immersive VR videos. Each Jaunt sports 24 8K cameras that save to a 64GB SD card. Nearly a dozen music clips have been produced so far with artists like Victor Wooten, saxophonist Grace Kelly and Berklee’s own Indian Ensemble.

With all this plus multiple community outreach programs going on at once, Power Station never really powers down. The facility has been hosting engineers like Bob Clearmountain and Elliot Scheiner, the explosion of streaming services has led to a rise in orchestral sessions onsite, and the return of Broadway has likewise revived the studio’s cast album work as well.

The facility is still in demand by household names, too, and while they don’t typically interact with students, their subtle presence still quietly underlines Power Station’s continued relevancy. “We’ve had Paul Simon, John Legend, Coldplay, the artist HER and more,” said Webber. “One of our students from the UAE is a total firecracker, and she hurt her foot so she had a cast on. She came up to me the other day and said, ‘So when we were in the elevator last week, and that guy asked me what I did to my foot—that was Sting, right?’ ‘Yeah. Yeah, that was Sting.’”

SHORT TAKES — Power-publicist Cary Baker announced his retirement this week after a stellar 42-year career. A good and honorable guy for sure in a crazy, crazy business, he’ll be much missed … I received a call on my Verizon-mobile phone, from someone purporting to be from Verizon,saying I had a half-hour to pay a supposed past-due bill, or my phone (and, my other two lines) would be shuttered. After calling my lawyer and bank, it was determined this was a scam. Looking on the net, sure enough there were several stories about a scam exactly like this going around. I called Verizon, got a recorded-massage; sent several emails and am still waiting to hear back from them a week later. Quality-control is clearly not what it once was, right? …

David Salidor and Debbie Gibson

Do you know where you were 33 years ago today? PR-pasha David Salidor was riding the crest of a wave when client Debbie Gibson’s second album Electric Youth began a six-week run as a Billboard #1 album. Salidor recalls, “It was a totally different business back then, but the memories remain. We had a two week tour in Europe; took the Concorde over and back and were met in London with our own private plane. Denmark, Germany, London followed … just great and terrifically productive. Back then, labels supported a hit act and Atlantic Records did everything the absolute right way. Ahmet Ertegun and Doug Morris made it all happen. There was a thing called artist development. Amazing memories for sure” …

Entenmann ‘s

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Entenmann ‘s selection? Personally, I love their chocolate-chip cookies, even better when a bit cold. Their founder Charles Entenmann passed this week at 92. God bless ’em …

Tony Shalhoub

Finished the entire run of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime Friday and though it was a bit dodgy this season; it ended on a high note with Luke Kirby just stunning as Lenny Bruce. Rachel Brosnahan is just superb. Next season will be their final bow. Tony Shalhoub as Abe is just stellar. Stellar!!! …

Killing Eve

AMC’s Killing Eve, two episodes in, in their final run is just as sensational as ever. Jodie Comer just spectacular … The second Law & Order: Organized Crime episode with Denis Leary was great. Spoiler alert: Turns out that Elliot Stabler’s suspension ( Chris Meloni) is just a ploy for Stabler to investigate Leary’s supposed dirtycop dealings. Mariska Hargitay, guesting, had a great line, “This time you’re undercover as Elliot Stabler.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Lee Jeske; Bob Merlis; Coati Mundi; August Darnell; Andy Fuhrman; Danny Fried; Claudia Hayden; Randy Alexander; Steve Walter; Herb Rosen; Daniel Glass; Jason Elzy; Les Schwartz; Eric Dahl; Andrew Sandoval; John Billings; Alan Rosenberg; and Ziggy!

G. H. Harding is a four decades insider to the entertainment world. He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production companies and several cable outlets. His anonymity is essential in bringing an unbiased view to his writings on pop culture. He is based in NYC.

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G.H. Harding

Madonna; Jellybean and David Salidor

MADONNA’S BACK — (via Deadline) Madonna is teasing she is back working on her biopic and is titling it Who’s That Girl.

The singer shared a social media post where she is seen with a typewriter and making edits to a movie script.

“I Need A-lot of Bandz to make this………..OKAY. (Story of my life),” she captioned the post on Instagram.

In one of the pictures from the slideshow Madonna teased, you see a line drawn across the title M Untitled. The new title of the biopic is Who’s That Girl, a nod to Madonna’s 1987 film and song of the same name.

The script is noted as being “Rewritten by Madonna and ECW.”

News of Madonna working on her biopic comes almost a year and a half after the project was paused indefinitely. In January 2023, it was reported that the film at Universal Pictures had been scrapped.

Madonna was set to direct the film about her life and career, penning the script with Diablo Cody and Erin Cressida Wilson. Julia Garner had been chosen by the Queen of Pop herself to star in the film after proving to be a standout in a singing and dancing boot camp.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Garner is still attached to star in the film now called Who’s That Girl.

Following the biopic getting put on pause, Madonna suffered a “serious bacterial infection: in June 2023, which made her postpone her Celebration Tour. After recovering from health complications, Madonna embarked on her tour in October 2023 with stops in cities like London, Paris, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, San Francisco, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and many more.

Having lived through Madonna’s hey-day (and survived) I will admit it’s quite the story: From Patrick Hernandez to 610 Broome Street, Jellybean, Shep, PR-man David Salidor, MTV, Mark Kamins, Preston Powell and Seymour Stein and Warren Beatty too, I wonder just how forthcoming she’ll be. To me, the truth is, those early days were simply astounding and do make a terrific story, but that said, they’ve have to be told honestly and a accurately.

Julia Garner would be great, though I wonder again, what exactly was involved in Madonna’s so-called boot camp? Madonna can be, somewhat demanding!

BIDEN OUT — I knew it was a forgone conclusion after that first (and last debate with Trump) but Biden is officially out; with Kamala Harris eyed as the new choice. Biden did, btw, endorse her, though as of this writing she has not been formally nominated.

Topsy-turvy? Yes. More to come? I’m sure. Stay tuned.

Amos Lee

SHORT TAKES — Amos Lee was terrifically impressive on CBS’ Saturday Sessions this weekend. Stellar in fact.

Adrian Niles

Reminded us of Adrian Niles from years ago … After a seemingly endless heat wave in NYC, I heard one of the weather-heads describe the break in the heat as borderline comfortableGuess Who Don’t Sue: What enterprising director had a red-hot doc ready to go on a iconic superstar, but he let his reps go fingering he could do it with his own mojo? He couldn’t and the deal fell through …

Steven J. Immerman

Brad Balfour interviewed Steven J. Immerman on his In Search Of Pleasure Island tome for the Irish Examiner. Check it out here:

We watched Sofia Coppola’s On The Rocks with Bill Murray and Rashida Jones. Coppola’s Lost In Translation (2003) is perhaps my all-time favorite film. This was a different, lighter path, but we definitely give it a thumbs up. Murray, as usual, was terrific …

Katy Perry

I’m a bit bothered by all this media-backlash about Katy Perry and her comeback single “Women’s World.” There were disturbing items about it in both SHOWBIZ 411 ( and the Daily Mail (; citing everything from Dr. Luke’s involvement to a hideous video for the song. It all seems a bit unwarranted. It may not be “Firework,”  but not totally a disaster. Check it out: … And, great quote from Peter Frampton on the passing of Bob Newhart: We were friends and when I took him to lunch, it was the Four Seasons. when he took me to lunch, it was some place else. It was the accountant in him.” Much-missed and thank you Bob! for all the laughs.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Andrew Sandoval; Bob Merlis; Roy Trakin; Roger Grimsby; Bill Beutel; Spike Jonze; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Kent & Laura Denmark; Susan Storm; Geraldo Rivera; Rosanna Scotto; Paul Mescal; Paul Undersinger; Harrison Jordon; Jordon Gray; Lori Immerman; Vinny Rich; Scott Stark; Don Wardell; Marsha Stern; Billy Smith; Robert Funaro; and CHIP!

Images on this page have been licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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G.H. Harding

24 BACK — (Via TV Line) The clock is ticking (again): A movie adaptation of the hit Fox drama 24  is in early development at 20th Century Studios, our sister site Variety reports.

Keifer Sutherland

Brian Grazer, who executive-produced the original series, teased the prospect of a film version in a June interview with MSNBC’s Squawk Box. In a discussion of different legacy IP brands at his production company Imagine Entertainment, Grazer mentioned a 24 movie in the works “that we’re going to do in a very interesting way with Disney and Fox.”

The project is still in the very early stages, though, so there’s no word yet if Keifer Sutherland will return to reprise his role as counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer in the film. Sutherland starred as Bauer during 24′s original run, which aired for eight seasons on Fox beginning in 2001. The real-time thriller became a hit and won a number of awards, including Emmys for best drama series and for Sutherland as best lead actor in a drama. Sutherland returned as Bauer for the limited series 24: Live Another Day, which aired in 2014. Fox also tried a spinoff, 24: Legacy, in 2017 — with Corey Hawkins taking over the lead role — but that was scrapped after a single season.

The way I see if – and, as a longtime fan of both the show and Sutherland – is that if Keifer is not there, it’s not worth doing. Agreed?

Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford

SHORT TAKES — I watched an interview with Kathie Lee Gifford on Today Wednesday and didn’t even recognize her. Check out the clip here: … Great Micky Dolenz interview from the Monterey Country NOW by Dave FariesMicky Dolenz of The Monkees – and much more – still thrives on stage with songs and stories. | Music |

Brad Balfour (Film Festival Traveler) interviewed Steven J. Immerman on his In Search Of Pleasure Island tome this week… Home Depot loads in their Halloween-toys and treats this weekend. It may seem a bit early, but October will here before you know it. A PR-source of ours was about to work on a Halloween-movie coming out in September and had a co-promotion event with the store and the movie; then it all fell apart. Seems to me this would have been a superb tie-in … One of the great A&R men of them all Ed Rosneblatt passed this week in LA. From Peter Gabriel to Madonna to Neil Young; Eddie had a hand in it. Take a look at this story from Hits: 

Cameron Crowe

Meryl Streep is set to essay Joni Mitchell in a film by Cameron Crowe. Big news for sure. Crowe’s Almost Famous is a stone-called classic; as is Crowe …

Francis Ford Coppola

This year’s Kennedy Center Honors will be awarded to director Francis Ford Coppola, rock band Grateful Dead, blues and rock singer-songwriter Bonnie Raitt, jazz trumpeter, pianist and composer Arturo Sandoval and the venue The Apollo. The ceremony will take place on Dec. 8, for broadcast on Dec. 23 …

We haven’t weighed in on Apple +’s Presumed Innocent; the re-working of Scott Turow’s book (in 1987) and movie (in 1990), but the finale is next week and the show’s just been renewed for a second season. Jake Gyllenhaal has been great, as has Bill Camp, but David E. Kelly’s words have been just off the charts. For me, it’s the best Kelly’s done since Big Little Lies. If you haven’t seen this series yet, watch all the 8 episodes. It’s a gift for sure. Stunningly good … Just received: NYC’s legendary West Bank Cafe will close …

Tom Viola (by Tristan Fuge)

After an extraordinary run of 36 years, Broadway Cares’ Tom Viola is leaving. Bravo Tom! … RIP Bob Newhart!

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Hoda Kotb; Roseanna Scotto; Ray ‘Pinky’ Velazquez; Jim Burgess; Stephanie Shepherd; Monica Lynch; Robert Dragatta; Len Berman; Brad Balfour; Jim Milliot; Sue Simmons; Cindy Adams; Liz Smith; Claudia Cohen; Neal Travis; Richard Johnson; Howard Smiley; and SADIE!

 Images on this page have been licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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G.H. Harding

FOLEY’S FUN — I watched Axel F: Beverly Hills Cop the other night and though everyone looked dreadfully old, I rather enjoyed in. Murphy was 23 when the first one came out in 1984 and was a massive hit; 40 years later, the demand is perhaps not the same, but I was surprised by how much of the original music was repeated in this one: from The Pointer Sisters on down to Bob Seger; it was almost like a walk down memory lane.

Kevin Bacon, as a corrupt police captain, is the big bad here and while he was good, he was nowhere near as bad as Stephen Berkof as Victor Maitland in the original. Face it, the badder the bad-guy is, the more it works. It was great seeing the original cast back; I love Paul Reiser, Judge Reinhold and John Ashton, but newcomers Taylour Paige, who essays Foley’s daughter, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt bring real gravitas to the screen. Levitt continues to impress every time I see him. I predict he’ll find that one big role and will be a major, major star.

The script by Will Beall; Tom Gormican and Kevin Etten is pretty bland, although one line that Murphy says to Paige is a killer:  I’ve been a father as long as you’ve been a daughter.

Don Simpson

If you’ve seen the trailer and it evoked similar feelings as the one in 1984, it’s because the studio brought back the original editor to do the new trailer. Smart move for sure. Also impressive was adding the name of producer ‘Don Simpson’ in the opening credits. Much missed.

TRUMP BIDNESS — After the weekend’s events with Trump, what can you say. He survived and the ;photos and videos have been used and viewed hundreds of times. We don’t even talk about a replacement for Biden anymore?

There still are some that say it was staged, but were the injured part of the plan too?. Even for me, that’s a bit cyclical.

I lived through the Kennedy (both); King; Wallace; Reagan and Scalise events and they were just terrible.

Still you’ve got give Trump credit for pushing on …. right?

SHORT TAKES — Hard to believe LIVE AID was 39 years ago last weekend. We we’re there, actually sitting in the row where they stopped to hose the crowd down. Was a terribly hot day at JFK Stadium. My main memory was Clapton, The Cars and Hall & Oates and of course, all of Phil Collins. Quite a day …

Have you seen this latest video from Ringo Starr? “Gonna Need Someone”- And that’s Nick Valensi (the Strokes) on guitar. Song was written by Linda Perry and from Ringo’s current EP Crooked Boy Sign Of The Times: LA’s famed Record Plant is closing after 55 years as one of the industry’s most in-demand recording studios. Hotel California and Rumours were recorded there. New York’s Record Plant closed their doors in 1987. Check this out from MIX …

Jonathan Wolfson just sent us the new Daryl Hall album, D. Review next time …

Palm Restaurant

PR-pasha David Salidor’s book on the infamous Palm restaurant is due in September … Happy Bday Angelo Babbaro; Ron Shuter and Bill Evans. RIP Richard Simmons; Dr. Ruth; James B. Sikking; and Shannen Doherty.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Al Roker; Bruce Grakal; John Billings; Jane Blunkell; Chris Gilman; Peter Shendell; Barry Fisch; Eppy; Vinny Rich; Anthoiny Noto; Anthony Pomes; Matt Crutch; Lush Ice; Belinda Carlisle; Gary Gershoff; Steve Walter; Chubby O’Brien; Pat Walsh; Mike Shanley; and ZIGGY!

Images on this page have been licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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G.H. Harding

ALEC BALDWIN — I’ve had my own issues with Alec Baldwin for years; then, literally on a dime, it all turned around and I found him to be pretty compassionate, intelligent and a nice guy. What happened in Santa Fe on the Rust set was an unspeakable tragedy, and his trial was halted yesterday and the case was dismissed due to evidence not being given to the Baldwin-team. The Santa Fe prosecutor Kari Morrisey seemingly told two different stories on the stand and outside the court room. She is, without a doubt, toast.

Baldwin is still liable for civil suits, but this case is gone and he cannot be tried again. A win for sure, but the questions still remain: who brought live ammo onto the Rust-set. Clearly that may never, ever be determined.

Baldwin’s a good guy with a short fuse, but this situation, once and for all, is done.


SHORT TAKES — Hard to believe the Las Vegas Mirage is closing … after 35 years. Opened in 1983 it was a great hotel and hosted The Beatles’ Love show. I have stayed there numerous times and loved it. The new owner will build a Hard Rock hotel there, with a HUGE guitar in front. Yet again changing the skyline of that town. It’ll open in 2027 …

Lyndsey Parker

Lyndsey Parker is a terrific writer. Her new site, Lyndsanity just posted a great interview with Micky Dolenz about his direction of the video “Love Is Dangerous” from Noel – masterminded by the Mael Brothers in 1979. Great piece, check it out here:

… Hard to believe there are only 8 episodes left of CBS’ Blue Bloods. Salary concerns killed this show and it’s a shame as it was really superb for 15 years. Bad move on CBS’ part …

Zach Martin

Veteran-broadcaster Denny Somach joins Zach Martin’s NEW HD radio –

Benny Harrison

Whatever happened to Benny Harrison’s album Pages? It was a great one. Heard an early advance and loved it …And, (via Deadline)

Stevie Nicks

There are special guest stars, and then there’s extra-special guest stars. Which is what Harry Styles what is as he joined Stevie Nicks at her July 12 concert in the UK for versions of her hits “Stop Draggin’ My heart Around” and “Landslide.” Styles played guitar on stage and held up on the Tom Petty/Lindsey Buckingham vocal parts. It was familiar turf, as Styles has joined Nicks on stage several times in the past. Nicks was appearing at the BST Hyde Park concert series on Friday. Nicks told the audience in London that she asked Styles to help her in commemorating what would have been her late Fleetwood Mac bandmate Christine McVie’s 81st birthday … RIP Dr. Ruth!

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Nancy Ruth; Mark Bego; Freda Payne; Jerry Brandt; Kent & Laura Denmark; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; David Kramer; Terry Jastrow; Steve Immerman; Jordan Immerman; Tony Seidl; Roy Trakin; Markos Papadatos; Sparks; Pat Prince; Cindy Adams; Tony LoBianco; Tone Scott; David Adelson; Joel Denver; Pat Prince; and SADIE!

 Images on this page have been licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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G.H. Harding

JON BON HISTORY —- (Via Ultimate Classic Rock) Bon Jovi’s new album Forever certainly didn’t live up to its name on the charts. As noted by Forbes, after debuting at No. 5 in its first week of release, the album fell all the way out of the Billboard 200 album sales chart the following week. Unless it returns in the future, Forever will be the first Bon Jovi studio album to only last one week in the Top 200.The band’s previous album, 2020’s pandemic-delayed 2020, only notched two weeks on the chart. It debuted at No. 19, then fell 126 spots the following week before departing for good.

With their touring future in doubt due to singer Jon Bon Jovi’s medical issues, the band promoted Forever with a multi-pronged media campaign that included the release of the documentary series Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi story. The series showed Bon Jovi being diagnosed with loose vocal cords after he was unable to perform up to his usual standards on the band’s most recent tour, then undergoing surgery and a rigorous recovery program.

Last month, Bon Jovi confirmed that he was still unable to mount a full-scale tour in support of Forever. “It’s a work in progress,” he told The Guardian. “There’s no miracle. I just wish there was a fucking light switch. I’m more than capable of singing again. The bar is now: can I do two and half hours a night, four nights a week? The answer is no.”

The band did play a surprise five-song set to celebrate the opening of their frontman’s new Nashville bar and restaurant JBJ’s on June 7, performing Forever’s debut single “Legendary” in addition to classics such as “You Give Love a Bad Name” and “Born to Be My Baby.”

With all the media on their Hulu-doc series, new album and almost incessant one-on-one interviews, the new album was either going to be a hit … or a miss. Sad for sure … I hope they don’t blame this on Richard Sambora!

Melrose Place

SHORT TAKES — 32 years since Melrose Place? I was never a fan but some of the original cast have reunited for – what else?

Micky Dolenz

A podcast … From Gold Radio in the UK: … Spent a few days in Waterbury, Connecticut and watched a lot of tennis. Beautiful up there. Stunning in fact …


Congrats to radio-personality Race Taylor on inking a new contract-extension with WCBS-FM. Well deserved …


Here’s the trailer for Brad Pitt’s next film F1

Looks good, but didn’t we just see this covered in James Mangold’s terrific Ford vs. Ferrari? It’ll be out in June 2025 …  

Billy Bob Thornton

Boy, I could have predicted this: Via Deadline – Paramount + has announced the premiere date for its latest Taylor Sheridan drama, Landman, starring Oscar winner Billy Bob Thornton, will premiere Sunday, November 17. The series will launch with two episodes, and subsequent episodes of the 10-episode long first season will be available weekly on Sundays. Set in the proverbial boomtowns of West Texas, – the show is a tale of fortune seeking in the world of oil rigs. Based on the 11-part podcast “Boomtown,” the series is an upstairs/downstairs story of roughnecks and wildcat billionaires fueling a boom so big, it’s reshaping our climate, our economy and our geopolitics … Finished watching The Veil on Hulu with Elizabeth Moss. Sort of an on-the-road mystery. Moss is great, but the plot is a tad murky. B + … And for all you Papaya King fans (me included) in NYC: … 

RIP Joe Egan from Stealers Wheel.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Steven J. Immerman; Tony Seidl; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Pat Walsh; Mark Bego; Lamar Fike; Feda Payne; Kent & Laura Denmark; Nancy Ruth; The Church; Teresa Knox; Myles Smith; Chuck Scarborough; Joe Scarborough; Alison Steele; Carol Miller; Dan Ingram; Anthony Pomes; Brad Balfour; and ZIGGY!

 Images on this page have been licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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