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The Glorious Corner

The Glorious Corner


EVE ALL DONE  —  One viewer posted the Killing Eve (AMC/BBC America) finale (Making Dead Things Look Nice) was totally unsatisfactory. I have to agree, ever since Phoebe-Waller Bridge, who created the show, exited after the first season, the scripts have gone decidedly downhill and Sunday’s finale, for all its grit-and-glamour, was not very good at all. Baffling in fact!

If you’ve been following the show, both Eve -Sandra Oh- and Villanelle -Jody Comer- (and, Carolyn for that matter) were following available leads to the mysterious cabal The12; the evil-doers behind so much madness in the show, the episodes lacked a bit of direction. Apparently they found them on a ship (The Dixie Queen) and confronted them and killed them … all off-screen. The 12 did prevail and eventually killed Villanelle and that was it. Also, Konstantin, a favorite for sure, was offed as well.
An eerie death in the water (a re-occurring theme in the show) was how it all ended … and that was it. The show was a totally brilliant idea and concept and those first two seasons rocked … but, they sort of killed it season-by-season. Terribly disappointing.

David Lynch

NEW LYNCH — (Via Showbiz 411) Big news today about a possible “secret” David Lynch movie heading to Cannes. It was mentioned in a Variety preview of the French fest.

But last week, on April 7th, Jordan Ruimy’s World of Reel told us all about “Wisteria,” the David Lynch movie with Naomi Watts and Laura Dern.

Ruimy pointed back to a Reddit post from two years ago. It’s possible “Wisteria” is the 13 part “Unrecorded Night” that was going to be a series from Netflix but may be a film stitched together of 13 small chapters.

That would make sense, if anything makes sense because the last time we saw Lynch it was the “Twin Peaks” reboot which was largely incoherent. (Except for episode 8, which was something beyond.)

So we’ll see when Cannes makes its announcement what Lynch has in mind. Not to be a buzz kill, but I’ll bet this is more like “Inland Empire” than “Blue Velvet.”

SHORT TAKES The last two episodes on NBC’s The Blacklist have just been exceptionally good; even harking back to the high bar set in their outstanding first season. Lead James Spader is better than ever. If you’ve been following it, you know that Elizabeth Keane, possibly Spader’s daughter, has been killed off, so after a few twists and turns, this season has been mostly about unraveling what really happened. Sure, the plots are a tad far-fetched, but the writing and acting has been first-rate. They’ve been renewed already for Season 10. what could be next? … Julian Lennon has released his first new songs in years, called “Every Little Moment.” Lyrically it’s about hope and all, but the amazing track sounds like it was produced by some real good producers.

Tony Stratton-Smith

I well remember his first album for the long-gone and much missed Charisma Records -released here on Atlantic- and it contained the single “Too Late For Goodbyes,” which became a hit. Charisma was run by the peripatetic Tony Startton-Smith; Genesis’ first manager and somewhat of a record industry legend. Lennon’s new single is as good as that first and maybe even a little better. Good for him. Here’s the video:

Boy, whatever happened to the Allman/Betts band, managed by David Spero. I think after several lukewarm albums, they’ve disbanded. I caught Betts years ago at a gig at Long Island’s Stephen Talkhouse (where he opened for Allman) and he was stellar. Allman was pretty good too and it was around this time they decided to pair up; hopeful to match the brand-success of The Allman Brothers brand.. A good idea, but the deserved to each do their own thing … HBO Max’s Physical, with Rose Bryne,  comes back shortly as does Apple TV’s For All Mankind, which has really grown into a huge show. It’s one of those time-bending shows, but it all works. The first two seasons were a race about a space-race to Mars, between the US and the Russians and in the second season they both landed there and this new season will be about working together. Can they? Will they? I think the Russians have shown themselves who they really are, so all bets are off …

Buddy Blanch/Romeo Delight

Here’s a great shot of Buddy Blanch onstage with his Romeo Delight aggregation from this past weekend at Sweeney’s Philly Special … Singer/songwriter Randy Edelman appeared at Chelsea Table & Bar last week. Edelman who had a huge hit with his “Weekend In New England” recorded by Barry Manilow in 1978-  is married to songstress Jackie DeShannon (“Put A Little Love In Your Heart”) who was also on-hand … CBS’ The Equalizer formally wrote out Chris Noth’s character, Bishop, in a very well-written episode Sunday called Pulse. Brett Dalton, late of TV’s Agents of SHIELD looks to be the new CIA-operative in the show. I’m still angered over what was done to Noth. Sure, he’s had his troubles, but nothing was ever proven; certainly not in a court of law, yet he was immediately canceledfrom Sex and the City and The Equalizer. Is it right? Hard to say. I guess you can slap someone on national TV and not be arrested and essentially get away with it, but get accused, then you’e gone. A sad state of affairs for sure . Here’s the wrap-up from Deadline:

Randy Klein

Jazzheads Music Groupprexy Randy Klein played live in Times Square (on the Sing For Hope piano), with “Improvisation #18.” Check it out:

Rockers on Broadway

… And, Happy Bday Julian Lennon!

NAMES IN THE NEWS Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Barry Fisch; Ray Caviano; Queen Latifah; Lush Ice; Cory Robbins; Curtis Urbina; Parker Posey; Bruce Willis; Michael Stanley; Eppy; Radio Jim Ryan; Fred Greenberg; Carson Daly; CW Hanes; Dennis Scott; Lynette Johnson; and CHIP!


G. H. Harding is a four decades insider to the entertainment world. He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production companies and several cable outlets. His anonymity is essential in bringing an unbiased view to his writings on pop culture. He is based in NYC.

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