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G.H. Harding

THE FOSTER FILES — Documentaries for me are a double-edged sword. Depending on who directed them, they can be either a love-letter or a ripped-to-shreds downer.

Producer David Foster is one strange-bird. Sure, he’s had unparalleled success in the music world: working with the likes of Whitney Houston; Celine Dion and Michael Bubble, but he also comes off as somewhat of a smart-alec, know-it-all – which I can tell you for sure, many record producers are. There’s a right way, a wrong way or … Foster’s way.

The first third of the doc is Foster gingerly recounting his progress to the top of the heap. From Canada with three sisters, he heads to London, where he had his loneliest time ever. Then back to Canada and then to LA, where he finally felt at home (he hates NYC, too claustrophobic … and, I often know that feeling!). He worked … really worked at becoming one of LA’s tops session players. He also basically skips over a hit he had with a group called Skylark (“Wildflower”) and two albums with George Harrison’s Dark Horse Records, under the name of Attitudes. He does reference Keltner as a source of some major help (he was in Attitudes too, along with guitarist Danny Kortchmar), but really doesn’t discuss Harrison at all, which I felt was kind of odd.

The middle third is his amazing success with the names mentioned above. Clive Davis, is of course there, discussing what importance he had (as well as his big part in the movie Bodyguard with Kevin Costner) but the real curiosity piece here is when manager Irving Azoff brought him into work with the group Chicago.

He professes to have been huge fan, but when the group played him their next set of songs, he immediately dismissed them all and proceeded to write some new songs … without horns! The songs went onto becoming the group’s biggest hits ever … but, still no horns. 

Chicago’s principals are interviewed and appear still quite frosty about this whole episode, but Foster’s adds that they’re still touring … and, playing those hits. Foster was quoted last week he was surprised he didn’t come off worse in that interview with them.

Hey, I told you it was a crazy business.

The last third is about Foster’s five marriages and how he runs when things gets too tight, and the major carnage with his daughters. It’s sad. With an estimated 80 million dollar worth … no money can’t fix problems like these.

A maniacal, ego-centric, narcissist? That’s just who he is. Is it a good film? Not really, but it does present an honest portrait of the man. Essential viewing for anyone is show biz!

England  Concerts in August 2020 — Indoor concerts will be allowed to take place in England beginning August 2020 – the first time since COVID-19 hit – as the country enters Phase 4 of its five-stage reopening plan for live events.

Announced by U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport will first be holding test runs with socially-distanced audiences to create the final and formal guidelines for August 2020.

The announcement also revealed that venues will not be allowed to open at full capacity and tickets will be sold online in order to reduce person-to-person contact. Additionally, social distancing markers will be placed for the audience, while venues will have to undergo deep cleaning measures and operate with staggered performance schedules. “Audiences, performers and venues will be expected to maintain social distancing at all times,” the notice said.

What will happen domestically remains to be seen.

L-R: “Enzo” and Milo Ventimiglia in Twentieth Century Fox’s, THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN

RACING ENZO — I saw a movie over the weekend that literally moved me to tears. The movie of the book (by racing car driver Garth Stein), The Art Of Racing In The Rain. It concerns a new dog, Enzo, brought home by racing car driver Denny (Milo Ventimiglia).

The hook is that we hear Enzo’s thoughts throughout the movie – voiced brilliantly by Kevin Costner – of all people. I know at first it sounds somewhat cheesy, but it’s handled beautifully. Who knew that dogs just might have such serious thoughts?

The movie opens when Enzo is in his declining days and then quickly flashes back to when he is first adopted; and the rhythm that he and Denny develop. The dog’s thought are simply amazing – seriously delivered and strike just the right amount of emotion. What he really aspires to do is to ride in a car with Denny.

Denny meets Evie, who at first Enzo is suspicious of, but then comes to embrace. They marry, with Enzo being the ring bearer. Soon she is pregnant, which brings even more awe to Enzo.

A daughter is born, who is soon marveled at and loved, by Enzo as well.

A serious illness happens and everything adapts accordingly from there.

I guess if you are, or were, a dog owner, you can relate much differently to the movie. One review -from a major trade paper no less- reviewed this movie as if he didn’t even see it. The postings on his review were hilarious … and, true.

It’s a tearjerker for sure. Ventimiglia is sensational and Amanda Seyfried, as Eve, is astonishingly good, but the real secret weapon is Costner. As believable as ever, he was a sensational choice.

This is a good one!

Micky Dolenz

SHORT TAKES — Actor, singer, director, producer, writer, radio DJ, inventor, all-around performer extraordinaire—and frequent Wizard World guest—Micky Dolenz will make his first virtual appearance on Sunday, August 2, at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT, at  Wizard World Virtual Experiences ( Best known as vocalist and drummer of The Monkees, the superstar who has been entertaining crowds for more than a half century will take part in a FREE live moderated video Q&A, followed by one-on-one video chats, recorded videos and autographs. Sessions are accessible to virtual attendees on their computer and mobile devices via Twitch, Facebook and YouTube … 

Paul McCartney

Best Vintage Track of the Week goes to Paul McCartney’s “Back In The Sunshine Again,” from his album 2001 Driving Rain album. Just a superb track: take a listen:

RIP Mary Noto; wife of Lore Noto (The Fantasticks) and mother of Anthony … Happy Bday Alicia Spiegel.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Danny Kortchmar; Attitudes; Billy Amendola; Barry Fisch; Vic Kastel; Jane Blunkell; Randy Alexander; Carol Weber; Kreskin; Tony King; Joel Diamond; Fabian; and, BELLA!

G. H. Harding is a four decades insider to the entertainment world. He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production companies and several cable outlets. His anonymity is essential in bringing an unbiased view to his writings on pop culture. He is based in NYC.


The Glorious Corner




WALTER’S WIT — Sad news here for sure. Walters definitely broke the glass ceiling for sure and on her last day on The View,  all the female anchors and co-anchors (those who knew her and those that she inspired) showed up to wish her well and that was a beautiful site. From Savannah Guthrie and Debbie Roberts and Katie Couric and Joan Lunden on down, it was quite a site. Fitting for sure.

I would bump into Walters at various events and screenings and she was always totally focused and charming. I actually shared a table with her and bff Cindy Adams at The Palm West one night; set up by their PR-man David Salidor.
Walters was again suitably charming and I walked away with even more respect. Sure she had some trouble along the way -namely Harry Reasoner and Dan Rather- but in reality, that’s part of the game. I don’t think it was due to her gender, rather just being competitive. Say hat you will, but media in general is a tough game to play and a measured degree of aggressiveness is always called for.
I was at many View shows too and though ti was always hard to talk to her during that show, she was graceful. A true giant for sure. The main talent Booker there Donald Berman -retired last year and there from the start of the program- was a true gentleman with exquisite taste.
One other point must be made: he partner and co-producer Bill Geddie was with her right in the line of fire. Bill was always a gentleman, but he, along with Walters, made The View what is was. ABC bought her out and it’s never been the same.
THE GOOD NURSE —People keep asking me what’s happened to the cinema this year as the choices have been downright meager and frustrating. Top Gun/Maverick could well get a slew of nominations – not for the movie – but for bringing people back into the theaters. The nominations are announced on Tuesday, January 24.
The Fablemans, to me at least, was a major disappointment and I can’t really put my finger on why. I’m a Spielberg fan for sure, but this just seemed somewhat too ordinary. Plus, the script by Tony Kushner seemed terribly limp – especially when compared to his beatific Angels In America epic.
We watched The Good Nurse with Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain and it was pretty good, but a movie about a serial killer was certainly a downer, certainly not the movie for New Year’s Eve. Redmayne was good, not in his Harry Potter-esque motif, but again, it was a one-note portrayal. Chastain continually surprises me and was actually stunningly terrific. Her performance is worth the price of admission.SHORT TAKES — Hulu’s Welcome to Chippendales ends this week after 8 episodes. I’ve watched all seven so far and as I’ve said, have found the story to be vastly compelling. That said, the production looks cheap. Had they spent a few more dollars, it could have been a stellar show. Murray Bartlett (White Lotus) as Nick di Noia is just great and Andrew Rannells as his bf is sensational too. Topliner Kumail Nanjiana is searing as well. The story’s great for sure … 
Bischoff’s Confectionary, in Teaneck, New Jersey, was a sweet shop for 90 years. They just closed. Sad, Check out their story: Stone magazine just issued their list of the Best 100 Singers of All Time. It’s a ludicrous list, emphasizing yet again, the current edition of Rolling Stone has absolutely NO relation to the Jann Wanner-days. So, so sad. Check out Roger Friedman’s brilliant take on it. Honestly, I couldn’t have written a better one myself:


I got into a whole playlist of Canons and just loved it. They’re the band that had “Fire For You” and “Tunnel Of You.” Led by Michelle Joy, they’ve become a major favorite and I see big things in store for them. One selection was a cover of Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” which was great. Check it out here:

Looking for something to watch I came across Woody Allen’s Irrational Man with Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone and Parker Posey and absolutely loved it. Imagine  my surprise when I learned it was from 2015. Ever since the brouhaha with Mia Farrow, Allen’s been persona non grata is many ways. Honestly, this film was sensational. It was Allen’s typical-magnificent work and the actors were great. One of Stone’s best and Parker Posey’s best ever. I loved it … Loved last week’s Kennedy Center Awards. Thought the tribute to George Clooney was hilarious and his father speech just terrific. Dianne Reeves performance was just splendid but no mention of George’s aunt Rosemary. I was hoping for some ERcast-members to show, but nada. Eddie Vedder doing two U2 songs was great. What a voice … Check out this video from Ashley Suppa doing Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time” – … Exquisite. Going to be a big year for Ms. Suppa; stay tuned … and HAPPY BDAY Bruce Shindler and RIP Fred White of Earth, Wind & Fire and Anita Pointer.
NAMES IN THE NEWS — Chris Gilman; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Jodi Ritzen; Donna Quinter; Cori Gardner; Russ Titleman; Decca Records; Peter Bart; Bruce Haring; Joe Lynch; Peter Abraham; Len Salidor; Mark bego; Cliff Richard; John Reid; Hugh Jackman; Jack Rollins; Jerry Seinfeld; Dennis Arfa;  CRIMSHAW; and CHIP!
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Broadway Barks Returns July 9th



For their first in-person event in three years for its 24th annual dog and cat adoption event that benefits New York City animal rescue groups. The event, co-founded by Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore, features Broadway celebrities who use their star power to help find loving homes for animals in need from 25 participating NYC area shelters. 

This year, Peters will host the event with Sutton Foster who currently stars on Broadway in the hit musical, The Music Man. 

For over 20 years, more than 2,000 cats and dogs have stolen Broadway’s spotlight and the hearts of all who come to the event. Approximately 85% of these furry friends have successfully found forever homes. The event, produced by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, will take place in Shubert Alley (located between 44th and 45th Streets, between Broadway and Eighth Avenues).  Festivities begin at 3 p.m. for a ‘meet and greet’ with all the adoptable pets (adoption event); from 5-6:30 p.m. adoptees make their Broadway debut on stage alongside some of Broadway’s favorite stars (celebrity presentations).  

The event is free and open to the public.

Celebrity participants to be announced at a later date.

Follow Broadway Barks:

– Facebook:

– Twitter: @BroadwayBarks

 Instagram: @broadwaybarks

Follow Bernadette Peters:

– Facebook:

            – Twitter: @OfficialBPeters

            -Instagram: @officialbernadettepeters  

Follow Sutton Foster:



            -Instagram: @suttonlenore

Follow Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS:

– Facebook:

            – Twitter: @BCEFA

            – Instagram: @BCEFA

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Best of Lists

Lights, Camera, Mother’s Day in True Hollywood Fashion with a Distinctive Tradition



Distinctive Assets is once again be producing and distributing its annual “Mother’s Day in Hollywood” Gift Bag. Distinctive Assets will pamper twenty-five of the world’s most famous moms with a broad array of fabulous gifts that are innovative, unique and useful.

“We hope these gifts will help these incredible women celebrate motherhood, family and a life well lived. These ladies inspire us through their work, and our intention is to give them both inspiration and indulgence in their motherhood journeys,” says Distinctive Assets’ founder and noted gift expert Lash Fary.

The list of this year’s mommies includes Jennifer Love Hewitt, Emmy Rossum, Mena Suvari, Kristen Wiig, Mandy Moore, Kylie Bunbury, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Hilary Duff, Priyanka Chopra, Katharine McPhee Foster, Emma Roberts, Kelly Rowland, Halsey, Amber Heard, Amanda Seyfried, Emily Vancamp, Olivia Munn, Eve, Jamie Chung, Freida Pinto, Jeannie Mai, Christina Ricci, Meghan Trainor, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lawrence.

The 2022 “Mother’s Day in Hollywood” Gift Bag features:

The Almighty Pineapple handcrafted Tranquility Oil Roller, Andis Company Wet & Dry Shaver + Personal Trimmer, ARTKIVE kids’ art keepsake box-to-book conversion service, Athena Futures potty-training watch, Atkins Chai Latte Protein Shakes, Baketivity kids’ baking kit, BIOKIDÉ Moisturizer Face Cream with baobab oil, BYROE salad-infused beauty, The Chai Box hand-blended small batch chai, City Pier Seafood Kitch’n Kidz seafood- inspired cooking kit, CocoVaa Chocolatier award-winning fine chocolate collection, COLAB Refresh & Protect dry shampoo, Color Street Nail Strip deluxe gift box, C60 Purple Power ultimate antioxidant protection, Dig It Handwear Garden Gloves, Dr. Rahi MD advanced aesthetics treatments, Elixinol Sleep Gummies, Ferver Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Goddaughters AngelEyes Heart on My Shoulder pearl necklace, The Heart Company vegan Eau de Parfum fragrance collection, Hello Gorgeous premium French craft cocktails, It’s a Sign gratitude journal, Jambys “performance inactivewear”, Kandoona Zentyme Moments aromatherapy shower steamers, Koita premium Italian plant-based milks, Ladybug Potions wellness supplements, Leaner Creamer all-natural non-dairy coconut oil coffee creamer, Little Elska luxurious minky blanket, Stepping Stone by Liv Arnold, Lottie the Leopard Can’t Find Her Spots by Ron Roecker, Love Sun Body SHEER POWER cruelty-free mineral face SPF 30 formula, MAЁLYS GET-SPRUNG Enriched Stretch Mark Oil + B- FLAT Belly Firming Cream, Moments Condoms reproductive planning and pleasure gift set, Mommies Work illustrated children’s book, and NutriFit customized healthy meal delivery.

There is also the ODDICT TWIG PRO wireless earbuds, PeaTos plant-based deluxe snack bundle, Pedi Licious aloe gel/coconut oil infused Foot Polishing Scrub, Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars Minis, RaVina Labs Skin Essentials Travel Kit, R.J. Iguanas Everyday Hot Sauce, Rose Box NYC 4 rose acrylic jewelry box, RYDIR Band travel necessity, SABON Green Rose Dead Sea Body Scrub, Schwank Grills Portable Infrared Grill, Shinery Radiance Wash hand + jewelry cleaner, SPOTMYUV UV Detection Stickers, Sweet Rosie Jewellery handmade jewelry, Tidal Hair Sticks hair accessories, Tree by Melina Sempil Watts, T-Time Products Interpersonal Shea Butter Balm, Tub Cubby Bathroom Organizer, Two Sisters Spa toy-filled bath bombs, Vahdam India sustainable & stylish on-the-go insulated Rover Bottle, The Vocal Toolkit optimal vocal health resources, Warmies heatable cozy plush stuffed animals, WaterWipes biodegradable/plastic-free/compostable baby wipes, Wunderkeks “Best Cookies Ever” sampler, and YOUTH Anti-Blemish Concentrate.

Cover art by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

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