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The Importance of Communication Models in Education

The Importance of Communication Models in Education

Communication has always been an integral part of the education sector which has made it be a better place for our students and teachers. Besides, the education sector, every industry highly depends on the model of communication to facilitate their processes and execute them accordingly. 

So, what are communication models all about?

Well, communication models can be simply be referred to as the diagrammatic presentation of the communication process. In other words, it is the visual representation of the entire process of communication.

The goal of the communication model has always been to develop communication skills and boost its efficiency between the students and teachers. The message flows from the communicator or the sender to the receiver who gives the feedback. 

However, in between, there is the encoding of the message, the medium used and the decoding of the message by the receiver before the feedback is given back to the sender or communicator. This is has been the process of communication in every sector. 

Before we look at the importance of communication models in education, let’s briefly look at some of the types of models of communication.

Types of Model of Communication

There many types of a communication models that are used today in our society. Nevertheless, let’s look at the basic ones;

  1. Linear Model

In this model of communication, it is only the sender/communicator who sends the message to the receiver. There is no feedback from the receiver. It is mostly used in mass communication. However, there is a channel for delivering the message. In simple terms, it is one-way communication.

  • Transactional Model

This is a type of communication model whereby, both the receiver and the sender interchange roles. That means the sender becomes the receiver and the receiver becomes the sender at a particular time of their communication. This is perhaps the most common type of communication used in our daily life. It is generally used for interpersonal communication. Even so, it has noise because of the feedback from both parties.

  • Interactional Model

This method of communication is also referred to as the convergence model. The communicators take a turn. That means, if the sender sends a message, he or she waits for the receiver to reply. It is a common method used in texting through the internet like emails, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Nevertheless, feedback takes longer and sometimes it becomes linear if the receiver does not reply. 

Other models of communication are used but our main emphasis is the above because they are the most common. Now let’s look at the importance of a well-developed communication model in education.

Importance of Communication Models in Education

  1. It helps in conduction research

Research is one of the most common activities done in education by the students. It could be they are researching their thesis, dissertations, essays or other academic works related to communication. Communication models enable the students to know which type of model to use to gather the required information effectively. 

  • It enables the student to have a proper flow in their communication

One of the areas that need accuracy and flow of ideas is when writing academic papers. Most of the application essays and thesis has a certain format and flow that a student is expected to follow. Having an understanding of the communication model, you know how to write convincingly while maintaining the flow of ideas as required.

  • It helps in identifying the communication complexities

A teacher can easily understand why students are not performing well in his subject. Could it because he or she is using the wrong model of communication? Having an understanding of the model of communication, the teacher or lecturer will easily identify any complexity existing between him and the students. 

  • It enables the easy presentation

A time comes when the student, especially postgraduates, need to defend their projects before professors and CODs of their departments. If the student knows the right model of communication that will convince the panel, it will be a great deal for them, especially when presenting their projects effectively. Generally, a proper understanding of the communication model automatically leads to an easy presentation of ideas. 

  • It helps in writing very firm introductions

The way a student start their presentation, thesis or essay determines how well they will catch the attention of the reader or the listeners. By being conversant with the communication model, they can deliver a better introduction both in their writing and speaking. 

  • It promotes the level of understanding

Most students fail because of the poor understanding they get as their lecturer or tutor teachers. If there is an already established communication model between students and the teacher, they can ask any questions for clarification. By that, the level of understanding is enhanced.

As you can see, models of communication can be an important aspect of education if it is used and incorporated into the system. We can have better students and overall leaders in the future in various sectors across the globe. 


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