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The Importance Of Oncology Skincare For Cancer Patients

The Importance Of Oncology Skincare For Cancer Patients

Skincare should be a part of the treatment plan for patients undergoing radiotherapy so that it can take care of skin damage, which is a side-effect. Skincare helps to reducethe pain and discomfort that arises from damaged skin. Radiotherapy side effects show up in the form of skin damage in the areas exposed to radiation that become reddish and looks as if burnt. Radiotherapy and other oncological treatment aim to ensure that patients can lead a cancer-free life. However, continuing with the treatment is very important. In many cases, dryness of skin can lead to skin peeling and blisters or ulcers, depending on which part of the body remains exposed to radiation.

The skin, which is the largest organ of the body, changes due to the detoxification effects of oncological drugs and radiation. After any cancer treatment, especially radiotherapy, the skin becomes thin, dry and fragile and so much inflamed that it tends to breakout. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to undergo skin therapy treatment simultaneously with cancer treatment. It will help to maintain the skin’s integrity and balance so that it can withstand the process of detoxification. 

Special skin care

The skincare needed by cancer patients is different from other skincare which makes it special as the cancer treatment itself. Simply said, oncological patients will never benefit by using standard facials and creams but should instead use some special creams and medications. Camwell’s cream for radiation burns uses natural ingredients to treat the skin. It is most suited for the skin conditions of cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy because it is specially created for them. The cream helps in hydrating and restoring the affected skin, thereby producing a calming and soothing effect that makes the oncological treatment bearable and encourage patients to continue with it. 

Oncology skincare

Oncology skincare is different from other types of skincare. It specifically addresses the skin problems faced by oncological patients. The ingredients of the creams have unique hydrating and restorative properties that correctly address the skin conditions developed due to radiation exposure with complete focus on patient safety. Safety is essential because any adverse reaction can aggravate the problems and make it difficult for patients to continue with the treatment. It is the worst thing that can happen. So, cancer patients must be careful in choosing creams and ointments for skincare that they must take under proper medical guidance only.

Relief from the side-effects

Rashes and burns, redness of skin and skin dryness are the most common side-effects of radiotherapy. To provide relief to patients, it is advisable to have a separate skincare treatment plan along with the oncological treatment. Skincare treatment must continue even after completion of the oncological treatment even up to one year if needed. It depends on the extent of the problem faced by patients which varies because the skin quality differs. 

Taking an integrated approach in radiotherapy by including skincare is the best way to mitigate the side-effects. There might be only a lucky few who experience minimal side-effects when undergoing radiotherapy treatment.

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