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The Importance of SEO In A Successful Website

The Importance of SEO In A Successful Website

SEO is a commonly used acronym, but unless you’re a digital marketer or own your own website, then it may be an unfamiliar one. The importance of SEO for those whom a presence online is imperative, cannot be underestimated – to the point where businesses across the globe spend a collective millions of pounds annually.

The concept is a simple one – SEO enhances website visibility in the SERPs. A solid strategy should ensure that a site ranks better in Google for its target keywords, and as a result, it should therefore see greater levels of traffic. The initial part of the strategy should involve the aforementioned – keyword research. Whilst ranking well for a whole host of search terms may do well from a vanity perspective, it wouldn’t from a commercial one if those terms aren’t thoroughly researched to ensure one of the following:

  • The keywords have a high search volume – if nobody searches for them, then it renders a great ranking somewhat pointless.
  • The commercial benefit – if the keyword doesn’t show purchase intent or doesn’t fit in with a particular stage in the sales and marketing funnel, then again, it’s unlikely to add benefit to the business.

Once keywords are properly strategized, it’s then imperative to implement the plan. A site with great content, a solid technical platform, and great backlink profile are key to success. And as with keyword research, there are a number of tools that can assist here:

  • SEMRush offer a great tool to analyse content on a website. The guru plan scrapes the on-page text and aligns it to target terms, including frequency, content structure, and indeed salience related aspects.
  • Screaming Frog is great to analyse the technical aspects of a site – it looks at broken links, meta data, canonical tags, as well as a whole host of other features.
  • Majestic SEO is the perfect platform to view a site’s backlink profile. Not only does it look at the quality and quantity, but additions to the tool now allow a user to see link density as well as clique hunting analysis.

Whilst these tools are at the forefront of the majority of digital marketer’s armoury, they tend to be used in a sole capacity on smaller sites. When one is working on a larger, more complex website, the needs and demand change. And as a result, the tools used should change too. Using an enterprise software for complex websites takes a far more holistic approach to SEO and is perfect for sites that have tens of thousands of pages, millions of inbound links, and are focusing their SEO strategy in a far more eclectic manner.

SEO is fundamental for website success, but so too are the tools that are used. A tool focusing on one aspect is great for something smaller, but the more complex sites out there need an approach and a tool that matters – and that is where enterprise solutions come into their own.


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