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The Importance Of Sleep For Weightlifters And Other Athletes



Athletes are well aware of the importance of proper training if they want to make progress. They are also aware of the need for proper nutrition. Often given short shrift, though, is the need for recovery from those workouts. We have discussed massage and other general methods of recovery. Now I will discuss the importance of adequate rest between workouts. Since we spend roughly a third of our lives asleep, I think it is important that we understand this process more, especially with regard to recovery from physical exercise.

How Much Sleep Do Athletes Need?

Most people are aware the body needs sleep. After all, sooner or later we get tired. But just how much sleep do we need? This is difficult to say because like many other things, it depends on individual differences. Some people need more sleep than others due to metabolic reasons. Even the same person at different stages of his life will need differing amounts of sleep. And even that individual will need different amounts of sleep depending on his or her activity level.

Young people will usually require seven to eight hours of sleep per night for optimum performance. That is, optimum for average daily living. When that young person decides to become involved in serious athletic training, then the need for extra sleep will soon rise. It has to. The more physical activity you do, the more the muscles and nervous system will break down in the natural course of experiencing stress on the body. That rebuilding is done during sleep for most part. So naturally, the more you do, the more time it’s going to take to rebuild those systems, and the more sleep you need.

What Happens During Sleep

What exactly happens when you hit the sack and get to dreamland? First of all, you will go through a light sleep stage. Once you lie down and become relaxed, you might dose off. Maybe you will go to sleep fully at this point, but often you will reawaken but without fully cognizant vision. Not long after you maybe doze off again. This is what is called the threshold stage of sleep. This type of sleep is not enough to ensure adequate recovery.

But if all goes well, you soon will enter into the first stage of real sleep. Bodily processes slow down somewhat, temperature drops slightly, and the heart rate drops too. This is not a very deep sleep. As with the threshold stage this type of sleep is not sufficient for adequate recovery.

After some time, you enter the second stage of sleep. This is much deeper and your body processes slow down even more. This process continues until your body enters into its deepest sleep stage. This is where we use the term rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep). It takes from one to two hours for you to reach this stage. This is where you start dreaming, as your eyes move rapidly and so might your body. Oddly enough in this situation your body processes speed up, mainly the heart rate but blood pressure can also fluctuate considerably. It is this situation that can generate some of the fantastic dreams we may remember afterwards. These can include the terrifying ones many of us are familiar with, such as falling, having an accident, or being chased. It can also produce more pleasant dreams. Finding money is a common one, I’m told.

That is the sleep cycle from start to finish, but this is not when you wake up. You actually go through several of these cycles in the course of a night, each one lasting from one to two hours. After the REM stage experience, usually after only a very short time, the cycle starts over, back at light sleeping. This is why we can be easily awakened at times and not at all at others. Finally, after eight hours or so, your body processes get back to normal in preparation for waking up. 

The Special Sleep Requirements of Athletes

This is what happens with a good night’s sleep. This is what is necessary for the adequate recovery of a non-athlete. But this may not be enough if you are serious athletes doing a high volume of training. You will need more sleep or else you will be going into training sessions in sleep debt. You might get away with this for one training session, but it cannot continue if you expect to make any progress. Sleep debt also creates a window for opportunistic infections to enter the body. Invariably, I get a cold or the flu after two or three days of inadequate sleep. Since even these relatively benign diseases take a week to run their course, they inevitably lead to compromised training.

With that in mind it behooves you to manage your sleeping. Training should not occur too early or too late in your waking hours. You do not want to train early in your day because you will not only be somewhat groggy during your workout, but that workout will sap your energy for the rest of the day. Alas, most athletes who are not professionals have to contend with school or a day job, so this may not be practical for everyone.

On the other hand, you do not want to train too late in the day either. You will be tired from the day’s activities and training will not be optimal. That much is obvious. However, there is another reason you don’t want to train late. This is because for sleep to come easily the body and, more importantly, the mind should already be in a somewhat relaxed state before going to bed. Heavy workouts require a higher level of arousal. You cannot do snatches, cleans, or squats in a lackadaisical manner. You have to give them your full commitment. When you do that, you are going to climb to a certain Ievel of excitement and it will be harder to come back down and easily get to sleep. Because of this, most lifters like to do their training sometime in the afternoon.

And it’s not just training you have to be careful with. Any sort of excitement can make sleep induction difficult. The last hour or so of your waking day should not be spent on anything too stimulating. Watching a movie is good, but those that are overly exciting should be avoided. The same goes with music. Soft music is fine, but heavy metal is not likely to make your sheep-counting easier. This is more a time for quiet reflection and low stimulation, even though this may not be the first choice of many of the younger lifters. There is a time and place for everything, but recovery must take first priority with any serious athlete involved in intensive training.

How to Strategize for Short Nights

Sometimes it is not possible for you to get all of your required sleep during the night. In that case, there is nothing wrong with taking a nap at some point during the day. Elite level lifters do this a lot. Some like to take a short nap before training, others prefer to take one after training, and many do both. Those who train at a professional level will have three or four short training sessions over the course of the day with a lot of horizontal time in between. Many European gyms have attached bedrooms with cots for the lifters to rest between sessions. In any case, napping is useful for not only getting the right amount of sleep, but also to inject a little restorative work in the middle of the day. This will add a little positive slope to your energy graph and make the rest of the day a bit easier.

Proper training, proper nutrition and proper recovery are the triumvirate of athletic success. The first has always been important, it took years before we realize the importance of the second, and now we must all be conscious of the importance of the recovery process – especially those hours when we are unconscious.

For more information on getting a good night’s rest, check out this article,“How to Get Better Sleep at Night” from PeachSkinSheets.


Through the Ages: Why Vintage Sports Fashion Still Shines




No matter how many trends come and go daily in the world of sports fashion, vintage sports apparel seems to remain a constant among sports enthusiasts and vintage sports fashion lovers. Because there’s a certain charm in vintage apparel that no one can get over them. Be it the cultural significance of these sports apparel or just their style, they just simply look charming and classic. That’s why everybody loves to don those charming vintage sports sweatshirts and retro tees. No matter how many new and stylish trends may have come into the world of fashion; even modern fashion lovers just can’t help resist those charming and classic vintage sports apparel. 

So, in this article, just to give you an idea about the iconicness of vintage sports fashion, we’re going to discuss why vintage sports fashion still shines and stands out among many stylish and designer sports clothes options. So let’s dive in.

Reasons Why Vintage Sports Fashion Still Shines

SOURCE: Freepik

  • Nostalgia in Every Stitch

One of the biggest reasons why vintage sports fashion still shines today even after decades is because of the nostalgia attached to this sports apparel. From all those groundbreaking victories to the memorable matches of those golden vintage days, vintage sportswear like Ohio state clothing has seen it all happen. These vintage sports clothes hold all the memories and significant historical changes weaved in their threads which makes them all the first pick for all sports lovers. Everybody not only loves to wear vintage sportswear because of the memories they hold but also because of the cultural and historical changes that this sportswear has witnessed.

  • Timeless Aesthetics and Iconic Logos

The aesthetics of vintage sports apparel speak for itself. These clothes just don’t make you look fashionable but also give you and your outfits a whole different vibe. Not only that but the timeless look of this vintage sportswear also makes it easy for you to blend these sports styles with your trendy fashionable looks. Besides the timeless aesthetic of vintage sports apparel, what really makes them stand out is their iconic logos. These iconic logos are like the life of every vintage sports apparel. Not just that but vintage sports fashion lovers and sports enthusiasts also love to wear these iconic logos to pay homage to the athletic spirit and sensational sports styles of those golden old days.

  • Quality Craftsmanship and Durability

The quality of those vintage sports apparel is something you just can’t question about. Back in the day, these clothes were made to not just stay the test of time but also look and feel comfortable while playing. That’s why the craftsmanship and quality of these vintage sports apparel can’t be questioned about. Not only that but we all wear these vintage sports apparel even after decades and all of this sportswear looks and feels fabulous, that in itself is a huge example of how good the quality and craftsmanship of those good old vintage sportswear is.

  • Unique Limited Editions and Rarity

Another reason why vintage sports fashion still shines even after such a long time is because of its exclusivity. After all, we all love to have items and clothes that are rare because they just make us feel like we own some sort of luxury. So, when it comes to vintage sports apparel, they have a lot of fans and enthusiasts who are always trying to get their hands on these coveted pieces. Not only that but some of these vintage sportswear or sports sneakers were launched as limited editions even back in the day which again makes it difficult and expensive to get some of these pieces.

  • Celebrity Endorsements and Cultural Significance

One of the main reasons why vintage sports fashion is still so much loved is because of the celebrities that are associated with them. For instance, we all remember that iconic Bulls jersey of Michael Jordan. Even though it’s just a mere jersey; ever since Michael Jordan wore it on the field all of a sudden it also became his fan’s favorite. That’s the reason why that simple jersey is so much loved even today.

No matter how many trends come and go in the world of sports fashion, vintage sports apparel isn’t going anywhere. The fans of sports and fashion lovers will never let the charm of vintage sports apparel fade. Perhaps that’s the biggest reason why vintage sportswear still shines even today!

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Attention Super Bowl Fans: The Paley Museum Is Celebrating Super Bowl LVIII



Are you all geared up for the Super Bowl? Are you itching for more, well the Paley Museum is celebrating Super Bowl LVIII with the blockbuster exhibit: Beyond the Big Game. This unprecedented exhibit, in partnership with the National Football League (NFL) and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, will pay tribute to the Super Bowl, and for the first time ever, include a showcase of memorable Super Bowl commercials from the past 50 years.

Visitors will have the opportunity for unique and lasting photo moments with the storied Vince Lombardi Trophy and all 57 team rings from each championship-winning team. There will also be rare artifacts on display including game balls and uniforms from past Super Bowl games on loan from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Beyond the Big Game will feature the first-ever showcase of memorable Super Bowl commercials from the past 50 years. From heartwarming to hilarious, this collection will show why Super Bowl commercials continue to resonate with fans long after the Vince Lombardi Trophy is hoisted by the winning team.

The exhibit will also feature over 150 photos of iconic, thrilling Super Bowl moments, screenings of some of the greatest Super Bowl plays and past Super Bowl games featuring those won by the New York Giants and Jets, Super Bowl Halftime Shows, as well as the historical and exciting showcase of memorable Super Bowl commercials.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unique celebration of the Super Bowl. Book your visit and head to 25 West 52 Street, to The Paley Museum today!

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Royal Caribbean and Inter Miami Thrill with New Jersey Reveal



In the world of sports the news doesn’t get bigger than this. And, best of all it was a moment that was revealed on what is now the world’s largest and greatest ship – Icon of the Seas.

On Jan. 23, Inter Miami CF’s players came aboard with Royal Caribbean International – Inter Miami’s Main Partner and Official Vacation Partner –  to reveal that the world’s largest cruise line will make its mark front and center on every Inter Miami jersey as the Official Jersey Partner beginning with the upcoming 2024 campaign.

“Both Royal Caribbean Group and Inter Miami share the values of dreaming and determination – and the highs of the unbelievable moments when those dreams come true. It’s exciting to now combine forces, and I can’t wait for the future that our two organizations will forge for our industries, for our fans around the world, and of course, for our local communities here in South Florida,” said Royal Caribbean Group President and CEO Jason Liberty.

La Noche – the Club’s away kit – was on full display with the cruise line’s bold crown and anchor logo at a celebration on the new highly anticipated vacation, Icon of the Seas. Four-time Emmy award-winning host Mario Lopez, along with Royal Caribbean and Inter Miami ownership and executives, joined players, staff and fans in the surprise unveiling. Fans can be among the first to purchase the La Noche jersey with the crown and anchor by visiting; and in February, the jersey will be available for sale on Icon.

“Today marks a significant moment in an authentic partnership between two South Florida- based powerhouses, both deeply committed to the community we proudly call home,” said Inter Miami CF Chief Business Officer Xavier Asensi. “We eagerly anticipate our players taking the field and sporting the Royal Caribbean logo on our iconic jerseys in front of our incredible fans at our stadium, across the country and around the globe.”

Royal Caribbean also welcomed its newest vacation, Icon, at a naming celebration with The Icon of Icon of the Seas on hand – world-renowned fútbol player Lionel Messi. The eight-time Ballon d’Or winner officially named and bestowed safekeeping onto the world’s best vacation, its dedicated crew and the adventurers who will experience it for many years to come.

For more information, please visit HERE.

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How Data and Analytics are Revolutionizing Sports Betting




Sports betting has been a fabric of the culture of populations around the world. Numerous people continue to engage in the activity as a way for them to be able to enhance the experiences that they are able to get when watching their favorite sports.

It is an activity that has also been able to gain traction and momentum for a variety of reasons. The landscape in terms of its legality has started to evolve and change, with players in the Great White North able to access sport betting Canada websites to participate. At the same time, their southerly neighbors are now able to participate, too.

However, while the legal landscape has evolved significantly over time, sportsbooks themselves have also seen great change through technology and advances that utilize data and analytics in innovative ways to transform how people wager on events that interest them – more informed decisions can be made. New bets may even become possible due to data availability and improved analytics systems used within sportsbooks.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling has transformed sports betting experiences dramatically through data and analytics, providing bettors and operators alike the power to use historical information more precisely and predict future outcomes more accurately.

Predictive modeling takes into account many variables that could potentially alter an event’s potential outcome and provides users with an overall picture of what may unfold. With predictive models in place, competitive and fair odds can then be established to foster an enhanced user experience than what has previously been offered.

Statistical Analysis

Statistics analysis is another popular form of sports betting industry analysis that can be utilized by bettors, with sportsbooks using these insights to try and anticipate what may transpire based on available stats. Many sporting events today rely heavily on stats for prediction purposes; sportsbooks use statistical analysis tools as part of identifying possible trends or patterns which might occur.

By doing so, they are better equipped to make more informed decisions that lead to improved decisions and outcomes. Punters may use this insight as well; using it to their own benefit by trying to identify where there may be advantages for themselves or value bets that they place.

Use of Algorithms to Make Informed Bets

Algorithms have become a valuable technological resource across the sports betting industry, with bookmakers using algorithms to formulate optimal odds and markets based on available information.

Sportsbooks relying on algorithms can use these solutions to collect as much data as possible for more informed predictions of event outcomes, which in turn gives them more of a clear idea as to the probable end results of each match. Algorithmic solutions have the capability of processing large datasets while employing machine learning techniques for greater insight into each game experience.

Advantages of Using Data and Analytics in Sports Betting

Data analytics offer many advantages for sportsbooks and bettors when used for sports betting activities, from helping reduce errors made during wagering sessions, to more accurate predictions possible with data available.

Additionally, bettors are able to obtain better odds and a greater user experience when they enjoy a sport betting platform for all of their wagering needs, as the data and analytics used can help to make things more transparent and fairer, as well as more competitive.


First, data and analytics are important across sports in general and, therefore, are relevant for the sports betting industry as well. Operators find them useful in ensuring that punters get even playing fields and good fun. Similarly, they also stand to gain because they have an opportunity to make precise forecasts, hence averting unnecessary losses due to human mistakes.

As technology continues to evolve and get better, there is no doubt that the sports betting industry will continue to use the data that is possible to capture, as they will continue to try and provide the best experiences to punters possible, while making sure they are able to profit as much as they can, too.

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The Big Apple Scores Big With The Arrival of SPIN Midtown Flagship



SPIN, the original ping pong social club, celebrates the opening of – SPIN Midtown – its new flagship location, in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world. Located at 1626 Broadway between West 49th-50th St. as the brand’s newest Manhattan location and the ninth venue nationwide. SPIN Midtown has evolved its offerings to the public, while remaining true to the mission of connecting people around the ping pong table.

“We are thrilled to introduce SPIN 2.0, a cutting-edge digital evolution of the SPIN brand,” said Pieter Vanermen, CEO of SPIN. “From neon art integration to immersive social installations and unveiling of Spinny, the US’s first ping pong robot, SPIN is poised to be the ultimate entertainment destination.”

Catering to an eclectic New York City audience, SPIN Midtown offers a unique escape away from the hustle of the city to celebrate the simplicity of play and enjoy an immersive social experience. To begin, guests are transported into the underground venue following a trail of neon lights to a wall of art, and 10 ping pong tables surrounded by inviting lounge seating and a magnetizing wrap-around bar featuring a customizable ticker screen, welcoming guests of all kinds.

Setting the location apart from its predecessors, SPIN Midtown features elevated and exclusive offerings, interactive installations and special events. To encapsulate the energy and excitement of New York City and ping pong community, SPIN Midtown:

  • Brings Spinny, the M-ONE Pong Bot to the U.S. for the first time. Providing guests with the opportunity to interact with a robotic ping pong arm with AI capabilities that optimize play for novices and pros alike, revolutionizing the SPIN experience by mixing technology, innovation and sport.

  • Unveils an elevated immersive 20 camera ping pong bathtub installation, inviting guests to jump in a tub full of the brands’ signature orange balls, strike a pose and capture a video that can be shared across consumers’ social channels or email.

  • Offers an innovative, social bar boasting beloved SPIN classics created by in-house mixologists, new spirit-free cocktails and one-of-a-kind cocktails, including a set of signature sips mixed with ultrasonic sound.

  • Reintroduces SPIN’s signature design features, including a feature bar, reception and DJ booth, inviting guests to relax and enjoy food, drinks, and music. The custom millwork and commercial space build out was completed by NY-based contractor, Atlas Builders, and designed by NY-based architecture and interiors firm, New York Design Architects.

  • Showcases custom work by local street artist, DAIN, blending the visual language of graffiti collaged with old portraits of Hollywood glamor featuring his unmistakable trademark circle red drip which is lit in neon for the first time.

  • Debuts a newly designed Center Court presented in partnership with STIGA US which reigns supreme in the middle of the venue. With track lighting above, the court features automatic scoring and a SPIN-ified Jumbo-Tron that highlights the player profiles of SPIN Pros and engaging statistics.

SPIN guests can order tableside food and beverage from SPIN Midtown’s exclusive tailored options. Ping pong is a social game and SPIN wants the food program to be the same. They offer a wide range of shareable, snackable and delicious offerings that guests can enjoy and easily move between playing and eating, aptly named “left-handed” cuisine. While SPIN’s farm to table approach uses locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients wherever possible, the newest location offers a new signature blend of spices crafted in partnership with La Boite and edible mushrooms from Afterlife, a sustainable local mushroom farm, that are grown with compost generated from the food waste of SPIN Midtown and Flatiron locations.

SPIN Midtown will join the brand’s mission to cultivate and welcome a diverse, inclusive community of players by offering unique specials & programming throughout the year meant to inspire connection through play. Specials include weekday communal ping pong lunch hours, all day beer and burger specials, ‘$9 after 9’ Tuesday night unlimited ping pong and late-night specials, weekly Friday Nights at SPIN, interactive ping pong shows, seasonal, local and holiday themed special events, and  party-packages fully customizable for any size of group.

Beginning Monday, October 9th, SPIN Midtown opened to the public Monday through Wednesday from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m., Thursday from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m., Friday and Saturday from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. with reservations available from $9 up to $59 per table for 50 minutes of play. For additional information on SPIN Midtown, to reserve a table or book a private event, visit

SPIN is the original ping pong social club that encourages human connection. The core of SPIN’s mission is to connect through a game that transcends age, gender, and any boundaries. SPIN welcomes diversity and embraces the unconventional. Each venue features ping pong courts, a full-service bar, restaurant, private spaces, and unexpected event environments that attract guests of all kinds. With locations in New York Flatiron, Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington DC, Boston, and most recently New York Midtown, SPIN has built an unparalleled social experience that encourages connection and celebrates play. #UnitedByPingPong

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