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The Insane World of $1,000,000 Luxury Garages

The Insane World of $1,000,000 Luxury Garages

If you thought of what you would spend one million dollars on, I would bet it would not be a garage, but that has not stopped people from spending a million or more dollars on a luxury garage. Whether it is the garage’s curb appeal or it’s rotating car platforms, everyone of these garages has something special.  We welcome you to the insane world of $1,000,000 luxury garages.

The Craig Jackson Garage

If you do not know who Craig Jackson is, well he is an entrepreneur worth over 300 million dollars and has a very distinct love for cars and, well, nice garages.  Craig Jackson owns the largest car auction company in existence: the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company.  His luxury garage is worth $1,500,000and the garage is famous for what Craig calls, the rotunda.  This is a large rotating room with extremely expensive cars that is designed to resemble a spinning wheel.  It features a dashboard screen that demonstrates any info on the cars you could dream of, and is likely the greatest man’s man room you can think up.

Ralph Lauren’s Garage

Ralph Lauren, the famous fashion designer, is also a huge fan of collecting rare and expensive automobiles. His collection boasts over fifty designer and sports cars, all of which require a large amount of care and storage space. He named the massive garage “D.A.D.” after his three children, Dylan, Andrew, and David. This vast space is two stories and resembles a museum, allowing him to store all of his expensive vehicles in safety and comfort.

Tom Gonzales’ Garage

Tom Gonzales owns the most expensive garage on this list, coming out at $4,500,000.  That is no joke.  Tom Gonzales is a retired software engineer who makes sure his cars live a life of luxury in the lavish facility in Nevada.  His garage is six thousand square feet and even features an elevator. The massive contraption lowers the cars into the massive underground space which boasts advanced climate control and state of the art storage for all of the luxury vehicles he could ever dream of owning.

John Travolta’s Garage

The enigmatic and famous superstar John Travolta is no stranger to fancy cars and even planes. His massive garage houses not only a collection of rare sports cars, but also two private jets, one of which is a Gulfstream and the other his own Boeing 707. The space has parking for fifteen cars in addition to the space for the planes. The exact value of the cars, planes, and the garage itself are unknown, as the actor prefers to keep these particular details private.

Francis Wisniewski’s Garages

Located in downtown Chicago in the United States of America, the garage of Francis Wisniewski welcomes visitors with a hand-made sign proclaiming “Welcome to Las Vegas”. This garage alone is worth about one million dollars and houses an even more expensive collection of cars. The garage also contains a large collection of the celebrity’s sports memorabilia, the collection of which took over nine months to completely amass.


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