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The Key Aspects in Creating A Great Game

The Key Aspects in Creating A Great Game

When designing a video game there are many aspects that have to be taken into consideration to make sure it is a success and some of these factors stand out straight away, whilst others are realised a little later on, after a person has spent several hours or days playing a game. Of course, the hardest first step to creating a game is having an idea, you need something innovative and engaging that will appeal to audiences, but once you have the idea, what else?

The key platforms you want to have the game available on is important. The decision has to be made whether or not the game is one that would be better suited to a mobile device, i.e. something that is best suited to gameplay on the go, such as Candy Crush; or it is one that requires the player to be fully engaged at a console or PC. This needs to be decided before any kind of further development of the game takes place.

The game needs to pose somewhat of a challenge for players. It doesn’t need to take a rocket scientist to be able to complete the game, but it needs to be difficult enough that it keeps the player engaged and creates a sense of achievement upon completion or success within the game. A good example is within the Halo series, where you play as a soldier with a lot of high tech armour, but you can’t just run into a herd of enemies and just expect to survive; you need a game plan once the enemies team up against you. A sense of wanting to get further in or complete the game will keep the player coming back for more.

One very important aspect on the impression a game leaves is how immersed it can make the player feel within the world of the game. If a video game is to succeed the player must feel as though they are part of the game and almost forget they are playing a game to a big extent. A great example of immersion within a video game at it’s finest is Skyrim, once playing this game the player is transported to another world and becomes a character within it. Graphics play an important part in immersion within the game, as they can now provide hyper-realistic visuals, which can really help to immerse players within the game.

Music is sometimes overlooked in game creation, but this is a mistake. It is very important as it can change the whole feel and vibe of a game and can put the player in the right mood for what challenge they will face next. An epic battle scene within a game can be made even better by the right soundtrack and without music many games would feel almost naked, just think back to the Super Mario theme track, or Sonic the Hedgehog.

These are all essential aspects involved in creating a great game. In fact, it is exactly the same for many other markets involved with games. In the online slots industry, the competition for having the most appealing games is fierce, and has even led some brands to produce their own exclusive games; mFortune is the perfect example of a brand that offer games that have all been created by highly experienced in-house developers. This just underlines the extent to which some brands are prepared to go to ensure high quality and engaging content.

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