The Land of the “Ascending Dragon”- Vietnam an Incredible Beauty

The Land of the “Ascending Dragon”- Vietnam an Incredible Beauty

If you have to name a land that is the perfect blend of hill-tribe villages and dynamic megacities, then there is no better option than Vietnam. A land of scintillating natural beauty and cultural intricacies, Vietnam is one of those famous tourist destinations of Southeast Asia that is compelling and exotic.

You can hardly afford to Miss Vietnam off your travel bucket list if you are visiting Southeast Asia. Starting from the rich culture and fascinating architecture to the mighty mountains and Vietnamese comfort food that has taken the world by storm; everything is a traveler’s dream. Explore One Vietnam and you will find your true love for nature between the sunsets, lanterns, art and the diverse ethnic groups. 

Paradise found!

Vietnam is the land of staggering natural allure that stretches from the vibrant ethnic markets and distinguishable cultural groups to the soaring mountains and lush greenery. Yes, it can be quite tempting to see entire Vietnam in your trip and move from one place to another but you can stop at Ho Chi Minh City and gaze at the breathtaking mangroves, markets, and orchards. 

Well known as an UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site for its preserved culture and Old town, Hoi An is definitely an all-time favorite for the travelers who come to Vietnam in the hope of seeing and exploring something authentic. There are more than 300 tailor shops and modest people who will take you back in time to see how diverse Vietnam was.

Trying to Find a Sunny Escape?

All across the globe, there are thousands of uninhabited as well as busy isles with snorkeler that charm visitors because of their surreal beauty and their defining boundaries with water. Surprisingly the Cát Bà Island lets you to Explore One Vietnam in its virgin forests, and rugged coastline dotted with calm bays. 

You can rent a motorbike and go for a hike in the dense jungle or opt for a Lan Ha Bay cruise around the dramatic limestone rock formation. At the Ho Chi Minh City, you can not only save money but can also feel an authentic connection with the natural touchwood of Vietnam. Get lost in the enchanting Mekong Delta in Ben Tree while you taste the heavenly tasting fruits. Or if you are more of an atheist then you can always duck and pray in CU Chi caves. If you find nothing interesting that you can also grab your camera or your travel journal and paddle through the waterways and floating markets in Cai Be. Imagine how wonderful it would be to shop for groceries or clothes in the water? 

Have you planned yet?

Explore One Vietnam and you can see the medieval era coming together with contemporary culture. But before you leave to make sure to visit the city museums and look for the exhibits or take a souvenir from the living fossil city of Hoi An at Vietnam or simply have a beach day in Vung Tau that is the official beach playground of Vietnam. Visit Vietnam and fill your Instagram with photos that people will envy you of. 


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