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The Lesser Known Stories About Muhammad Ali – Boxing Legend

The Lesser Known Stories About Muhammad Ali – Boxing Legend

Muhammad Ali was arguably the greatest sport icon of the 20th century. His fighting prowess made him to be named the World Boxing Heavyweight champion by the World Boxing Association. Ali claimed the award on three different occasions. And that was in 1964, 1974 and 1978. Adding the icing on the cake, Ali was also amongst the well-decorated Olympic gold medalist. 

Muhammad Ali was not only good with his feets in the ring. But he was also a great advocate for equality for black people and great Casinos en ligne France player. He took a massive stance on racism and amongst other human rights violations which were imposed on the black society in America. 

However, there are other captivating stories about Ali that has nothing to do with boxing. On that note, let’s highlight some of the lesser known stories about Ali that will leave you spellbound. 

A Stolen Bicycle Was What Got Ali into Professional Boxing 

Believe it or not, we wouldn’t have known the great boxing attributes of Ali if it wasn’t about his stolen cycle. A very young Cassius Clay was attending an annual convention of the Louisville Service Club which was taking place at the Columbia Auditorium. After the function, Clay could not find his precious new red and white Schwinn bicycle. 

However, a disappointed Clay was then led to look for it at the basement of the auditorium by the eyewitnesses. Surprise, surprise the basement of it happened to be a boxing gym. At the gym, Joe Martin a policeman asked a crying Clay if he knows how to fight. Clay replied back, No but i’d fight anyway. After Clay’s response Martin suggested, “Why don’t you learn something about fighting?” From that moment Clay followed the advice and kick started his boxing career with Martin becoming his first trainer. 

Ali Refused to Serve in the Forces During the Vietnam War 

In 1967 during the Vietnam War, just like most Americans Ali was asked to join the force of the army and real money casinos in newzealand games but he refused. Ali who was then known by the name Cassius Clay made a statement saying; “It is in the light of my consciousness as a Muslim minister and my own personal convictions that i take my stand in rejecting the call to be inducted. I do so with the full realisation of its implications. I have searched my conscience.”

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