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The Main Health Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

The Main Health Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

So, you have decided to be a lot more active and get fit this year, but you don’t feel prepared or fit for intensive exercising? An electric bike is a perfect way to get started.

Even though traditional cycling enthusiasts may be opposed to the idea that riding an e-bike can be as healthy and beneficial for your wellbeing as riding a traditional bike, there are some scientifically proven health benefits of electric bikes.

Here is how riding an electric bike can help you get more exercise and improve your overall health, fitness level, and even your mental wellbeing.

Riding an e-bike is especially beneficial for the elderly and for those who do not feel fit enough for regular cycling

For people who lead a sedentary lifestyle due to their age, health condition or lack of motivation, an e-bike can be the best solution for becoming more active, fit and healthy.

Although an e-bike will assist you when you need help during a long ride or an uphill climb, it is still a bicycle and it still requires a physical effort.

If you spend most of your time sitting, then hopping on an electric bike to go to the grocery store, to commute, to visit friends, or just to have a fun ride around the neighborhood will not only help you become more active but will bring pure joy due to the fun of riding.

Since stroke, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and depression are the diseases which are the number one cause of death, scientists around the world are struggling to find the best prevention method to decrease this mortality rate. It is an undisputed fact that exercise is somewhat of a miracle cure which can help improve the health and wellbeing and prevent obesity, high blood pressure, high bad cholesterol levels and other factors which are the main reasons for developing one or more of these life-threatening diseases.

Using an electric bike instead of driving to perform your daily chores or for transportation from one point to another will help you get the recommended aerobic exercise you need in order to lose those extra pounds, improve the blood circulation and the health of your heart, and also will make you fitter and feel better. This is especially true for people who are inactive and who have problems with more intensive exercising.

The Government of the US has recommended that people get at least 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise or 1.5 hours of vigorous aerobic exercise per week in order to curb the risk of developing the most common life-threatening diseases.

So, if you use an e-bike to go grocery shopping, take the kids to school, to go visit friends, commute, or simply to have fun, you can easily manage to cover the minimum recommended moderate aerobic exercise.

Electric bikes are an excellent option for people who otherwise cannot cycle to get around by bike and handle long distances and uphill climbs.

With a pedelec e-bike, you will need to do some pedaling in order to get around, so this definitely counts for moderate aerobic exercise. Since the assistance by the motor will kick in only when you pedal, you will be getting the exercise you need on a daily basis.

Riding an e-bike feels more like a fun ride rather than exercise

Many people are turned off by the monotony of exercising and working out in a gym or running. This is where one of the greatest benefits of riding an e-bike kicks in, because it is not only an easy way to stay active and to get from point A to point B but is also a fun-filled experience. In fact, even people who are used to regular cycling tend to pass longer distances and to go on rides more often once they switch to riding an e-bike, according to a number of studies performed.

You will be getting the recommended weekly exercise and may even surpass it

Research has found that people who ride electric bikes are about 8.5 times more active and those who ride regular bikes are 10.9 times more active than when they are resting. Also, e-bike riders were found to use 51% of their lung capacities, while cyclists use about 58%, which is not such a drastic difference.

This boost in the activity level can help reduce the body weight, tone and strengthen the muscles, bones, and joints, and improve the health of the cardiovascular system of an average person looking for moderate exercise.

You will find that you are cycling more and more

The fun factor and the motor assistance which ebikes provide will help people cover large distances, ride more often and use their electric bikes more because of the fun involved as well as the ease of use. More people are using electric bikes for their daily commutes, or as cheaper and more eco-friendly alternatives to driving because of their speed, ease of use as well as the fact that an electric bike won’t make you exhausted, sweaty and in need of a shower.

Also, you can easily carry your groceries or other cargo with an electric bike, so you can get exercise and stay fit by riding to the store or market instead of driving.

The more you ride – the more exercise you get. This means that you will become fitter and will reduce the risk of the diseases which are killing most of us in the last few decades.

Your bones, muscles, and joints will become stronger

An average electric bike is quite a bit heavier than a regular one. This means that pedaling, steering and staying balanced on such a bike will strengthen your muscles, bones, and joints. This is great news for people with conditions like osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, lower back pain, or those who have disabilities or are recovering from an injury or surgery.

Along with your bones and muscles, you will soon find that your core is getting stronger after you start riding an e-bike on a regular basis.

Not only will an electric bike allow you to get around easily and lead a more active lifestyle, but it will help you regain or build your confidence level as well. You will feel more independent, less stressed or depressed, and will be able to socialize more once you get off the couch and start riding an e-bike.

Overall, an electric bike can not only be beneficial for your fitness level and physical health, but it can help you improve your mental health and your emotional wellbeing as well. This is especially true for people over the age of 60 and for people who for one reason or another cannot cycle or perform other forms of physical exercise.



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