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The Modern Evening Auction Features The Revelations of Frida Kahlo’s Self Portraiture

The Modern Evening Auction Features The Revelations of Frida Kahlo’s Self Portraiture

There are few images as recognizable as Frida Kahlo’s likeness. This is no accident — the self portrait was the most recurrent genre Kahlo’s short but intense pictorial production and as a result Frida Kahlo and self-portraiture are nearly synonymous. This November, Sotheby’s is honored to offer Diego y yo, one of Kahlo’s finest self portraits and her last from the 1940s. In this video, discover how Diego y yo offers us an intimate glimpse into Kahlo’s world and reminds us why she stands as an icon of Modern art.

The Modern Evening Auction (16 November 2021) will feature artworks that capture the spirit of artists working around the globe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries who dared to challenge established norms of artistic practice to create a new and wholly modern vision of art. Tracing the origins and fulfillment of abstraction through Impressionism, Pointillism, and Cubism into Abstract Expressionism and beyond, the Modern sale will spotlight these critical developments of the last 150 years, uniting those masterworks that define art history as we know it today.

This season, the Modern Evening sale will be led Claude Monet’s exquisite, forward-looking Coin du basin aux nymphéas from 1918 as well as Frida Kahlo’s masterpiece Diego y yo from 1949. Monet’s Coin du basin aux nymphéas captures the artist’s famed garden at Giverny in resplendent, deliquescent hues and pushes the boundaries of Impressionist painting to the verge of abstraction with his pioneering brushwork. The masterpiece is joined by another work by the artist, Antibes vue de la Salis, an example from one of Monet’s most successful coastal campaigns featuring the seductive scenery of southern France.

Kahlo’s Diego y yo is one of the artist’s last and most important self-portraits and features the iconic imagery for which she is best remembered. From the same year as Kahlo’s portrait, Alexander Calder’s monumental Untitled of 1949 is a magnificent early example of the artist’s defining hanging mobiles, the bold forms, simple shapes and delicate suspension of which speak to Modernism and Surrealism, while the movement and play of light and shadow both hint back to Impressionism and look forward to Abstraction.

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