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The Most Captivating Facts About Habits of Students

The Most Captivating Facts About Habits of Students

Discover some novelties about the traditions and customs of students from different parts of the world. Read interesting and funny facts about students’ habits.

Some Interesting Facts about Students’ Habits

One of the most memorable life periods is time spent at a college or university. There is a lot to tell about this funny, as well as a difficult period of time. Habits are something all of us have. Depending on the social division, they may greatly differ. Thus, students have their own habits, which are oftentimes surprising and unexpected. Some have a habit of using essay help UK to resolve their academic issues. Nevertheless, it would be more interesting to tell about some captivating facts concerning really funny and even weird habits of students from all around the world.

Some of the most interesting habits include different aspects. These are:

  • Japanese superstitions.
  • Poker issue.
  • Smart solution of unsolvable issues.
  • The use of modern technologies.
  • Funny debtors.
  • Old-fashioned traditions.

The Japanese students always take a chocolate Kit Kat when they pass their exams. They use it as a special talisman. This choice is not accidental. The name of the chocolate is similar with “kitto katsu”, which means “we will definitely win”.

Students adore playing poker. One of the marketing studies of the company Everest Poker determined that students are amongst the largest groups of players. Depending on the country, the percentage of students who play poker online varies from 20 to 30. It is a form of entertainment. Nonetheless, it is believed to teach the technique of bluffing, which might come in handy at the exams.

There is a tendency of students’ aging. The average age of students steadily increases. This is a proven statement. This tendency is quite common for the European countries. For instance, in Switzerland, it reaches 25, 5 years. In Russia, it ranges from 18 to 27 years.

Students are known for their unexpected and really unique decisions. Regardless of the country, they will always invent something to impress you. For instance, mathematician George Danzing was late to the classes and when he entered the classroom and saw calculations on the school board he took them for home assignment. He needed several days to find the answer. As it turned out, he was dealing with two tasks that had no answers. The students could not find them. The professor found the solution in one weekend.

It is a well-known tendency that students prefer electronic books to the common paper books. According to the last surveys, approximately 73% of all students choose electronic libraries for reading. They use their tablets as well. This is a very useful habit. Oftentimes, students hate seeking the needed book in a library. It takes too much of their precious time. Using electronic versions, they sufficiently save the time required for the search and reading. They can get the access immediately through the Internet. As most people prefer digital devices for comfort, reading returned in trend with the invention of electronic pocketbooks.

Another funny tradition was established at Yale University. The senior students eagerly give their notes to the younger mates. However, the junior students become debtors for that. Still, there is no money involved. A student who takes notes from his older comrade will have to undergo a ridiculous procedure. His eyes should be greased to look like headlights. After that, he is obliged to ride his fellow student on the back for several hours.

Don’t you ever argue with your professors. One Oxford student decided to show his wits asking a glass of beer for his exam because the ancient tradition of the university allowed such a custom. Nevertheless, he was immediately fined by his professor. He charged even more ancient tradition of Oxford. In old times, students had to take swords when they passed their exams.

Something about History

There are several historical facts concerning students’ habits, which are likewise interesting. Let’s find out something about them too.

The length of Harvard bridge is 364.4 smoots plus or minus one ear. This is an uncommon length measure, which derived from the surname of a student Oliver Smoot. This measure was used in 1958 to define the length of the bridge. This measure is really funny and weird. The height of Oliver was 170 cm. The student was moved all road long and the constructors took measures in such unique way. Those markings are still visible and this method is one of the most renowned and peculiar in history.

A famous shoe brand Penny Loafers received its name due to the students’ superstition. If putting a penny in your shoe, you will be lucky while passing your exams. Thus, you will receive easier questions and your professor will be kinder.

In the 19th century in Russia, before going to an alehouse students wrote their addresses on the backs. The matter was the state of drunkenness. They drank so much that could not tell a single word.

Undeniably, some of the described above facts were unknown to you and they amazed you at least a bit. Still, you may find out more for yourself. Learning such funny and strange facts enriches our life experience and simply entertains.



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