The New Face of Well-Being

The New Face of Well-Being

When you hear the term well-being, what mental images does it conjure up? A generation ago, most would have given answers that mentioned things like aerobics classes, mindfulness and meditation, and martial arts training. Times have changed, and today’s typical adult has lots of different responses to the same question. A general trend toward breathing fresh air and spending time outside is behind a surge in the popularity of outdoor fitness equipment. Additionally, many homeowners are discovering the safety benefits that come with installing home elevators. What else is part of the new face of well-being?

Restaurants are expanding menus to include meals in smaller portions for patrons who are watching their weight. People of all ages are choosing to walk, bicycle, and take public transport to avoid driving so many miles. Vacationers are focusing more on exploring nature and the great outdoors, hiking, and rock climbing instead of cruises and other traditional, sedentary trips. Here are some of the specific things people are doing to boost their overall well-being.

Residential Elevators

Home elevators do much more than improve the overall appearance of a home. In fact, with home elevator pricescoming down over the past decade, huge numbers of homeowners are opting to add one to their living space. The choice is a win-win for property owners. That’s because private elevators increase the safety of the residence by offering a safe alternative to stairs. For older or disabled residents, this feature of home elevators is the key component. However, there’s yet another benefit. For those who choose to sell their homes, an elevator is a feature that gets the attention of potential buyers. Not only is it easier to sell a home that has an elevator in it, but owners have a better chance of receiving their asking price.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Wherever you find outdoor fitness equipment, you’ll also find happy people. Why? Because not only is accessible workout equipment weatherproof, strong, rugged, and easy to use, but it also is a no-cost way to get a full-fledged workout. Nowadays, these devices are popping up in all sorts of locations. Visit cities of any size, and you’re likely to see outdoor fitness setups in city parks, community centers, schoolyards, hospital green spaces, private apartment complexes, and many other places. Users appreciate the fact that specialist outdoor fitness equipment is geared for people of all ages and ability levels.

Health-Friendly Restaurant Meals

Having a nutrient diverse diet is critical for overall health, but that can be hard to achieve when eating out. Thankfully today’s restaurants include multiple alternatives for all kinds of tastes. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all menus. But the most interesting addition to menus is smaller portion sizes, diet-friendly fare, and low-fat options. It might be a trend that started with an eye toward earning higher profits for owners, but the latest iteration of standard menus is more about health and wellness than anything else.

The Return of Foot Power

Human power is back in style. In the 2020s, more are resorting to walking and bicycling than ever before. Even with e-bikes and powered scooters available everywhere, millions of city dwellers are choosing to get their daily dose of exercise by hoofing it to do all kinds of errands, especially when the destinations are within a short distance from home.


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