The Partial Lunar Eclipse Asks You To Let Go And Release

The Partial Lunar Eclipse Asks You To Let Go And Release

On Monday a partial lunar eclipse is 15° Aquarius. Jupiter squares Pluto and is directly linked to the Moon and Sun. In New York this can be sited at 2:10pm. This particular phase will  be powerful, with a drive for personal success. Also relationships and your emotions will be affected. Time to take an objective look at your close personal relationships. Time to clear away the emotional baggage. The total Solar Eclipse falls in the sign of Leo on the 21st. This eclipse actually marks the end of astrological phase, which began in February and will remain active until the lunar eclipse January 31, 2018. The Lunar Eclipse on August 7 is the energy cycle unfolding. All Lunar Eclipses are about letting go and giving you the courage to release.

You will want to succeed, during this time and have a strong desire to reach the top of your game, but take care as there is always a price to pay. This particular eclipse signifies that if you take unconventional or corrupt pathways your personal life is the most likely to suffer, especially your closest relationships. A lunar eclipse highlights your emotions, home life and partnerships. This is an ideal time to meet your goals though and starting new projects will benefit. Just remember that your emotions are involved and if there are delays do not allow yourself to be easily angered. Now is the time to breath and take a time out before you act. Make sure you get a lot of exercise during this time as it will stabilize everything. The good news is your sex drive could go through the roof. Intimate relationship will benefit from honesty. New relationships started now will be genuine, so if you are seeking a mate now is a great time.

Thanks to the Sun and Pluto, a specific problem in your life must be resolved. If you do not take positive action, this lunar eclipse may take control and what could be simple will feel like a mini crisis. An event or person may trigger this and you will feel out of control. Do not react by trying to manipulate others, it will backfire, in a big way.

Look for political discoveries as leaders, power and demise are all highlighted. Also look for a storm to make the news. There is a revolutionary energy that is strong.

2017 is the year of new beginnings.







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