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The Perfect Holiday Cocktails for Each Zodiac Sign!



Holiday Season is just around the corner and we can’t wait for it to begin already. It appears strange when thought about, how certain people are attracted to a particular set of drinks only. We call it taste. However, expert Mixologists claim that a person’s Zodiac has a major role in determining this inclination.

I met over 100 different people from across the world during past 3 years and shortlisted their drinking inclinations based on their personalities. Here’s my list of those blends that go well with people belonging to your Zodiac from around the world. Read on.

Aries: Verdant Lady

Traits: Bold, Dynamic, Abitious

Aries like to lead the way. As they say; I like my ladies the way I like my cocktails: Strong, Cool and Complex. 

The Verdant Lady Chartreuse cocktail has it all. I found quite a few people from this zodiac sharing their inclination towards this complex blend. Here’s how you can make it too:


1. 3 Tbsp Gin

2. Fresh Lime Juice

3. Simple Syrup

4. Green Chartreuse

5. Mint Leaves

Taurus: Scotch on the Rocks

Traits: Strong and Dependable

Taurus being an earth sign is highly focused and stable. As dependable as a taurus, the good ol’ reliable scotch on the rocks does the same. Scotch being smooth as your nature, can hit you like a bag of bricks if taken too much.

Up your whiskey game by adding these to your collection:

1. The Dalmore 40 Year old single Malt whiskey

2. Diageo’s 2017 release of Teaninich 17 year old whiskey

3. Collectivum XXVII Blended Malt

4. 25 Year old, Old Pulteney

And last but not the least:

5. Scottish Folklore Series: Cù-Sìth

Gemini: Pimm’s Cup

Traits: Adaptable, Versatile, Intelligent

Perfectly complementing the duality in a Gemini. The sweet and sour blend in this cocktail suits the flirty charismatic personality of a Gemini.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this refreshing drink yourself:

1. Pimm’s No. 1 Splash, 1 part

2. a splash of bourbon/gin

3. lemon Juice

4. Orange blossom water

5. 3 parts of ginger beer

Cancer: Pineapple and Ginger Daiquiri

Traits: Compassionate, Empathetic, Generous, and Innovative

The harmonious finish that comes with rather distinct characteristics of pineapple and ginger suits their personality just right.

Here’s how you can make this drink for yourself:

1. Fresh Pineapple

2. Ginger Beer

3. Tequila

4. Club Soda

5. 1 sprig of rosemary

Leo: Ginger Champagne Cocktail

Traits: Charismatic, Fiery, and Self-assured

This fun and festive drink fits perfectly with a Leo’s cheerful and sociable personality. Everyday is a celebration for a Leo. Make it even grand with this seasonal bubbly drink.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Champagne

2. Ginger simple syrup

3. Lemon Juice

4. Candied Ginger for garnishing

Order these ingredients online over your high speed internet from

Virgo: Dirty Martini

Traits: Loyal, Analytical, and Practical

Dirty gin martini is perfect for people who like a little olive tanginess in their classic martinis. The salty dry concoction of gin is perfect for the sophisticated Virgo.


1. Gin

2. Dry Vermouth

3. Olive Brine

4. Olives for Garnishing

Libra: Lemongrass Mojito

Traits: Diplomatic, Balanced, and Social

Libras like to have a sense of stability in their life. This classic cocktail with a twist of lemongrass gives the perfect taste of companionship.

Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

1. Lemongrass

2. Mint

3. Sugar

4. Rum

5. Lime Juice

6. Club Soda

Scorpio: Cranberry Margarita

Traits: Intuitive, Passionate, and Stubborn

If you can handle the sweetness and tanginess like a scorpio, then this is the drink for you!

The blend of passionate cranberries and uncompromising Mojito perfectly sums up a scorpio in a drink.


1. Fresh Lime Juice

2. Tequila

3. Triple Sec

4. Cranberry Juice and

5. Fresh Cranberries

Sagittarius: Spiced Apple Fizz

Traits: Generous, Focused, and Expressive

Spiced Apple Fizz is just what heavens wanted for a Sagittarius. This is a cocktail worthy take on the apple cider with negligible number of calories.


1. Lemon Juice

2. Apple Juice

3. Cinnamon Simple Syrup

4. Apples

5. Ginger

6. Club Soda

7. Cinnamon Sticks

Capricorn: Water Lily

Traits: Ambitious, Disciplined, and Independent

This drink is very sweet and tart, with a hint of orange and florals to play with your taste buds.


1. Gin

2. Creme dé la violette

3. Cointreau

4. Lemon Juice

Lover’s Potion for Aquarians

Traits: Uncompromising, Imaginative and Independent.

Aquarians are born with a sense a independence and this cocktail brings the perfect balance in strikingly independent yet sufficiently infused flavors of passion fruit and pumpkin. Want to do it yourself? Here’s how you can:


1. Passion Fruit puree

2. POM juice

3. Spice infused pumpkin juice

4. Cranberry Syrup

5. Pear Green tea

6. Passion fruit caviar pearls

7. Mint Sprigs

Pisces: Cranberry Mimosa

Traits: Compassionate, artistic, and Intuitive

The imaginative and mysterious Pisces will find the cocktail of their dreams in this booze-free cocktail that the entire family can enjoy together.

Make this one at home:

1. Cranberry Juice

2. Simple Syrup

3. Lemon Juice

4. Sparkling Apple Cider

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Celestial Guidance: Your Astrological Forecast For October



As October unfolds, the cosmic dance takes center stage, influencing the energy and dynamics of each zodiac sign. Let’s embark on a journey through the stars to explore what the celestial realms have in store for you this month. Whether you’re an adventurous Aries or a contemplative Capricorn, the cosmic tapestry weaves a unique story for each sign.

Aries (March 21 – April 19):
October brings a burst of creative energy for Aries. Embrace your bold spirit and dive into new projects. The New Moon on the 6th offers a fresh start, and by the Full Moon on the 20th, your efforts may come to fruition. Balance action with introspection for a harmonious month.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):
Taurus, your focus this month is on relationships. The New Moon on the 6th encourages you to nurture connections, while the Mercury retrograde period until the 18th prompts reflection. Trust your intuition, and by the end of the month, clarity in partnerships may emerge.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20):
October presents opportunities for personal growth, Gemini. Dive into self-discovery and explore new interests. The New Moon on the 6th sparks a desire for learning, and the Sun entering Scorpio on the 23rd encourages deep introspection. Embrace change for transformative results.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):
Home and family take the spotlight for Cancer this month. Use the New Moon on the 6th to set intentions for domestic harmony. The Mercury retrograde until the 18th might bring up old issues, but resolving them can lead to a more nurturing and supportive environment.

Leo (July 23 – August 22):
Leo, October is a month of communication. Express yourself with confidence, but also listen attentively. The New Moon on the 6th prompts you to speak your truth. As Mercury goes direct on the 18th, expect smoother interactions. Your charisma shines bright, attracting positive connections.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22):
Finances and self-worth are in focus for Virgo this month. The New Moon on the 6th encourages you to set financial goals. With Mercury retrograde until the 18th, review and revise plans. The Full Moon on the 20th might bring clarity regarding your resources and values.

Libra (September 23 – October 22):
Happy birthday, Libra! October is your time to shine. The New Moon on the 6th prompts personal intentions, and as the Sun transits your sign, focus on self-care and self-expression. Balance relationships and individual desires for a harmonious birthday month.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):
As the Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd, your energy intensifies, Scorpio. Use the first part of October for reflection and planning. The New Moon on the 6th urges you to release what no longer serves you. Embrace your transformative power for a rebirth this month.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):
October encourages Sagittarius to connect with their spiritual side. The New Moon on the 6th invites you to explore inner realms. Use the Mercury retrograde until the 18th for introspection. As the month progresses, you may find a deeper sense of purpose and connection.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):
Career aspirations take center stage for Capricorn. The New Moon on the 6th prompts you to set professional goals. With Mercury retrograde until the 18th, revisit past projects for valuable insights. By month-end, you could see progress and recognition in your professional endeavors.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):
October invites Aquarius to expand their horizons. The New Moon on the 6th encourages exploration and learning. With Mercury retrograde until the 18th, revisit educational pursuits. Embrace new perspectives, and by the end of the month, you may find inspiration in unexpected places.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20):
Intimacy and transformation are the themes for Pisces this month. The New Moon on the 6th prompts you to delve into deeper connections. With Mercury retrograde until the 18th, revisit shared resources. Embrace vulnerability for authentic connections and personal growth.

As the cosmic energies weave their magic, each zodiac sign is offered a unique tapestry of opportunities and challenges in October. Embrace the celestial guidance, set intentions during the New Moon, and navigate the retrograde energies with patience. May your journey through the stars be filled with self-discovery, growth, and cosmic revelations.

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Creative Art Inspiration for Every Star Sign 




Are you looking for a new creative outlet or source of inspiration? Try to play to the inherent strengths of your star sign and consider these ideas for future projects.


Aries are fearless and aren’t afraid to show the reality of things. For a daring and haunting piece, consider incorporating a faux skeleton, an X-ray or patient image, or an anatomy diagram to suggest the underlying connections that make us all human.


Taurus are driven and determined. They won’t hesitate to tackle difficult or intimidating projects, so go big and bold! Consider incorporating large-scale sculptures or mixed media – choose a project that will challenge you to push your limits.


Gemini draw inspiration from the coexistence of opposing ideas. Consider projects that draw attention to the dual nature of something or even projects that call out the hypocrisy of issues that are important to you.


Cancers have a remarkable ability to inspire unity and teamwork. Take on collaborative projects that involve working with others, such as performance art, large installations, or mixed-media pieces.


Leos are passionate and fiery. Choose projects that align with ideas that you care deeply about and media that can move others to experience your passion. Your inner fire will lend its unique light to anything you do.


Virgos tend to struggle with being too critical of themselves. Challenge this tendency by choosing a project that takes you outside of your comfort zone, such as working with different materials or approaching a new idea.


Libras are masters of balance, which is one of the first principles of art and design. Draw inspiration from balancing opposing ideals or showcasing overlooked balances that already exist.


Scorpios often encounter struggles – and triumph over them. Find inspiration in these struggles and in overcoming them. Alternatively, try struggling with new ideas, methods, or materials. Push old boundaries. You’ll be pleased with the outcome.


Sagittarius are goal-orientated and tend to draw inspiration from achievements – no matter how big or small. Try creating a series of smaller projects that all work under a unifying idea.


Capricorns are willing to move mountains to reach their goals. Leverage this determination and strength of will to tackle difficult projects or illusive ideas. Your unique perspectives will tell stories no one else can.


Aquarius tend to be uniquely empathetic toward the feelings and struggles of others. This can be a great source of inspiration. Try being part of collaborative projects, especially those that amplify the voices of others.


Pisces is the last sign in the astrological cycle. Pisces tend to be highly intuitive; find inspiration in projects that use this innate intuition to draw attention to details or problems that others may miss.

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It’s The Forth and Final Supermoon of 2023 What Does That Mean Astrologically?



The fourth and last supermoon, is also called the Harvest Moon, and will bless our skies September 28 and September 29. This moon will reach its full splendor at 5:57 am EST on September 29. This is the last supermoon until September 18, 2024.

This full moon happens in the first house, which means you might feel like an emotional roller coaster. Things that have been hidden come to light, reminding you that you must put yourself first.

Aires: The full moon is in your sign, so you will reap the rewards. Expect a renewed passion for goals, projects or dreams that you have set aside. It is time for them to shine.

Taurus: You need to rest and recharge, as you may feel burnt out. This time will give you the strength to heal your past, let go.

Gemini: Time to shine your light…party and be seen. Want to manifest? Now is the time. Want love? You might just find the person of your dreams.

Cancer: The timing is here for you to gain victory and turn that corner. Focus on what you want career wise and you might just get it.

Leo: Oh kitties, your advice is to be brave and step outside of your comfort zone. Travel media, legal issues can move forward if you tap into your spirituality. That is where the keys lie.

Virgo: Relationships, intimacy and finance are where your troubles and strengths lie. It is possible you might not see eye to eye or move on or you have to keep your eyes ion your bank accounts. If you break-up remember something better will be coming your way and we should always be diligent with or cash flow.

Libra: Change is coming to partnership both in business or love. If you allow it this could bring you closer or it will tear you apart. Trust your heart, open up to the possibilities in front of you. Feeling the urge to make something long-term? The potential is here for you.

Scorpio: Expect to be super busy. You will feel as if you are juggling everything, but breathe as new things are on the horizon. Make sure you take care of your health, add in some time for fitness and diet.

Sagittarius: Your heart is calling you to passion, romance and love with maybe a soulmate. If you are attached then expect a renewal of that original spark. You have a thrilling aspect especially if involved in the arts or sports.

Capricorn: Family, home or real estate, is in play. You could move, get a new roommate or make your home more your own. Parents also come into play so if you haven’t seen them in awhile, plan a visit.

Aquarius: Writing, speaking, advertising, communications, contracts all have a play in this energy. Make sure you renew your mind with quick trips as you will need them.

Pisces: Money, income and expenses. You need to focus on spending and saving. This could be a double edge sword with money coming in and unexpected money going out.

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Finally Venus is Out of Retrograde



As of  September 3, 2023, Venus in retrograde is a thing of the past. The post-shadow period will last until October 7, 2023 and may continue some of the themes from the retrograde itself. Venus has been on a six-week retrograde  that saw her backtracking. This impacted everything from romance, legal issues, to works in the process. During this time, it’s been all but impossible to get a clear read on the work and people who’re right in front of you, but that trend comes to an end as Venus resumes forward motion.

Some consider retrogrades to be a time in the shadows, but it really is a moment to look into the innermost, darkest parts of ourselves. Venus retrograde reveals what is, and always has been, lurking behind the scenes, waiting to finally be addressed in confident and unmistakable ways, because Venus is all about passion.

Venus also rules over money and finances which means that themes of worth, value, spending, and financial habits rise to be addressed. In Venus retrogrades there are opportunities to revisit relationships, invite new realities, no matter how impossible they seem.

It might take a few weeks for the cosmic love goddess to fully get back up to speed, but know that clear communication is coming your way.

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Feeling Off Kilter? Maybe The Planets Have Something to Do With It.



The planets are intent in pushing humanity forward. Every planet spends time in retrograde, but as of August 28th there are seven of them causing havoc. Here’s what you need to know so you can prepare yourself.

Until September 3, Venus is in retrograde bringing confusion and chaos into our love lives. Not a great time to start a relationship. It is however a good time to renegotiate your current relationships and redefine your boundaries.

Mercury is in retrograde until September 15. Expect miscommunications, problems in travel and technology. Remember planetary retrogrades give you the opportunity to clear out things of your life that no longer serve you.

Expect to transform in some way, until October 10, thanks Pluto is in retrograde. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, will feel it more than others, as well as those who have these signs in their rising signs.

For those wanting a commitment of some sort, wait until November 4, as Saturn in retrograde will make this extremely difficult.

Neptune in retrograde is asking us to heal from the past until December 6.

Until December 30th, Jupiter in retrograde expects us to take smaller and more calculated risks.

The planets don’t stop in 2023. Uranus in retrograde is shaking up our lives until January 27, 2024.

Breathe, except the changes, go with the flow and know this to will pass.


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