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The Perfect Post Pregnancy Skin Care Regimen to Follow

The Perfect Post Pregnancy Skin Care Regimen to Follow

The celebrated glow during pregnancy is real, but the skin woes post pregnancy is not uncommon. New moms after delivery face a lot of skin problems such as skin covered in zits,dullness, discoloration, lingering side effects from melasma, under-eye bags amid others. But there is nothing to fret. With a little effort and dedication, a woman can reclaim her once-glowing complexion. Now the question is how? Well, here you go with the top skin care tricks and tips to follow post pregnancy.

  • Cleanse the Skin-An excellent way to begin will be by cleansing the face twice daily using a soothing and mild cleanser. It will help in removing impurities, dissolving the makeup and also soothing the skin. This way the skin will be left feeling refreshed, soft and hydrated. If one suffers from post-delivery acne, it is good to use a cleanser that contains micro-exfoliating LHA, glycolic acid and salicylic acid that will help in purifying the pores, removing excess oil and preventing new skin imperfections. In case of nursing, one should consult a dermatologist before introducing a skincare product in her regime.


  • Use Broad-Spectrum SPF –Post-pregnancy, most women suffer from hyperpigmentation or brown spots.Melasma is a type of skin discoloration which is common among pregnant women, but it fades naturally post-delivery. Sun exposure, on the other hand, can increase the dark spots. Hence it is vital to apply the SPF of a broad-spectrum daily, paying attention to the highly exposed areas such as the upper lip, chin, nose, forehead, and cheeks. Along with a good sunscreen using an antioxidant serum can work wonders. It can help with anti-aging, hyperpigmentation and free radical damage. If you are keen to know more on skin care tips post-delivery, Silky Blossoms can help.


  • Moisturize Daily-Post pregnancy moisturizing the skin is essential because rough, dry skin will rear its dreadful head during the worst times. Using a hydrator or a mask in case of irritation or redness can help. Most importantly keep away from dehydration both inside and outside home. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily will help.


  • Target Blemishes –Intense fluctuations and skyrocketing hormones can cause an increased production of sebum. This, when mixed with dead skin cells and dirt, will clog the pores and result in breakouts. Using products that contain acne-fighting ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid will work wonders. It will penetrate the clogged pores for lifting the impurities.


  • Take Rest-Post-delivery, every woman faces sleep deprivation which takes a toll on the skin making it appear tired and dull. It may also result in dark circles and puffy eyes. So, the need of the hour is in getting enough rest and elevating the head using two pillows for combating the adverse side effects. Using an under-eye concealer is also a good choice. Along with proper sleep, a woman also needs to be happy and find moments of joy such as enjoy a bubble bath or go for a pedicure.

The bottom line is having a healthy skin post-delivery is now easy.


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